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Fun ways to use the Gelatinous Cube in your game

This is a monster that behaves more like a living trap: its translucent, its potentially deadly, and involves skill checks to escape. Below are a few examples of the ways you can use gelatinous cube, apart from the other oozes in the Monster Manual. 

  • Players are in a maze occupied by several gelatinous cubes. These cubes follow a predictable path that loops. The PCs  can learn the safe routes by following the paths that are dirty or covered in debris. Paths that are spotless are the trails the gelatinous cubes follow, since they digest everything else in their path.
  • The players stand at the bottom of a steep staircase, unknowingly standing over a trap lid on the floor. When a PC triggers a pressure plate on one of the top stairs, the staircase will fold into a slide and the trap lid will move away to open up to a pit in the floor which contains a gelatinous cube.
  • A gelatinous cube has a magnet stuck in its body, and PCs that get within 15 ft. of the cube (while holding another magnet-like object) will have to beat a STR DC check or be pulled into the cube.
  • A gelatinous cube contains a downward-facing sword in the middle of its body. From a distance, the sword appears to be floating as if by magic, though checks to identify magic would fail since there’s nothing there to detect… unless the spell caster picks up the magic of an even smaller magic object instead, like a ring. 

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the signs as shit my flatmates have done this semester
  • Aries: ran up and down the hallway singing Sk8er Boi
  • Taurus: bought an airhorn, sounded it at random intervals after 10PM
  • Gemini: cleaned all the dishes while drunk
  • Cancer: knocking on people's doors and running away
  • Leo: Mariah Carey singalong in the kitchen
  • Virgo: took video of two guys eating during Thanksgiving and set it to romantic music
  • Libra: sang about my sweater opera style
  • Scorpio: stuck a handful of spinach in my box of sugar cubes
  • Sagittarius: took thirty photos of me eating pasta
  • Capricorn: wore a kilt to class
  • Aquarius: "Is Overwatch a card game?"
  • Pisces: set off the fire alarm with a hairdryer

ive been playing a lot of the minecraft aether mod and im shook at how RIDICULOUSLY identical petras armor is to neptunes armor, and that tim’s/jesse’s armor Heavily resembles the valkyrie armor!!!!? i cant stop thinking about a possible future adventure with the gang going to and exploring the aether!!! the other character drawn is my aether oc (nameless) which i think they could be a cool guide for the gang who have no idea how to survive the aether

TFA Blurr kicks his legs out in recharge, running even in his dreams. It used to be kind of cute, his feet gently swinging back and forth, a little smile lighting his faceplates. But after being stuck as a cube for who knows how long, his kicks have gotten more violent -he’s not just running in his dreams anymore, he’s running from his nightmares. And that sweet smile has been replaced with a tortured expression and a quiet chanting of “no, no, no, No, NO!”

i don’t understand zhong hui’s body armor


is it some weird fabric? pressed to his abs??? so they pop through?????

is it armor??? did he have his armor specially molded for his abs???

if i turned it over, filled it with water, and stuck it in the freezer, can i make ice cubes with it?? IS HIS ARMOR AN ICE CUBE TRAY THAT’S BASICALLY WHAT I’D LIKE TO KNOW???

(bonus picture,

did he have it specially molded for his butt too)

Sorry that I’ve been off for a while - I miss you guys.

But good news, thank you to the wonderful FlipbooKit, you can now buy my cat twist gif as a flipbook! You should totally go buy one and keep flipping till you get dizzy and start to think that you are the cat stuck in the cube. It would mean the world to me if you do. I’d thank you in my next cat life. Pinky promise! 

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Link to get my Cat Twist Flipbook  ♥  

Cindy’s “Cat Twist” is the perfect tabletop distraction. The M.C. Escher for cat lovers!” - thank you for the cute caption, FlipbooKit! :)

Are we not going to talk about the fact the Danny’s parents are racist as hell. Like they claim that all ghosts are evil and have no emotions and all they want to do is cause destruction.

Like holy shit that’s as bad as saying that all black people are in gangs and all asians get straight A’s in school. And remember, Danny and Jazz grew up believing that because their parents taught them that.

Remember when Danny met the Dairy King in “Bitter Reunions”? Danny thought that he was going to kill him or something while he was stuck in that cube, but when he released Danny, Danny was confused until the Dairy King said that not all ghosts are evil and some just want to be left alone.

The Dairy King was the first ghost that was nice to Danny. So after that, Danny now knew that there will always be good and evil everywhere.

And he also realized that his parents were fucking liars and racist.

  • takashi kamiyama: well, hayashida, it appears we've been stuck into some kind of massive trap filled death cube
  • shinjiro hayashida: death cube... that seems like a lot of work and money for something that could be accomplished on the cheap
  • takashi kamiyama: huh? how do you mean?
  • shinjiro hayashida: i'm just saying... what's with all the traps and giant ominous buildings? really, if you want to kill some people, there are much easier, practical ways to do it. especially if you have the kind of money to build a death cube in the first place.
  • takashi kamiyama: i guess that's right. maybe they build it as some kind of maze to examine or create psychological stress?
  • shinjiro hayashida: probably. but even then, it seems too extravagant! building your bare-bones labyrinth out of materials like concrete or even gardens would be a big time and money saver.
  • takashi kamiyama: i guess somebody just had "death cube" written on a notebook and circled too many times and they couldn't leave it alone. or put it into something like a book instead.
  • shinjiro hayashida: i guess people get so wrapped up in their dreams sometimes that they forget that a more practical option existed from the very beginning.
  • takashi kamiyama: in a way, hayashida, don't you think that can be beautiful? this dedication to the art, to this one idea of "death cube", that they go all the way to finish it?
  • shinjiro hayashida: yeah...
  • government observers of death cube: jesus christ
Justin Bieber Trapped In A Glass Case (Of Emotion) As He Kicks Off Purpose World Tour

Justin Bieber kicked off his highly anticipated Purpose World Tour at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday night.

During his first performance the Canadian singer found himself trapped in a glass case (of emotion).

If you find yourself asking: “What do you mean?” Well, let us explain…

Copyright [Getty Images/Mat Hayward/Stringer]

One of the highlights of the show being the moment that the 22-year-old singer found himself stuck inside a transparent cube.

The box was elevated off the ground while he performed one of his hit tracks, which was more than likely ‘Mark My Words’ as he wrote the title of the song alongside a heart on the glass with a marker.

We won’t judge if you decide to Photoshop your name into that heart – because, same.

Copyright [Getty Images/Kevin Mazur/Contributor]

The Sorry singer performed several tracks from his latest album Purpose, which was released last year.

Justin kept it cas’ and rocked his signature style, comprising of a long grey coat over a plaid shirt and baggy white t-shirt combined with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and Adidas Ultra Boost trainers.

Copyright [Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz/Contributor]

Damn Justin, back at it again with the white Adidas!

Later on in the show, the packed house of Beliebers couldn’t contain themselves when things turned wet and wild.

In music-video style he stood beneath a downpour of water, before removing his shirt to reveal his extensive tattoo collection.

Copyright [Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz/Contributor]

(You’re welcome)

After the show the artist took to Twitter to thank his fans for their attendance, love and support. In the accompanying photo members of the crowd held up signs that read ‘We Never Left.’

Copyright [Twitter/@justinbieber]

Following a quick stop for a show in Vancouver on Friday, Bieber will be hosting a total of 114 dates in two legs through North America and Europe.

The global event will culminate with two dates in London’s The O2 Arena on November 28th and 29th. 

No pressure…

here i’ll basically sum up current and likely future x-men comics for you

you’re stuck in an all off-white sterilized government cube where you’re only allowed to write fanfiction of Decimation and occasionally Days of Future Past  with maybe a dash of House of M and every time you deviate from that a taser pops up from the ground and shocks you