I think today has taught us a lot about how big social media is as a marketing tool.

Like, yeah, it was never in question, but let’s recap:

Stephanie from Yahoo busted the fourth wall off its damn hinges (if you consider media outlets to be on the other side of the fourth wall, which traditionally they are), as did StubHub, via direct interactions with pro-Larry fans as well as explicitly pro-Larry statements.

FYZ is now, in all likelihood, done for. Last I checked, both a paparazzo came forward claiming theft and dresslike-1d put FYZ on blast with a screenshot of an e-mail that destroyed the notion that FYZ is fan-run. Literally, in a single day, FYZ has been put in water so hot it could burn them right off the map.

Lots of news/gossip outlets are embracing a pro-Larry approach (explicitly and non), and there’s huge reason to believe there will be more to come.

This is just stuff that happened today. Two days ago, the concept of this sort of pro-Larry narrative on an official media scale would have been absurd to even consider. It’s been one day, and the narrative–the feeling surrounding Harry and Louis as lovers, or friends, even–has shifted.

One day. Social media. Crazy, right?

How We Get Rid Of The Plague That Is StubHub

StubHub, Craigslist, and eBay, among other services, are all used to sell concert tickets for (typically) a much greater price than face value. Scalping has always existed, but the extent to which scalpers are charging fans to see their favorite bands only seems to grow. PropertyOfZack saw a large outburst of outrage from fans this past week as Brand New’s discography shows sold out in record time and had tickets being sold on StubHub for well over $200. Jesse Cannon, author of Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business and the man behind Cannon Found Soundation, has written a special Contributor Blog article for us with his view on why StubHub is a plague and how we, as a community of music lovers, need to do away with it. Read it, and let us know your thoughts below!

When tickets for Brand New’s “full album” shows went on sale this week, we saw what happens whenever a major show goes on sale: tickets sell out way too fast, and die-hard fans are left with the option to pay a dozen times the ticket price ($400 on a $35 ticket) for a ticket on StubHub, or hope they can find a generous soul who is selling tickets on Craigslist for a reasonable price. Almost as bad, manipulative assholes head to Craigslist, or wherever else, scalping the tickets for unreasonable prices. But what makes StubHub so appalling is it has built a profitable business model off a disgusting practice that profits off true music fans not being able to get tickets that low-life scalpers push to the front of ticket lines and snatch from true fans in in order to sell to them for exorbitant rates. Brand New won’t be the first or the thousandth act this occurs with, and this revolting pain in all of our lives will continue to happen unless music fans do something about it.

For the uninitiated, StubHub would lead you to believe that it is a noble organization that takes the dangers of buying fake tickets away from scalpers, (and to an extent, this is true) but the prices they demand are often far above the worst cases of scalping and unfairly employ “scalperbots" to edge true music fans out and cut the line. They’ve made a business of trying to paint a nice image out of a profession named after a Native American practice that meant death in the most horrible way possible. Which makes sense, since this is often what it feels like when you think of paying a dozen times a ticket’s face value to see your favorite band, just because some scalpers took the last few hundred tickets only to profit from your love of music. Fortunately, the public sees through this and with revolts led by high-profiles musicians, including LCD SoundsystemThe solution they found to beat StubHub left the service all the more humiliated and showed a way to beat their vile business model. In the circles I travel in, StubHub is thought of as the scum of the Earth, except to douchebags like Paris Hilton and other 1 Percent scum who see the site as a butler who brings them an easy way to cut the line in front of truer music fans.

When you’re a diehard fan of a musician, that doesn’t always mean you have $400 to give to eBay’s shareholders (who own StubHub) to see the concert you want. They’ve made a business model that preys on desperate fans, or, even worse, caters to rich assholes that get access instead of the fans who tried to get tickets but were squeezed out by scalperbots who got there first. To make matters worse, the musicians playing these shows receive no compensation and, if anything, are hurt by this practice, since fans then have less money to spend on music, merch, et cetera.

Below are some of my ideas on how we get rid of this plague and get to a more egalitarian ticketing system where fans are no longer robbed to see the groups they love. In the best-case scenario, fans can instead can help fund the bands they love. This is not a concrete plan, but instead are some early ideas that should be built upon and developed. I want to start a conversation where we all work together and solve a problem that makes our lives as music lovers worse.

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Ticket brokers such as stubhub have bought ALL their concert tickets and attempt to sell them approx. 5x more expensive. That’s the reason why their tours sell out so fast.
Only a handful of fans got tickets for the MSG event.


PLEASE, I didn’t get tickets today and this could be you some other day.

Please fire me. I work at a box office selling tickets for a high end venue. For some reason people think I am also a lost and found, security desk, expert on every event downtown, and the person they complain to when the vending machine doesn’t give them a drink. 

Refused Are Fucking Sold Out

I logged into Ticketmaster about 10 minutes before noon. I refreshed the ticket page at exactly 12. Sold out. I heard reports that some people who refreshed at exactly 12:00:04 were already locked out. Complete and total bullshit. Within 8 minutes there were 230+ tickets on StubHub starting at $80 each. It’s a complete fucking racket. I guarantee that Ticketmaster is holding on to more to release at a later date. Meanwhile desperate fans are coughing up $80+ per ticket on StubHub. It’s fucked. I’m furious.

Here’s a comment from Facebook that I thought was interesting.

My phone call with Ticketmaster… Me: “Do you have tickets for the Refused at Terminal 5?” TM: “Let me check. I’m sorry, it’s sold out.” Me: “Have you ever heard of that band?” TM: “*laughs* No, I haven’t.” Me: “Don’t you think it’s a little weird that tickets for a band you’ve never heard of in your life sold out in under 12 seconds???” TM: “Yes, that is weird.”

Brand New Scalper Humiliates Fan Who Disagreed With His Morals

As we posted earlier today, scalpers have begun selling tickets to Brand New’s discography shows for hundreds of dollars on various different online ticketing agencies.

There seemed to be hope for one fan though. Our friend Morgan from The Sheds contacted a ticket seller on Craigslist who had an ad up for an at cost ticket. When Morgan heard back from the reseller however, he found out some frustrating news. The reseller was in fact not a scalper, instead just an individual who wanted a ticket to see Brand New as bad as Morgan.

The person on the other end of the phone had originally contacted a scalper to let them know that they thought the scalper’s morals were disturbingly low for taking advantage of Brand New and music fans in general. In response, the scalper put up a fake Craigslist ad with the fan’s number so they would get baraged by hopeful fans like Morgan. Thus creating an endless loop of frustration. You can read the text change below after the jump.

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DO NOT buy tickets off of stubhub right now at the prices they’re at, that’s exactly what scalpers want. If you wait a few weeks they will start trying to get rid of these tickets and will significantly lower the prices. Don’t be an asshole, wait for the prices to drop and then we can all get tickets for decent prices.


Anyone still looking for some floor seats for tour??

Gillette Stadium, Friday, July 24th

FLOOR, Section B4, Row 9; 

7 tickets, $440 per ticket (I know the price is crazy, but I paid more for them.)

If you’re looking for floor sears anyway, it’s a better price than you’ll get anywhere else at this point!! (Check Stubhub if you don’t believe me!)

We may be willing to negotiate the price slightlyyy.

My family and I had bought them each for $455 on Stubhub, but then we found some even closer seats, and bought those (I know.. we’re crazy..) so we’re wondering if anyone is interested in these. I know the price is ridiculous (I’m super sorry!), but I need to make at least most of the money back.

If I’m able to sell them to someone without using a ticket resale site, it works out better for everyone because there’s no fees involved, so I can get more money back and you get the tickets for less!

Please let me know if you might be interested. Like I said, I know it’s pricey, but it’s cheaper than you’ll get Taylor Swift floor tickets for anywhere else, I promise!

Even if you’re not interested, it would be great if you could reblog this for me!

Thanks everyone!!

Stubhub Entendu: Brand New Summer Tour Scalping Hits New Highs

Over 1,500 listings for scalped Brand New summer tour dates have shown up within a day of the ticket going on sale. While prices may not be as high as they were for the band’s discography shows this past December, you can almost be sure they’ll continue to climb before we hit July. 

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How We Get Rid Of The Plague That Is StubHub 

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anyone who didn’t get 5sos tickets today, i feel really sorry & i totally understand if it brought you to tears or made you angry. & the fact that stubhub & those sites are selling them for over $200 is absolutely sick. if the boys could do anything about it, i’m sure they would because they would hate to know their fans were upset & lost their chance to see them. it sucks that scalpers don’t understand the joy that seeing your favorite band in concert means, they need to find a different way to make money besides taking away fans happiness. i’m sorry guys but these boys are just on the rise & i promise they’ll be coming back.