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Sooo what's the difference between a Char B1, a B1bis and a B1ter?

Technically the Char B1 was the B1 with the smaller turret and stubby gun. There were also minor differences, like the back sprocket wheel. The B1 bis gave the Char B1 its iconic long 47mm SA35 gun in a bigger APX4 turret, also increasing its armor from 40mm to 60mm. The Char B1 ter took its armor to a completely new level, being about 75mm all around, the unreliable transmission was replaced in it, the hull gun was given 5 degrees horizontal aiming, and the turret was different from the previous models, but I cant find any solid information on what was different (if you look at it, you can tell it was more boxy, so maybe thicker armor?)

What better way to celebrate Cephalopod Week than with a stubby squid? 

Last year, we teamed up with Nautilus Live to explore the deep ocean in and around Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, and spotted this little googly-eyed cephalopod! 

Though they look like a cross between an octopus and a squid, stubby squid are actually closely related to cuttlefish. They spend their lives on the seafloor, coating themselves in a mucus jacket and burrowing into the sediment. Leaving just those big eyes peeking above the surface, they remain buried until prey items like shrimp or small fish – or a curious ROV – pass by. 

(Photo: OET/NOAA)

LET’S BE SAD aka Vex is missing her other half and it shows:

  • Vex gets black out drunk in the tavern and at first everyone’s just having a good time but suddenly she’s falling asleep on the table and that’s the point where Vax would look after her. Percy quietly helps her up to their room and tucks her into bed and if she calls him Vax he doesn’t mention it the next morning. 
  • She jumps into a dangerous situation and doesn’t bother to check her six because of course her brother always has her back and Keyleth is the one that jumps in to cover her.
  • At some point in a mission she offers: “we can stealth ahead” only to realize her partner in crime is not there and she pauses for a heavy charged second before Scanlan interferes “yeah, I’ll go invisible, let’s go!”
  • They don’t hear Vex laugh for a long time after Vax leaves. Grog is the first one that notices. He takes to calling her “stubby” and messing up her hair and giving her wet willies and even begins a prank war with her.
  • Her hair is a mess because she can’t braid it worth shit and okay in Whitestone her maidens will do it but on the road it just becomes a walking disaster until Pike offers to fix it in the mornings, carefully waving two blue feathers and a black one into it.
  • And even then there are inside jokes she starts telling only for her voice to trail off and die because he’s not there to share them. There are days when her heart is heavy and no one can tell. There are amused, amazed and disgusted looks where she expects to find an identical expression sharing her emotions, only to be met by emptiness.
  • One day she dies in battle and in the darkness her brother comes to her and Vax is furious that she’s dead but she’s just overwhelmed with happiness because for the first time in months she feels whole, no longer a broken half. Vax refuses to take her to the other side because “just give them a moment and they will bring you back” and he says it firmly and with conviction and Vex complains because what if she doesn’t want to go back? to be a broken half again? who could bring her back in the ritual if the one who is her heart is here with her right now? And he just strokes her cheek gently and tells her that even if she lost a half, she gained five more and that she’ll always be whole because he’s always with her too. 
  • Vex wakes up to five tearful and relieved faces that hug the everliving shit out of her and scold her for getting herself this hurt and just fill her heart with love and she realizes she can miss her brother and be whole too
    • I made myself cry writing this so I hope you’re all happy