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Swanfire! For the meme.

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who is more likely to hurt the other?: Oh Lordy…I hate to say this, but Neal. We have history of him doing it vs. Emma’s never really done anything to hurt him? But maybe if the show had continued with them, she would have.

who is emotionally stronger?: They’re both fucked up. Neal carries himself better, but they both need Archie sessions.

who is physically stronger?: Emma.

who is more likely to break a bone?: Despite the previous, Emma. I can see her running into a situation without thinking and ending up in the E.R.

who knows best what to say to upset the other?: Emma. This is what I meant from the first one. She’s got her father’s tact.

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?: Neal. Emma’s stubborn and would take some time.

who treats who’s wounds more often?: Neal would end up tending to Emma’s more after her magical mishaps/missions.

who is in constant need of comfort?: Neither likes to admit when they’re in pain or going through something. I think it’d be about equal.

who gets more jealous?: Emma Swan is the Queen of Jealousy whether she would like to admit it or not.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?: I think Emma would walk out after an argument. Neal would know better given their past.

who will propose?: I don’t think they would really have a mushy romantic proposal. I think they’d both just mutually decide it was time to get married. Though, Neal would buy the ring (probably from his dad’s shop).

who has the most difficult parents?: They both have parents that care about them, deeply. I could see Emma snarking back and forth with Rumple and getting stressed when he visited. But at the same time, Neal would find it annoying that Snowing just walked in with their key that they made. No big drama, just typical in-law stuff.

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?: Neither is really big on PDA anymore, but when they are, it’s Emma.

who comes up for the other all the time?: I would say both.

who hogs the blankets?: They both do, which leads to numerous fights, no matter how many they end up buying.

who gets more sad?: Emma, for sure.

who is better at cheering the other up?: Neal is a dork and knows just what to do, even if she hates that he make her smile so easily.

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?:
Henry does it to both of them because they both tell cheesy jokes. (Especially when the next Disney character shows up and they make jokes about their movie.)

who is more streetwise?: Both. The way they met proved that.

who is more wise?: I would say Neal.

who’s the shyest?: I don’t know if I would call Emma “shy”, but at the same time, I can envision her being that way in certain situations.

who boasts about the other more?: Neal in terms of Emma.

who sits on who’s lap?: Emma is not the lap sitting type, but she will occasionally, especially if dirty deeds are ahead. ;)

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hi im emma! Im stubborn, loyal, short tempered, impulsive, curious, independent and quite intelligent. In my free time I spend hours on Wikipedia looking at random articles or on the internet in general. I also play a wide variety of sports and do musical theatre! which lion do you think id pilot??

can i just say that your url is hilarious tbh?? i love it

i see you with red!

@queen-mabs-revenge I LOVE THAT MANIP IT IS MY FAVORITE AND I LOVE NAVAL OFFICER EMMA SOOOOOOO MUCH but alas, the taco hat is non-negotiable in my wild hypothetical scenario

like, i’ve only written 6k of this story so far but it’s already so. damn. serious. that i’m batting around the idea of using the taco hat for comic relief, or as an inside joke. like

queen snow hates the taco hat becauae it looks idiotic. she has officially banned the bicorne from her kingdom, and has long since tried to institute the wearing of proper Misthaven tricornes. however, because emma is stubborn and adores the taco hat (a tiny part of why she joined the royal navy is so she could wear one), there is a booming black market trade in arandelle bicornes. she is rarely seen without a taco hat either on her head or tucked under her arm. henry (whose name isn’t henry because [REDACTED]) is often seen wearing his mother’s taco hat. killian, who used to actually smuggle taco hats out of arandelle, ends up wearing his own out of solidarity/defiance the first time he’s in front of the queen. (he also wears one during a sex scene because emma has a mild to moderate hat fetish.) emma’s most loyal officers wear them to sea and in the queen’s court, even though they risk facing public rebuke or punishment under the Anti-Bicorne Decree. before charming was [REDACTED] he used to secretly support emma’s taco hat revolt.

……. i feel like you would be supportive of this haha

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            @soldoutboughtin  /  “ AND WHAT, FEED HIS EGO?  I think it’s already heifer enough, yeah? ”    Her refusal lacks the bite it ought have, grin half-cocked to betray intent kept close to the collar.  There were worse people she’d had to say better about, but that doesn’t chisel Emma’s stubbornness any quicker.  Takes the sour taste off her tongue when confessing, though.    “ I like his laugh.  It’s different.  Sort of thing yah wouldn’t want to hear in a dark alley.  And his thighs give somethin’ tah sink your teeth into I guess.  The list used to be longer, but I don’t think bad guys tryin’ tah be boy scouts is all that cute.  He could do better. ”


can i be close to you?

prompt: my sweet friend drunkenssoldier asked me for: stubborn princess emma and extremely reluctant lieutentant/temporary guard killian are stuck together during a storm.

word count: ~4000

rating: s for stormy sexual tension

“We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and your stupid compass.” Princess Emma complains. 

He grits his teeth and shifts on his feet to turn toward her, scowling slightly.

“Your Highness, I was assigned to be your guard on this visit, so if you would kindly stop nagging me about my tactics of navigation, I would very much appreciate it.”

The princess, in all of her regal glory, huffs, and he releases a pent up sigh as he turns forward again. 

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Post-reunion drabble/smutlet. Set after the scene in the loft where Henry reveals all about the quill. Killian and Emma return to their house and are finally alone. (For the sake of this fic I’ve decided it’s not their first time, but my headcanon is that they still haven’t ‘done it’ yet :p)

for @villains-happy-ending

“I missed you,” she sighed as he pressed her against the wall, layering kisses down her neck as his hand raked beneath her sweater, desperate to touch the soft skin beneath.

“And I you, love,” he panted as he raised his head and met her eyes, “I never dreamed…” he stopped and shook his head, “But I should have known how stubborn you are.”

Emma smiled and slid her fingers into the curling lengths of his hair that licked at the collar of his shirt. “Yes you should have,” she teased.

“No regrets?” he asked, curling his fingers tighter around her waist.

“Never,” she replied, arching her back to pull him into another kiss, the lights in the hallway flickering with the passion of the embrace. She can feel the magic tingling on the tips of her fingers, so more ever present since their reunion, the power almost spilling out of her as they tangle together in a clash of tongues and teeth.

He peeled off her jacket then combined loving touches and searing embraces peppered the slow journey towards the bedroom. Boots were shucked off at the bottom of the stairs and she tossed him a smouldering glance as she picked her way up them, releasing a peel of laughter as they reached the upper landing and he caught her, playfully biting her neck.

Turning around, she looked into his eyes, the eyes she had feared were lost to her and bit down upon her lip. “Bed?” She asked quietly.

His gaze flicked to her mouth and she felt a shiver of anticipation. “Aye,” he nodded.

Suddenly she was nervous. Things that weren’t new, felt new.

He followed her along the hallway, his heart in his throat, still quite unable to believe that she had found him and she thought him worth everything that she had done.

Once in the bedroom that she barely knew, she pushed aside her fears and took hold of his vest, dragging him closer and flicking the buttons undone. Simultaneously the lamp by the bedside began to glow and the linens that draped over the room’s furniture vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Impatient,” he teased, nuzzling into her cheek.

“I think we’ve both been patient enough,” she quipped as the vest fell to the floor.

Killian reached for her, drowning her in a suffocating kiss that had them collapsing onto the bed, searching for each other’s skin until the rest of their clothing was removed in a whirl of breathy sighs and eager smiles.

Only in her underwear, the comforter was cool against her back as Killian crawled up her body, his pendants hanging down and dragging over the skin of her stomach, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. “Mmm,” he softly groaned as he nipped at the fleshy, exposed skin of her breasts, loosening his brace and tossing it to the floor. “Delicious.”

Beneath him, Emma relished in the heat and weight of his body, bawling her fists and curling up her toes in anticipation. She felt light as a feather, unleashed and free for the first time in weeks. Her thoughts occupied with this sensation, their bodies gently began to rise until they hovered a few inches above the mattress.

Sliding his hand behind her, he deftly released the clasp of her bra (he’d been a quick study) and she sighed happily as his mouth moved lower, latching onto one pink nipple, sending a jolt to her core. “Tease,” she murmured, repaying the favor by palming him through his underwear, wrapping her hand around his hardening length until he hissed.

“You’re one to talk, love.”

“Too much talk.” Wrapping her hands around his chain, she nudged his mouth to hers, his hips falling into line with her own as they glided back to the bed’s plush surface.

And there would be time later for further exploration of each other’s bodies, but now - right now - he needed her and she needed him. Between kisses and whispered love promises, the last barriers between them disappeared.

As their bodies joined together with a pistoning of hips and mutual light moans, she grew warm, a light was brewing inside her as they made love. A powerful light, one of hope and longing, tinged with that security and certainty that Killian Jones brought out in her.

It was magic, pure and simple.

And when the climaxed, almost in tandem and the room grew blindingly bright and all the worries and fears of the past weeks melted away, she knew for sure.

That this was real magic. Not that of spells and potions. But the magic of loving someone you never gave up on and who never gave up on you.

That sneak peak just proves that Regina KNOWS Emma. She KNOWS it is pointless to argue with her. She KNOWS how stubborn and persistent Emma is. She KNOWS Emma will just find a way to help. She KNOWS she is whipped and wound around Emma’s finger ;) 

Regina literally took the place of “The Savior” to protect Emma and people are trying to make it seem as if she was hurting Emma?


Yes, Emma was hurt but not over Regina stepping up. She was hurt because she cannot be called the Savior anymore because she is the Dark One. She lost her title, she lost her light and the fact that they are hiding that she is the new Dark One, and King Arthur called The Dark One aka Emma, a monster was what hurt Emma. 

Regina DOES NOT WANT to be the Savior, Lana has said it over and over again that Regina hates that she was put in that position but she had to step up.

Regina, actually took the title of Savior so Emma wouldn’t be put in the spot light at the time she is turning dark. Regina was protecting Emma!!!!

I repeat for those who are stubborn:



summary: 24. forget high school students AU i want a high school teachers AU + 38. Teacher au where all their students ship it. send me a prompt from this list. requested by an Anonymous, and imhookedonadarkswan.

word count: ~ 1,800

rating: o - s for oblivious, stubborn emma swan, the english teacher

a/n: i know you requested this separately, but the anon made a suggestion to do both together, so i did!

He is insufferable, the damn prick.

Killian Jones is the Gym teacher at Storybrooke Highschool in Portland. Emma Swan is the popular English teacher.

It’s not that she hates him for who he is, she hates being around him because of how he acts (there is a difference), and most of the time, he’s sweaty and disgusting (though she sees him work out all the time and teach the teens). There’s a good bit of students in her English classes that always walk in tired but also somewhat energetic because he teaches a period of Gym right before her.

And sometimes with that spare period of his, he drops by her class and waves, winking at her before leaving.

It’s so dumb and ridiculous of him that he spends his time flirting with her or pissing her off, it’s like she’s his target at archery practice or something. (But to be honest, he’s hitting that bulls eye pretty accurately.)

She’s sure his mission is to simply screw with her when he gets the chance. He does, actually, during lunch or after school when all classes have been dismissed and most students have left. In fact, he comes to visit her after all classes are over, students hurriedly exiting her classroom, leaving her wiping off the whiteboard, him wanting to keep her company, or whatever the hell that means.

Emma is observant, she notices the looks that students exchange between her and Killian, but their relationship is strictly professionally with some joking around time to time, it’s never been more than the fact they’re co-workers.

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Emma winces as she hears another pained groan coming from Regina. She hates seeing her girlfriend in pain, it always makes her feel so helpless and like always she wishes she could just make that pain go away. 

Normally she can’t. When the pain is that of the past, all she can provide is solace. She can be the warm loving arms holding Regina, promising her that she’s safe, that things are better, happier than they’ve ever been. 

Today, though the only thing that’s keeping Regina in pain is…well it’s Regina and her stubbornness. 

Emma walks over to the sofa and sits down next to her girlfriend who immediately draws close to Emma for comfort. Emma smiles softly at her as she tenderly rubs a sore, slightly red cheek, “It’s still bad isn’t it?” 

Regina nods letting out another pained whimper, still managing to fill her tone with a slight hint of snark as she quips, “Only when I eat..or drink…or breathe.” 

“Oh is that all?” Emma jokes. 

Regina narrows her eyes at her, “I’m dying and you’re making jokes?” 

Emma rolls her eyes, “You’re not dying…and you’ll be fine once you go to the…”

“Don’t say that word. I’m not going,” Regina replies insistently. 

“Regina, it’s just a dentist…”

“Ssh!” Regina huffs, “And it’s not just a dentist. He’ll pull out my tooth!”

Emma shrugs, “And? It needs to come out.” 

Regina shakes her head fearfully, “I don’t like dentists.” 

“Why not?” 

“You remember the Enchanted Forest Emma, you’ve been there, did you see any kind of healthcare?” 

Emma shakes her head, “No…just a bunch of herbs…which I thought were for soup but apparently not…”

“Exactly,” Regina replies, “The “dentist” was just herbs and pliers,” she shudders at the thought before wincing as her damn wisdom tooth sends another wave of pain through her mouth. 

“Okay,” Emma says, “I get it but dentistry here is different. There won’t be any rusty pliers or very suspicious looking herbs. There’ll be anaesthetic and clean surgical tools…and I’ll be there with you?”

Regina smiles slightly, “You will? You won’t let them take the wrong tooth? Or take all of them? You’ll make sure they don’t do anything they don’t have to?” 

Emma nods, “Regina I promised you a long time ago, that I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you if I could help it, that applies to everything be it dragons or dentists…or your stubbornness.”