i always found it interesting how up until jason’s death, the artists drew him as a kid. clearly a kid, his physique was rounder and stubbier and more child-like, but when death in the family hit, he almost resembled a young adult. and i get that showing a 14-year-old be beaten to death and blown up and then be carried by batman isn’t “nice” or “proper” or “respectful” but calling a child’s death to a vote wasn’t nice either yet they went for it

like…i mean no disrespect but as someone who used to really admire steven universe’s art, i’m super disappointed in it now. like, su is the epitome of jumping the shark once you feel like you’ve reached a peak and “can’t improve”. like, they got super popular and got everyone on board, then they just stopped trying? at least that’s what it feels like, not only with the art but with the writing and the direction the plot is going in to. for example, here’s some of the earlier seasons’ art:

there was a nice emphasis on color contrast, the proportions were wonky at times but usually each character had a consistent body type

see how nicely proportioned steven and ame are here? they were allowed to be fat and allowed to be naturally proportioned

now all the characters look cramped and “”chibi””, everyone’s shorter and stubbier and they usually look different from shot to shot and you could say that’s because it’s board-based but in the earlier seasons i barely noticed aside from the occasional error or two. this “”chibiness”” leads to the characters looking. well. ugly and same-y. they look squished, and it feels like their foreground art should be background art

like, remember when amethyst had cat-like eyes? remember when pearl was tall and much more angular? i’m not saying the earlier seasons didn’t have their faults, yeah there was wonkiness with the animation and models but some of the old “wonkiness” made the gems feel more like aliens, you know? it felt like they were at least trying

and although when it was first revealed many people didn’t mind the style switch, i was one of the people who did mind although i got used to it eventually. i really fucking miss the pilot art not gonna lie. i don’t know why they switched it, maybe it was too expensive or too hard to animate, but goddamn, su looked its best in the pilot. all of the art was jawdroppingly gorgeous and i feel like the designs are more distinct in the pilot

idk, that’s just my opinion on it though, i might be nitpicking but it still bugs me

there’s nothing holdin’ me back

warnings: n/a

word count: 2.5k

requested by anon: do you think you could do a remus x reader to the song nothing holding me back? that song just really reminds me of the cutie pie. :)

summary: you find out remus likes you and decide to tease him

i wanna follow her where she goes
i think about her and she knows it
i wanna let her take control
‘cause every time that she gets close yeah

You knew that Remus fancied you. After having eavesdropped on one of the Marauders’ late night conversations a few nights earlier, it all became clear. The prolonged stares, lingering smiles, and shining eyes you hadn’t taken note of before suddenly became obvious to you.

The thought made your heart skip a beat as you’d always had a small thing for the werewolf as well, but you were surely better at hiding those feelings considering no one had picked up on them yet. You had the upper hand at the moment– and you quite liked it that way.

“Hey guys,” you wore a small smile as you approached the four boys sitting at the end of the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall. All four chorused back their ‘hellos’ as you opted to sit next to Remus, abandoning your usual seat next to Sirius across the table. The long-haired boy cocked a curious eyebrow at your actions, but didn’t say anything as he refocused on their conversation.

You beamed up at Remus who had tensed every so slightly at your presence. He tried his best to smile back with just as much enthusiasm, but the accelerating beat of his heart prevented him from doing so. You turned back to the three other boys, joining in on their current debate over whether James’s detention was deserved or not.

Rolling your eyes playfully at their intensity over the silly matter, you spoke up, “I have no idea what you did but considering it’s always something, I’m sure Slughorn was in his right mind when giving you a detention.”

Your words seemed to put an end to the argument as Sirius and Peter laughed loudly and James pouted but kept his mouth shut, knowing you were right. Remus merely smiled down at you in admiration. You caught his gaze in the corner of your eye, the smallest of smirks tugging at your rosy lips.

she pulls me in enough to keep me guessing
and maybe i should stop and start confessing
confessing, yeah

It had been a week since you found out about Remus’s true feeling towards you, and you were loving every moment of it. You’d recently decided to step up your game by ‘accidentally’ bumping your feet with his under the table on multiple occasions, catching his wandering gaze during classes, and almost always letting at least one body part touch him. Needless to say, the poor werewolf was on the brink of insanity.

“She’s driving me mad!” the shaggy-haired boy rubbed his hands over his face the moment he burst into the door of his dorm, three heads shooting towards him.

Peter was the first to speak with furrowed brows, not catching onto who his friend was referring to, “Who?”

The glasses-clad boy of the group rolled his eyes, elbowing the shorter boy, “McGonagall,” he quipped with a deadpan look on his face. “Who do you think? Y/N, obviously.” The stubbier of the two winced, feeling stupid for not having realized it on his own.

Remus, ignoring the two boys, continued his rant, “One minute she acts like she likes me and then I’m friendzoned the next,” he groaned before continuing, “I feel like I should just tell her. I think I might implode if I don’t.”

Sirius watched as James and Peter tried to give his poor friend advice with a knowing smirk. The grey-eyed boy had caught onto your antics a few days in, but decided to let itself play out rather than intervene.

oh, i’ve been shaking
i love it when you go crazy
you take all my inhibitions
baby, there’s nothing holding me back

You had always been quite reckless. You knew it, your teachers knew it, everyone knew it. Your wild demeanor was quite the opposite of Remus’s more calm one, but still, he couldn’t help but be drawn in by it. The way you strut through the halls like you owned them, the permanent smirk you always wore on your cherry lips, the chronically unapologetic look in your wide eyes. You were the waves pulling him under. You were his drug, and he was addicted.

“Y/N, hurry up! We were supposed to leave ten minutes ago!”

Marlene’s voice pulled you away from the mirror you were stood in front of, perfecting the finishing touches to your look. It was Sirius’s birthday and he had invited the entire house in your year and above to attend. The now seventeen-year-old boy managed to snag multiple bottles of firewhiskey and discovered the usefulness of the Room of Requirement so, needless to say, you were in for a wild ride.


You skipped down the winding stairs to join your friend group consisting of Lily, Marlene, Alice, and Mary. You hastily made your way to the location of the party with you leading the way as you had the most experience with escaping from Filch. You luckily made it without being caught as the five of you entered the room.

It was decorated to the max and music of Sirius’s choice blared, making it difficult to hear anything else. Your eyes scanned the room, catching sight of the birthday boy dancing in the middle with a bottle of firewhiskey in hand. You giggled at the sight before jogging over as gracefully as you could in heels, tapping on his shoulder upon arrival.

Sirius’s head whipped towards yours, a cheeky smile taking over his face, “Y/N! Dance with me!” he carelessly threw down the nearly empty bottle and took your hands instead, leading you in a mess of flailing limbs and moving bodies. You laughed uncontrollably at his drunken attempts at dancing. Little did you know his eyes weren’t the only ones on you. On the opposite end of the room stood Remus, his unmoving gaze set on your moving body that seemed to light up his world.

you take me places that tear up my reputation
manipulate my decisions
baby, there’s nothing holding me back

A few days had passed since Sirius’s birthday and each one of you had finally gotten over the awful hangovers following it. The plan you’d devised inside your head continued to play out, the obvious frustration building up inside Remus intensifying more and more as each day passed. It had been two weeks since your little game began and it was safe to say you were getting quite the satisfaction from it. Having decided to set up a prank on a few Slytherins one night, you made sure to time it during Remus’s Prefect duties.

“Y/N? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in bed,” he frowns, steadying your body as the two of you had collided upon turning a corner.

Your eyes were full of mischief as they locked with his chocolate ones, “Pranking, obviously. You’re not gonna rat me out, are you, Moony?” You bat your eyelashes at the lanky boy, eliciting a groan and eye roll.

“You know I’m supposed to report you,” he grumbled, causing your grin to widen.

“Or,” you began, “You could help me.”

He shot you a disapproving look which you brushed aside. Tugging your bottom lip between your teeth, you intertwined your fingers and pulled him down the hallway, his feet jogging to keep up with you. Remus ignored the voice in his head telling him this was a bad idea and instead ran alongside you, exhilaration soon replacing his nerves.

she says that she’s never afraid
just picture everybody naked
she really doesn’t like to wait
not really into hesitation

As time dragged on, Sirius grew more and more concerned about Remus. Knowing full well what you were up to, he decided to finally approach you and ensure your intentions were all good. Naturally, you quite offended that he’d think all of your teasing was done with bad intentions.

“Come on, Sirius. You know I wouldn’t hurt Remus. I care about him,” you frowned at your friend’s question.

He sighed, pulling you into an empty classroom to make sure no one would eavesdrop on your conversation, “I know you do, but at least tell the boy you like him. He’s going crazy.”

You remained silent, your eyebrows knitted together as you diverted your gaze to the front of the room. Sirius studied your face, realization dawning on his own, “You don’t just like him, do you?”

Your head snapped back to his, your eyes narrowed, “What are you implying?”

“You love him.”

You gnawed on your lip at the true accusation, unsure of how to respond. You racked your brain for a comeback, but nothing came up. Sirius took the opportunity to speak again, “It’s okay to say it, you know. He feels the same way– there’s nothing to be scared of.”

This time your eyes glared into his, annoyed he knew everything you weren’t sure of, “Well he shouldn’t. I’m nothing but bad news and it won’t do him any good,” you snapped to mask the sadness behind your voice.

Sirius’s lips twitched upwards in a kind smile, “But you’re good together, trust me on this one. Just please, tell him before the sexual tension gets so thick you won’t even be able to stand in the same room together.”

Reluctantly you nod, knowing he was right.

‘cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far
i know we’d be alright, i know we would be alright
if you were by my side and we stumbled in the dark
i know we’d be alright, i know we would be alright

You intended to see Remus after your conversation with Sirius, but your plans changed quickly after falling asleep the moment you sat on the common room couch to briefly speak with Lily. The next morning upon realizing you had fallen asleep, you decided you’d pull him aside at breakfast. You hastily prepared yourself for the day and skipped down to the Great Hall with a little pep in your step. The wide grin on your face was wiped away, however, upon seeing all the Marauders sitting except for Remus. They all held tired smiles at your arrival, all looking as if they’d only gotten an hour of sleep.

“What happened to you lot?” you cocked an eyebrow at the battered boys. They exchanged glances before all speaking at the same time.


“Long night.”

“Wrestled with the giant squid.”

You gave James a weird look at his response, but didn’t bother questioning them as you sat down next to Sirius. “Where’s Remus then?” you asked in an attempt to be nonchalant, but failed miserably as they each shot you a knowing look.

“He’s sick in the Hospital Wing,” Sirius began as you stood from your seat with the intention of visiting him, “But I wouldn’t go there,” he hastily tried to stop you. You deadpanned as he came up with a rather dumb excuse, “He, er, doesn’t want visitors right now.”

Your eyes rolled at his failed attempt to stop you. The boys all sighed, but gave up on halting you as you swiveled on your feet, heading towards the Hospital Wing.

You busted through the doors of the infirmary, breathing heavily as you’d jogged the whole way there. There were only a few people present in the spacious room, so it wasn’t hard to find Remus laying in a bed on the opposite side of the room. You calmly walked to his location despite the butterflies in your stomach, only to find him asleep. 

A frown took over your lips once taking in his state. He didn’t appear to be sick, but he was surely battered. A few fresh scars covered his face and his arm appeared to be in a splint of some sort. Seeing as it was a Sunday, you decided you’d wait for him to wake up rather than coming back later. You plopped yourself onto the chair next to his bed, lightly resting your hand on top of his. Before you knew it, sleep took over you yet again.

i feel so free when you’re with me, baby
baby, there’s nothing holding me back

“Y/N? Y/N, wake up.”

You jolted awake at the sound of your name, eyes blinking slowly in an attempt to adjust to the light. Your brows furrowed in your confused state before remembering where exactly you were. You sat up from your slumped position in the chair, disregarding the ache in your back as you settled your gaze on Remus.

“Sorry,” you licked your chapped lips, thankful you hadn’t drooled in your sleep. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep I was just waiting for-”

“It’s okay,” he smiled weakly, visibly exhausted. “You really shouldn’t have stayed. I would’ve been fine on my own.”

You frowned at this, “Of course I stayed,” you were quick to speak, though didn’t bother giving a reason why. You eyed him cautiously before talking again, “What happened to you anyway? You certainly aren’t just ‘sick’.”

He shifted nervously before answering, “It’s just, er, just a quidditch accident. Yeah, a Quidditch accident.”

Your suspicious eyes intensified, not satisfied with his answer, “You don’t even play Quidditch, Remus,” you pointed out the obvious.

His face heated up, words stumbling out before he could stop and think about them, “I know, I was just, er,” he paused before recollecting his thoughts, “I was helping James practice! Yeah, I was helping him practice.”

You quirked an eyebrow at him, not buying his words one bit, “You’re a horrible liar, you know?” His mouth opened then closed as he racked his brain for a response, but didn’t get the opportunity to do so as you spoke again. “But that’s beside the point since that’s not why I came here. Not that I wasn’t worried, of course I was. I just-”

“Y/N,” Remus cut off your rambling. It was your turn to blush, failing to stop the heat from rising to your cheeks. You had never found yourself so nervous before and didn’t exactly enjoy being this flustered.

“Right, er, I came her to,” you trailed off, unsure how to word it. “I came here to tell you something.”

“Shoot,” he replied, hiding the anxiety creeping up on him in anticipation of what you might say.

“I know you like me,” you blurted, mentally face-palming for being so blunt. “I mean, I kind of overheard you talking to the others,” you paused to take in his reaction. If his face wasn’t red before, it surely was now. All he wanted was to crawl into a hole and never come out to evade the situation.

“Yeah, I get it,” he spoke, stopping you from continuing your speech. “You don’t like me back and that’s why you’ve been acting weird. It’s fine, I’ll get ov-”

You silenced the untrue words spilling out of his mouth by bringing him into a kiss. Your soft lips moved against his own stunned ones. You began to pull away at his unresponsiveness, but he was quick to bring you back in once reality hit him. You moved together in sync, both of you experiencing something you hadn’t felt before.

You reluctantly detached your lips from his, resting your foreheads together. The both of you sat in silence as you caught your breath from the kiss. “You didn’t let me finish,” you breathily spoke.

“I like you too.”

fuck that was long didn’t expect to get so into it also low key angsty but ya know

anonymous asked:

Based on some things I've seen around Tumblr these past few days, do you believe Gotham villains had a different relationship with Tim Drake than the other boys?

keep in mind tim came after bruce was in a depressive state where he more than once went out and punched people a lot more viciously than he did prior to jason’s death. so now we have all the batman rogues getting a bit too comfortable with tim’s robin around, the only robin to date to have a sensible way of beating them up. sure he was chatty as the last two sidekicks but there was a sense of something more there, a kind of politeness that made all the punching borderline bearable compared to sunchild mcnevershutsup and sunchild mcnearlykillyou. the riddler was two steps away from starting a fan club

so for a good while, it’s the same: bad guys do their thing, robin does his thing, batman’s sulking in the background. it works out. it works out almost too well. it’s like an ecosystem. but then damian comes along and on his first patrol night, one of the rogues realizes that robin is… shorter? stubbier? the suit’s also different. did robin shrink? robin did not shrink, it dawns on them soon after they come face-to-face with the ferocity of a small rabid animal that has batman’s personality. a new robin’s in town

the next wave of bad guys just back away a bit because they didn’t prepare emotionally for this. how many do you think considered holding a vigil in memory of tim’s robin?

BBRae Week: Day 1 [Pining]

Unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements vs Pining

It started with a book.

To say that Raven was addicted to the story would have been a vast understatement. The novel was one of those that had to be binged over the course of a few days. Anything more would have been sacrilege; not to mention, a total insult to the magnificent authoress and her wonderful craft. The book itself was thick and heavy, with font the tiniest, most legible size. Raven could not put the thing down. The hard cover binding was practically glued to her hands, and she was always anxious to reunite with it whenever the team would be called out to an emergency.

However, such behaviour from the empath was not unusual to witness, and thus, her teammates never made a fuss whenever she’d opted to ignore them in favor of fiction instead.

Besides, how could they even dream to compete with something Raven had always been so passionate about? Victor would even joke to the others that the empath had been born with a book in her hand, and Raven, who had been far too engrossed with the page-turner at the time, didn’t even bother batting an eyelash in his direction. Although that in itself had been mildly concerning, Cyborg knew better than to press whenever the sorceress discovered such an engaging tale.

The book, at its very core, was a fantasy novel, filled with rich lore and mysticism, adventure, and romance. It had all the components necessary for an epic journey of the imagination. The author had both carefully and meticulously created a fictional world with varying races, characters, and laws, every one of which were designed with the proper love and attention needed to make a story absolutely captivating.

Where Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy had their videogames, Raven had her books. It was her way of unwinding during the downtime, and even Garfield had come to understand that throughout the years.

[follow the cut for the rest!]

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anonymous asked:

Which has the stubbier wings? The Japanese Suicide rocket or the F104? Which is more survivable?

The Ohka had overall smaller wings, mainly because of its size, but if you take into account the length of both aircraft, proportionally the Starfighter ends up having the smaller wings. 

As for which is more survivable, let me put it this way: Few pilots actually got to fly their Ohkas, as more often than not the carrier bombers tasked with bringing them within range of their targets got shot down by allied aircraft before they could deploy the Ohkas, while the F-104 always crashed with a poor soul piloting it.


That’s how terrible the Starfighter is. 

Another Update

The former Racasix MOC has undergone some serious changes. After some deliberation, I’ve settled on a chest design, and her head more closely resembles The Shadowed One, though the colour of the Rahkshi heads is gonna be wrong until I get the new pieces in my next bricklink order. I’ve also settled on a name: Onkura.

This photo is a little old, so lemme get to what’s changed between it and now.

After getting some input, I debulked her arm weapon so it’s a little less awkward. 

I made her a sword.

I thought heavily about her tail, and I decided on a headcanon that female members of The Shadowed One’s species have shorter, stubbier tails than their male counterparts. Initially a nondescript stub foot-tail, I eventually chose to make her tail similar to the Dark Hunter Tyrant, who is also a member of The Shadowed One’s species. I like this, as it creates kind of a skirt for her back and flows together nicely. It’s also able to move up and down for emotive purposes and to get out of the way of her legs. 

That’s all for now. I don’t know when the MOC will be effectively done, but I hope you look forward to it. 

anonymous asked:

The reason I think it is Haleb (and nit Emison) other than the fact that they make the most sense is that it looks like Ash's hand putting the ring on Caleb's. You can see that it is her right hand and you her gold Cartier ring that she always wears. I think the reason people think it is Emison is because glancing at it both sets of hands look feminine but I think that is just how Tyler's hands are. Plus Sasha has shorter and stubbier fingers than the both sets shown

Yes. You don’t want to know how long I spent the other day comparing and looking at hands. Its Ashley’s ring that gives it away, she wears the ring a lot, but more importantly she is wearing it in 7x18. Obviously the other hand is Tyler/Caleb because Hanna isn’t marrying anyone else.

First Week On The Job

The heir to the Dark Forest throne had a reputation already. Rumour said he was snappish and irritable whenever something didn’t go as he’d planned it. All applicants so far for the post of Royal Aide had been driven off during their trial week serving him. Several had even fled before their turn came. 

Queen Griselda and the Pinecone King had given the Bog Prince full reign in the selection of his future aide or aides. Bog, picky but fair-minded, had opened the position to “anyone in the Forest who thinks they can do it. If you last a week, you will move on to the next stage of interviews." 

Thang was sure anyone so open-minded couldn’t be entirely terrifying. 

Thang had been trained in secretarial work. Outside of the school system and the government and maybe some of the larger hospitals, there was not much call in the Forest for his skills. He lived in a small town by the North River with one school and one hospital, both of which were fully staffed, and where the town council was small enough that members took turns taking minutes at meetings. 

Moving away was his best chance to find a job in his field. Even if he didn’t become Royal Aide, there must be other secretarial jobs available in the capital. 

No. That was quitter talk. Thang would impress the Bog Prince and he would get the job. 

His trial week started tomorrow. 

Stuff knew she was management material. 

She had been in nearly every club and team in her school and organized events to within an inch of their lives. She had helped out in the school office, building accreditations from the staff that would boost her status as a candidate in any job she applied for. She had volunteered her services in setting up nearly every public event in her city since puberty. 

And now a golden opportunity had fallen into her lap – a chance to manage the future king. To smooth out an infinitely complicated schedule and sort the priority level of every emergency in the country and see her kingdom flourish in direct response to her competence. 

Stuff grinned at herself in the mirror, and then assumed a more serious face. 

I am professional and respectable and the best candidate for this job. 

Her trial week started tomorrow. 

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The art for the piece was done expertly by @panda-capuccino, for which I am ever grateful and glad to get a commission from when I can!

This is of the Throne series. 


  • 1: Chair.

I believe it would be best that I stated clearly the beginning of this recollection is likely the least reliable.  It has been some twenty-six odd years (Light, but where did they go?) since I was a girl of twelve winters, but it was that moment that seemed more important to me.  Yes, many things of great value did occur prior to my twelfth year, but they were all summarized by a single thing.

A chair.
A dusty old chair that sat unoccupied and unwanted.

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What kind of bee is this?
I see them all over my basil plants, sharing kindly with my honey bees, bumble bees, and even red wasps. The container is a clear Easter egg that I poked holes in the ends. Makes a great observation container.


-It’s about 50% the size of a normal honey bee.
-It’s colors are darker and more yellow than orange.
-It has the same general shape, fuzz included.
-Abdomen is stubbier and with a more flat end.
-It loves basil and mint flowers, and drank a lot from a drop of sugar syrup that I put in there with it.
-If it’s a type of honey-making bee I want to find them and keep them.
-They are so cool and small.


OH! OH! Look! I’ve been waiting for this!

Okay so- theres actually two lines in this line - one is show and the other is fancy! 

Now, fancy mice typically have super long noses and they look funky- like wild mice almost!

And show type have shorter, stubbier noses! Which is what the goal is!

And lookit! One baby with a pet-type face, and the other with a possible show face! 

If you fly a MiG-15, be prepared for friendly fire.

I’m confident at this point that I’ve been shot down by more trigger happy MiG-21s than I have been by enemies of any type.

Know the difference. It will save your buddies life.


  • Stubbier, roundier wings and body
  • Mid-mounted wings
  • Sometimes camouflaged
  • Elevators high up on the vertical stabilizer
  • Leaves very clean trail
  • Always has a red star of some kind on it

F-86 Sabre

  • Usually has stripes on it
  • Low mounted wings
  • Elevator low mounted on tail
  • Skinnier and pointier wings
  • Leaves very smokey engine trail
  • Always has USAF in huge letters on wings

Native copper feather

One of the more attractive forms into which copper precipitates from the element charged fluids that ferry it around the depths of the Earth from its source, often in a volcanic system of granitic composition that spits out metal laden fluids in an aureole around the granite. Many of the bigger mines in places like Chile are in fact exploiting the surroundings of magma chambers and plumbing systems from long eroded volcanoes that once exploded on the planet’s surface.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you say Carl Barks's Donald duck?

Carl Barks’ and Walt Disney’s Donald  Duck are both two completely different characters.

Walt Disney’s Donald Duck:

  • whites of eyes are blue (for some unexplained reason?)
  • body is more elongated like a water-fowl’s with a bigger behind
  • fingers look more like feathers than actual fingers
  • has no nostrils (fucking hate this…LET HIM BREATHE!)
  • legs are stubbier, more like duck legs
  • more “duck” like in general
  • has a voice resembling that of a duck’s quack
  • more like an actor, has no backstory or family (besides HDL)
  • more childish, perhaps even canonically a teenager (?)

Carl Barks’ Donald Duck:

  • body is more shaped like a person’s (longer torso and legs)
  • more humanoid hands and fingers
  • has a normal voice (Barks has never written him as being difficult to understand or having a speech impediment)
  • has a backstory, very detailed family (created by Barks himself)
  • is canonically in his 30s, has responsibilities even if he can’t hold a job

Before Barks re-invented Donald Duck, he was just a silly cartoon character. Barks’ comics gave DD more life than the animations!

An examination in baby feet.

Oh dear Lord people.  Let’s have a little chat.

Much like pregnant bodies, and postpartum bodies and baby bodies, and hair and ears and head size, feet come in all different shapes and sizes.  Just because “my baby always has his/her toes curled! Look here are 50 photos to prove it!” does not mean that everyone’s baby does. 

Babies curl or spread their toes as a reflex.  If a babies legs are stretching (as the baby in the top left photo are, and Freddie’s clearly are in his photo) the feet flex and the toes spread naturally.  For some babies like the one in the bottom middle and the top middle, clearly their toes are long and just naturally spread.  Some babies have shorter, stubbier, naturally curled toes like the one in the center.

The feet on the baby in the photo Briana posted are clearly the feet of a real baby.  In reborn dolls (can’t believe this claim even exists), even the most beautifully sculpted, realistic looking feet are obviously fake because the toes at some point are fused together by plastic.

Y’all… the theories are just really getting to the point of ridiculousness now.

To Seize the Moment, Part 9

Summary: Due to cultural miscommunication, Shepard and Garrus wind up proposing to one another. To both their surprise, neither of them wants to take it back.  (Shakarian, M for smut)

[Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Part 9: Part 10: Part 11: Part 12 ]

Garrus wasn’t interested in talking. His tongue slipped inside her mouth, moving in ways that had once been strange but were now intimately familiar. She might never have had a man’s tongue literally wrap around hers and squeeze before him, but now?

It turned her on. And he knew it.

She didn’t have that long, serpentine tongue that he did, but he still moaned when she flicked her shorter, stubbier one against his.

He loved her anyway, different body or not.

She’d been nervous about that, once – that he wouldn’t accept her, wouldn’t want her, not in the way she’d ached for him. But that had been an issue they’d dealt with, and – judging by the way his hands were curling tightly around her waist – dealt with well.

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cutiebotfly  asked:

BRO how do u draw hands??? ur rlly good at it and i gotta know like, what do u do

IM NO EXPERT BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST TO GIVE U SOME TIPS.. im bolding the key info so it reads a bit better if that helps

(1) smth ive noticed is the positions of the fingers?? like for example the middle finger and the ring finger have a tendency to stick together a lot, that was one of the first hand tricks i learned i think. even if it’s cartoony just havin them together makes it look a little sharper imo. of course this isnt an Absolute Rule… it’s jus an example. like it feels kind of weird to just draw 4 hotdogs stickin out.. wavin around… if u arrange them and figure out what fingers stick out in what situations itll look a bit neater? i think it’s best to model after your own hand when you cant figure it out, focus less on making the hand youre drawing to look exactly the same and focus more on trying to get the language down to start things off. learning anatomy is crucial but itll be much easier if you know the basics first, is what im saying!

(2) thumbs. ho my god. i love drawing thumbs. they are like my favorite part of a hand.. besides the pinky of course. theyre a bit different from the other fingers, because besides the fact theyre obviously a lot fuckin stubbier, theyve got some neat bends and curves to em. of course when i draw them i like to Exaggerate it because. well because it’s fun. thumbs are really funky i like em a lot.. i dont know how else to Explain It here are some dia-o-grams. utilizing the position of thumbs is useful when conveying expressions and stuff

(3) The Bump. hes beautiful and i love him.. hes below the pinky, maybe part of it? i dont know. listen i got no idea how anatomy works. but adding that makes stuff look real fuckin nice let me tell you.. they really make you look like you know what youre doing

those are on the thumb side too so go wild

(4) i figured this last part is necessary because well a big thing in art is breaking stuff down with simple shapes. i know it’s a bummer to hear because for the first few years of my Arteest Career nothing pissed me off quite like this…. people telling me how to draw. i always thought the SIMPLE SHAPES thing was baloney cause i didnt think id need it, but these days as an avid lover of cartoons i cant get enough of them. theyve saved my ass so many times. Listwn ,

heres a really helpful reference ive used that delves deeper into the whole shapes thing with hands.. cant get enough of it

as a final tip that i briefly mentioned before, the method i use for drawing hands is recognizing the language and worrying less about exact anatomy. ofc anatomy is equally as important because if you didnt utilize it, then your drawings would look like some weird bunch of potato salad, but in my case it’s something im still learning gradually. learning how to convey movements and expressions in hands is a good way to learn the gist of things and learn it as u go along.. it’s fun and in my experience it’s a lot easier on the mind body & soul. when it comes to a simplified art style if it reads then it works! theres no need to stress. for example if you understand the language of a hand you can apply it to other things too that arent quite hands, but can read as them? like a.. i dont know.. claws on an insect. it’s personally useful to me when im drawin k’nuckles and the disaster that is his hands.. theyre like wooden claws… oh jesus.. no joints or NOTHING

just to clarify im not a professional artist obviously!! ive just got the general idea of how things work. i dont know it down to each bone and each joint, each gah damn ball in socket…… this is just outta personal experience. also these are all tips, so frankly you dont have to follow any of them if you dont wanna. draw however you want and do what works best for you! i hope this helped even a little