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On 3 August, 2012, 12-year-old Tia Sharp disappeared from the home she shared with her grandmother, Christine Sharp, and her grandmother’s boyfriend, Stuart Hazell, in London. Her body was discovered the following week in the loft of the home. Suspicion immediately fell on Stuart Hazell after authorities received an anonymous tip and CCTV was uncovered of him with Tia. A sex toy which contained blood and DNA of Tia was discovered in his possession, as was a photograph of Tia, lying on the bed naked, after she had been killed. After initially denying it, Hazell confessed to the brutal murder but refused to explain how he killed her. The motive for the murder was quite evident - it was determined that she had been brutally sexually assaulted, so much so that this alone could have been her cause of death. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.