yeah, iPhone6

Lots of snark going on about the iPhone 6 vs Android devices. Yes, I’m an Apple fanboy. I admit it. I’ve also given Android devices a fair shake. Variety, spice of life, etc. AND etc. Many of the “new” features of the current iteration of the Apple communication device have been around in one form or another for several years on some Android devices. Apple’s designs have often been copied and mimicked as well. Yes, Android devices are far more customizable than Apple devices. Yes, yes, yes.

I ordered an iPhone 6 as soon as I could. I’d been using an AT&T Android device for nearly 5 months. Nearly drove me nuts. My complaints about its functionality, especially the OS, were met by doubt and disdain by the Googlites and cheered by the Appleheads. But, you know, in the end, I just like the way the iPhone works. I like the way it looks. I don’t worry about widgets, whether an app will work on my particular hardware or if I need to unlock it or use it to wipe my butt. Yes. It was expensive. So are the higher end Android phones. Yes, I’ll put up with probably any flaws I encounter, but not without some bickering and time spent on discussion boards and phone calls from a land line to Apple Central Command.

When it comes down to it, within the next two generations of both Android and Apple devices, the only real difference will be the logo. By then, wetware will be the next big thing and you won’t even be able to see the device because it will be surgically embedded in your skull.

Until then, I’ll proudly tout my new device and be dutifully interested and complimentary to those showing off their new Samsung or Nexus smartphone. I will also still be wearing t-shirts, jeans and boots - or shorts and sneakers at the gym. That’s where I’m headed now, to show the guys at the desk my new iPhone.