Official 2DAce Week!

okay, so a lot of you guys expressed interest in having a 2Dace week! i’ve been thinking about prompts and dates and all that good stuff and now it’s safe to say i’ve got a tentative list!

2Dace week this year is october 14th - 20th (just in time for demon dayz)! 

for those unfamiliar, shipping weeks have a list of prompts to follow for each day of the week. on any of those days, you are invited to create something for those prompts, whether it be art, fanfic, cosplays, edits, etc! for easy navigation, enjoyment, and posting, i ask that you please tag your content with the tag #2dace2k18 (all one word)! that way it’s easy to find stuff made specifically for this week!

so here are the prompts:

day 1: phase one!

both our boys were staples of the 2000s… when introduced, they were only two years apart in age! have the younger ace and stu met by chance? maybe stu was ace’s idol…? it’s all up to you!

day 2: decades

decades are cool because they’re all super different. ace as a 1930s gangster with his boyfriend at his side–as a secondhand or just as a bachelor in distress–keeps coming to my mind, but there’s lots and lots of opportunity here for other things too (especially with lots of decades)!

day 3: secrets

secrets are fun… sometimes. it depends on the secret, which–once again–is up to you! maybe they’re trying to keep their relationship hidden, or one of the boys is hiding something from the other… are there tears of happiness or pain? are there hugs or are there fights?

day 4: ice!ace and hypnotized!2d OR dance

chaos boys!! does ace still have the ability to go blue if he eats enough ice cream and slushies? does ace happen to catch on that something’s up with 2d? maybe they meet? or if that doesn’t happen to be your cup of tea, how would they share a dance? would it be slow and sweet or entirely different? you know the drill by now…

day 5: goodbyes

we… psyched ourselves out on this one already, and who knows, maybe by the time 2dace week hits, they’d have said goodbye for real (but hopefully not)! how would it go?

day 6: gentle/comfort

both of them have seen some things. this is the day for just really gentle situations, like cuddling, sleeping in with, or hanging onto each other… just some sweet fluff!

day 7: onstage

happy demon dayz! how do you think ace and 2d would interact with each other onstage? would they sneak in kisses or just keep to themselves?

to make sure this event is fun for everyone, there are two guidelines:

1) KEEP IT SFW! this week is for fans of all ages 💙

2) if you happen to post something and i don’t reblog/post it within 24 hours, let me know!! i’ll use this blog as a hub! your post or submission might get lost. don’t be afraid to tag me or send it again!

you’re more than welcome to do prompts later than listed if unable to do them on the days of! early is fine too!

happy shipping!! 💙💚

Gorillaz Headcanonz!

Stu and Noodle like to stick their tongues out when they are thinking. Stu does this a lot in public. Noodle sometimes has to explain to offended strangers what her older brother is doing. 

Noodle never realized that she picked it up from Stu when she was younger until Russel pointed it out.