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Noodle: “You know, I just finished reading Tank Girl, and I think–”
Murdoc: “Noodle, wait. Think very carefully about what you’re about to say.”
Russel: “Yeah, baby… You don’t want to say anything you might regret…”
Noodle: “Oh, stop being weird, you guys! It’s just an opinion.”
2D: “Noods, don’t do th–”
Noodle: “It was rubbish. I didn’t get it at all and the art was wonky as tits. Why did she fuck a kangaroo? How did she have a child with that kangaroo? Why–”
*the boys all shriek in horror as a giant celestial pencil crashes down through their roof and starts erasing her from existence as she screams in agony*

I wish there were more headcanons where 2D actually *does* something. A lot of people seem to treat him like he’s too stupid to do anything for/by himself and that the other band members are catalysts that cause him to do things, and I just think that’s an unnecessary watering-down of his character. That’s why I can’t always get behind headcanons that are like “Noodle does his hair for him because he’s bad at it” or anything like that, because I feel like that’s what a lot of 2D headcanons boil down to: Murdoc/Russel/Noodle cause/force/do something for 2D because he’s too bad at everything to do things by himself. I understand that he’s a passive, naïve, trusting man that tends to follow more than lead, but it’s a bit sad that he gets reduced to “helpless moron” more often than not, because I think he’s actually quite intelligent in his own different way and that he has a lot more to offer than being a piece of manipulatable scenery.
(No offense to people with headcanons like that; even I have some headcanons like that, it’s just my experience that 2D gets the “living prop” treatment the most out of the four.)


We’re fading fast, I miss missing you now and then …

Lyrics: Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy
Characters: Gorillaz
Art by: McKellsen/We-Are-The-Dury/Lfsn

[Do not remove caption or repost/use my work]

Recently I had a dream that an interviewer was asking Russel, 2D, Murdoc, and Noodle what they considered their aesthetic to be, and every time someone would try to answer, Noodle would interrupt them and just go “hammerpants” over and over again.


Inktober Day 31: Friend

Today is Noodle’s 26th birthday and she is one of the most amazing people in the world even if she is only a cartoon. She’s grown so much and I like to think that maybe I have alongside her. She’s like a big sister kind of gal, being the same age as my brother and just as awesome, that would do anything for her family.

Over time, you can definitely tell how close her and 2D her, they’re best friends, compadres, partners in crime and so much more. They do everything together and their relationship is like that of me and my partner, full of games, fun, films, the horror genre and so much more. These two are my faves and my sweet sweet angels.

So Inktober is at an end and it was so much fun to do, maybe I’ve improved, maybe I haven’t. But I can definitely confirm that I have had a fantadtic time doing and maybe this won’t be the end. Maybe there will be more daily Noodles or daily Gorillaz doodles along the way. Except maybe not in ink this time. I prefer a good quality sketch in pencil. 😊