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What does “Medici” mean to so many of our cast and crew?

Here’s the FIRST of our multiple Behind the Scenes clips. Stay tuned for more!

My Drabble List

Hey lovely followers💕 It has officially been a year since I started this blog and I wanted to do something special. 

send me a request with drabble number(s), the character from the movie/show

1. “Sweetie, you need me more than I need you’’ 

2. “It’s scary how you can love someone so much without them even noticing’’

3. "Now that’s something I haven’t seen before.” 

4. "Remind me never to let you talk me into anything ever again.”

5. "Do you even understand how hard it is to not touch you right now?”

6. “I purposely get your coffee order wrong so that you’ll come talk to me again.”

7. “Come on baby, up to bed.” 

8. "I think we need to talk.”

9. “You did all of this for me?” 

10. “Please I just… really need space right now.” 

11. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” 

12. “So, I found this waterfall…” 

13. “Kiss me.”

14. “If you leave now, you lose everything.” 

15. “It looks like you’re in trouble there. Can I help?” 

16. “I don’t really think before I act. It’s part of my charm” 

17. “Teach me to fight.” 

18. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it." 

19. “I can’t watch you with someone else. It’s tearing me apart.” 

20. “I care about you.” “Well that was your first mistake.” 

21. “You want to do what where!?” 

22. “Get down from there.” "Not until you apologize.” 

23. “Is that my shirt?” 

24. “Any good dreams last night?” “Yep, you left me alone.” 

25. “I’m not going to lie. This is going to hurt.”

26. “Are you confessing your love to me right now?” “Well, uh-” “We are about to die. I don’t need any confession of any kind. Chill”


You Decide To Adopt (Avengers x Reader)

After writing They Find Out They’re The Reason You Can’t Get Pregnant I got a couple requests to write the about the Avengers adopting instead! Hope you guys like it!(:

Warnings: I have no idea how the adoption process ACTUALLY work so you’ll have to excuse the fact that all of my knowledge is based off of Annie and Stuart Little


Tony Stark:

Tony knew what it was like to lose your parents. The feeling of having no one in the world who would love you unconditionally and support you with every stupid decision. So after the initial shock of realizing you couldn’t have children naturally finally sunk in Tony was quick to suggest adoption. It took him a bit longer to open up about how he really wanted to adopt an older kid who usually wouldn’t find a permanent home because he was scared you would feel like you were missing out on too much of the “traditional” parenting experiences. However, you knew how much it meant for Tony to give someone a second chance and the love you two had in your hearts was enough to overshadow any blood relation. You two end up adopting a 12 year old boy named Jackson, and while he’s kind of skeptical at first he knows with all of his heart that he is deeply and truly loved by you and Tony.

Steve Rogers:

Steve was quick to agree when you initially brought up the idea of adoption. He knew what it was like to lose your parents and was overjoyed at the idea of getting to keep an innocent child from suffering that same feeling. When you first started filling out paper work you thought you would be adopting a baby whose parents had passed away, but after hearing about a baby whose parents had given them up after learning about their numerous health problems you knew they were the one. Agatha was 2 months old with heart and lung issues but from the moment you two laid eyes on her she was your world. Steve cried the first time he got to hold her and there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt that you two would do everything in your power to see her live a happy, healthy, and loved life. 

Bucky Barnes:

When you first brought up the idea of adoption Bucky just scoffed. He was afraid that no kid would ever love him, especially one that didn’t feel absolutely obligated too. But after months of begging and reassuring Bucky finally decided to at least go and see some of the kids whom you could possibly adopt. While you were inside talking with the lady who ran the orphanage Bucky stood brooding outside watching the kids run around on the playground. It was during this time he met George, a 5 year old little boy who had been sitting alone after being picked on by some of the older kids for his small size. Bucky had gone over to ask him what was wrong but after George unthinkingly reached up and grabbed Bucky’s metal hand for comfort Bucky knew he was hooked. Bucky didn’t let go of George’s hand for the rest of the day, even when he had to sign all the paperwork and make it official. 

Bruce Banner:

Bruce flat out refused when you first asked him about adopting. He thought it was a crazy idea to purposefully endanger a child like that and was so upset you asked that he locked himself in his lab for days. It wasn’t until after you broke down after seeing Clint’s family and wouldn’t talk to Bruce about it that he finally saw how much this meant to you and agreed to support the idea of adoption. After a lot of serious discussions you and Bruce agreed on adopting a younger child who would be more self sufficient and wouldn’t be in as much danger of setting Bruce off and endangering themselves. Months of paperwork and lots of waiting paid off when you two were finally introduced to 7 year old Katie, a quiet girl with thick framed glasses. She had Bruce wrapped around her little fingers from the moment he met her and every time you saw him carrying her to bed after she fell asleep with him in the lab you knew he didn’t regret a thing. 

Clint Barton:

Clint was slightly hesitant to agree to the whole adoption idea. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to give a child a home or start a family with you, but he felt like he didn’t deserve a family. He had done a lot of bad things and he didn’t want to think about purposefully dragging an innocent child into danger by adopting them. Of course it didn’t take much reassuring for him to know that the love and protection you two would provide for a child would far outweigh any made up danger he thought they’d be in. You two honestly had no preference for the gender or age of the child you adopted and were so happy when you were blessed with Thomas. He was a two year old who had been rescued from an abusive home and he was the happiest little boy you had ever seen in your life. You honestly don’t know how you could have ended up with a more perfect family especially when you see Clint being the insanely overprotective father who basically wraps your son in bubble wrap- never letting Thomas even get close to ever being hurt.

Pietro Maximoff:

Pietro is actually the one who suggests adoption. He remembers the idea of being alone without a family being his biggest fear growing up and he wanted the chance to keep that from being a reality for someone else. You quickly agreed and even suggested possibly adopting someone from Sokovia. It took eight months but you were finally allowed to go to the orphanage in the village Pietro had grown up with and meet some of the kids. They were all so adorable and you two honestly wished you could have adopted them all. But there was one little boy and his sister who had immediately caught Pietro’s attention. Anton and Anastasia were 6 years old and inseparable. They reminded Pietro of him and Wanda (even though Anastasia was 17 minutes older than her brother), and even though you had originally only planned on adopting one child you knew there was more than enough room in you and Pietro’s heart for the twins. 

Thor Odinson:

Thor was ecstatic when you mentioned adoption. He had wanted so badly to be a father and knowing that there was still a chance of that happening set his heart on fire. He did have some secret reservations after knowing the way his own adopted brother had turned out, but Thor knew that you two would love the child like your own flesh and blood and that his fears were silly. You both knew from the start that you wanted more than one child because you both had enough love and resources to make it work. So after lots of (impatient) waiting you and Thor met James and Chris, 8 and 6 year old’s respectively who from the moment they met you two never felt unloved or unsafe again, especially when they visited Asgard where a large festival was held in their honor as the new Princes and heirs. 

Loki Laufeyson:

Loki thought you were kidding when you first mentioned the idea of adoption. He had been miserable as an adopted child never truly feeling loved by his “parents”, and the idea of having yet another person resent him was not something Loki planned on bringing upon himself by adopting a child who would undoubtedly hate him. It took a lot of reassuring and more than one not-so-gentle reminder that Frigga had been his biggest supporter through everything to get Loki even thinking about agreeing to adopt a child. Eventually you won out and Loki agreed that he was ready to adopt with you. There were a few minor arguments in the beginning, but none of that was remembered the first time you two got to meet your 5 month old daughter Penny. She was without a doubt the most perfect person either of you had ever laid eyes on, and Loki vowed he would be the most loving and supportive father ever. Something that he proved every single day as he cherished the small little family he never thought he’d deserve. 

Sam Wilson:

It wasn’t really something you had talked about. You just came home one day to see a stack of adoption papers on the table and without question you immediately started filling them out. You two never really talked about it during the day, waiting until the dead of night when everything was silent until you would begin to whisper your hopes and dreams of your future family, not wanting to say it in the light of day in fear of jinxing it. After months of imagining and coming up with elaborate family vacations and traditions you would start you finally got to meet the newest addition to your little family.  Sam had to hold back tears as you were introduced to William, a sweet 4 year old boy who ran in and immediately engulfed you two into a tight hug that lasted well over 5 minutes. You and Sam couldn’t believe that after so long you were finally getting to start the life you had been planning and dreaming of for so long with the most perfect little boy in the whole wide world. 

Scott Lang:

Adoption was a hard thing to even consider for you and Scott. You were both scared that any child you adopted would feel overshadowed by Cassie, and were also afraid of how Cassie would react to the idea. After talking about it for months you finally decided to just ask Cassie how she would feel about getting a new brother or sister. Much to your relief Cassie was incredibly enthusiastic, going on and on about how she would be the best sister in the whole wide world. So with that encouragement you and Scott went ahead and started the adoption process. Of course there were a few bumps at first (what with Scott having a criminal record and all) but after proving he had redeemed himself in the eyes of the law you were finally able to continue with the adoption process. And it definitely paid off when you were able to add Addison to your family. She was 3 years old and from the moment they met her and Cassie were inseparable. Neither you or Scott could have asked for a more perfect (although sometimes dysfunctional) family. 


You and T’Challa tried really hard to keep everything on the down low when you first decided to start the adoption process. It wasn’t that you were still iffy on whether it was something you two wanted to do, not by a long shot, but you were both nervous of starting off your new family by having it become a huge news story. So for months on end you two filled out paper work and tried your best to keep the story away from the press. Of course they all had a field day the moment you and T’Challa introduced them to the newest member of the royal family- your new little boy Harrison who was an adorably shy one and a half year old who would hide his face into his fathers neck as T’Challa refused to set him down, you always right by his side. And while you had at first been nervous of what the press would think, your fears were soon dismissed as the headlines all mentioned how loving and happy you all looked together. 


Wow guys this was sorta long but I haven’t been writing a whole lot lately so all my feelings just sorta came out. But I hope you liked it!!!

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