stuart reid


It feels a bit like Christmas - I’ve just come home from University for a few weeks and had forgotten I’d ordered a bunch of history books which had arrived in my absence. We’ve got William and Mary: Heroes of the Glorious Revolution, which should have some obvious appeal, Twenty Four Hours at Waterloo, which continues my doomed effort to read every book about Waterloo ever, Crown, Covenant and Cromwell by the ever-brilliant and gloriously Whiggish Stuart Reid, and lastly Scars of Independence, which I have mixed feelings over - as a new study of violence and massacres during the American Revolution it’s almost literally exactly what I’m trying to do for my PhD, but precisely because of that reason it should also be fascinating!


Psychocandy (album, LP/33 rpm)

the Jesus and Mary Chain 

Blanco Y Negro - 1985

sleeve by Alastair Indge

A5  Cut Dead