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Edited image from the Smithsonian Institution of a hand-colored print from Japan, c1905, of a woman posing with a cherry tree bonsai. Text and image via Stuart Rankin on Flickr


縞揃女辨慶, or, “They changed the bus schedule again!” by Stuart Rankin

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Edited <b>National Diet Library</b> ukiyo-e print of a lady reading what looks like a bus schedule.

Original caption: 縞揃女辨慶

Translated (via Google Translate) caption: Stripe assortment woman pinnata

Edited hand-colored photograph from the Rijksmuseum of Portret van een Japanse vrouw by Baron Raimund von Stillfried und Ratenitz. About 1870′s, Japan.  Text and image via Stuart Rankin on Flickr


Yubari Shrine by Stuart Rankin
Via Flickr:
Yubari Shrine on New Years Day, 2017. It wasn’t very crowded but we got there relatively late (around lunch time).