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Stuart Twombly - The Internship
→ “Where do you think it’s coming from, you big tree.”

A Quick Peck On The Lips

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Can you do a Stuart x reader where Stuart and reader are best friends and go to high school together and she gets cat called all the time and Stuart gets mad and tries to fight everyone who does it to her. One day he gets so sick of it and when someone cat calls reader he punches the guy in the face. Readers breaks up the fight and Stuart accidentally says ‘stay away from my girl’

Character: Stuart Twombly from the move “The Internship”

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Technical Difficulties ~Smut~ [stilinski-jpeg]

A Scruffy Hoes Production  ©

Author: yours truly

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut

Words: 2639

A/N: In honor of bae’s birthday the Srcuffy Hoes have brought you another group fic featuring Stuart. Hope you guys love it !

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Originally posted by glamistic

“SURPRISE!” I shouted along with the thirty other people in the cramped living room.

Stuart barely looked up from his phone and gave a small smile.

“Thanks.” He said before turning to head towards the kitchen.

This was a better reaction that expected from the beanie clad boy. I was surprised he said anything at all.

Stuart had just returned from a three week application process for an internship at Google. He graduated early from MIT with honour, so it was obvious why he was considered. But when word got out that he’d actually gotten the job, everyone that knew him went ballistic.

It was his mother’s idea to throw him this congratulations party. Which, when I got the invite, made me actually laugh out loud. There’s nothing Stuart hated more than parties and overly social events. Especially ones where he was the feature.

What’s my relation to Stu, you might be wondering? Stuart and I are a little bit better than friends. We hang out, play video games, Google random shit when we’re bored, and oh yeah fuck regularly.

But when he went off to Cali, it was harder and harder to keep up with him. He was detached, distant, and finally he stopped talking to me all together. But that seemed to be the running theme with everyone I talked too.

I was all but forgotten, but he was back. And tonight, I was going to fuck him so good he’d never leave again.

I lost him in the crowd of people, and to be honest Stu was good at not being found if he didn’t want to be. But, I knew there was only way to really talk to Stuart anyways.

Me[8:47pm]: Congrats Stu (;

Stuart[8:47pm]: Thanks. Where r u?

Me[8:49pm]: Around (; how was Google?

Stuart[8:55pm]: decent. I got free coffee.

Stuart[8:56pm]: Well pretty cool, I guess.

Me[8:58pm]: Really? How so?

Was he about to tell me his sexapades with all the other geeky horny potential interns? I need to sit down. I walked over to a lazy boy recliner that’d just become vacant and sat down. It took him awhile to respond, those stupid little grey dots tormenting me with each passing second.

Stuart[9:04pm]: It’s hard to explain, but my group was pretty cool. They’re all a bunch of weirdo but we all kind of mesh in the best way, ya know?

I breathed a sigh of relief, and just as I was about to respond the grey dots popped up again.

Stuart[9:05pm]: Oh and I went to a strop club.

I almost dropped my phone as I read and reread the words. A flood of emotions hit me all at once. Jealousy, surprise, skepticism, hurt, and a little impressed.

Me[9:08pm]: Liar.

Stuart[9:09pm]: I stg, I got drunk and everything.

Me[9:10pm]: Fuck buddies with a stripper. Nice.

I tried not to be jealous, especially about stripper, but the thought of some other girls tits in his face made my blood run hot.

Stuart[9:12pm]: Ferocious Gigi is on the attack. Lol

I looked at my phone for several moments before I decided not to reply. I didn’t want to reply. I was jealous, and mad that he knew he was making me jealous. He liked getting me all riled up. I stood up from seat, than wrestled through the throng of people and made my way upstairs. I was thankful when the bathroom was unoccupied, and made sure to lock the door behind me.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I tousled my hair, adjusted my dress, and ignores Stuart. I had to admit he did seem different. I couldn’t put my finger on it though.

I’d placed my phone on the counter and it buzzed in place, lighting my phone up with a text.

Stuart[9:31pm]: G, don’t be mad. It was a joke.

I ignored him.

Stuart[9:32pm]: Her boobs weren’t even that big.

That was the it. The straw the broke me. If he wanted to play ball, I was game.

Me[9:35pm]: Did she suck you cock good?

Stuart[9:37pm]: What? No.

Me[9:38pm]: Oh? So she didn’t let you fuck the back of her throat?

Stuart[9:38pm]: Grace, don’t start. My mom is right here.

‘Don’t start? I’ve already started.’ I thought manically to myself.

I pulled my dress straps down and off my shoulder, then yanked the low cut neckline past my bra. Revealing a black lace push up that perfectly lifted my breast. The swell of them alone was probably enough to send him into a fit, so a little nip should only sweeten the pot. I let the left strap hang off my shoulder and positioned the cup of my bra to just show the edge of my nipple. I pulled up the front facing camera on my phone and snapped a picture of just my lips and my boobs, that looked borderline pornographic. I smiled, pulling strap of my bra back on my shoulder as I sent the picture to Stu.

Me[9:42pm]: 1 Attachment Sent.

Stuart[9:43pm]: Wtf Grace!

I laughed as I imagined him talking to his mom and trying to hide his growing erection beneath the countertop of the island.

I quickly shimmied out of my dress till I was left in nothing but my bra and panties. I tousled my hair messily again before switching the camera to the back camera to capture a full length picture of myself in the bathroom mirror.

Me[9:45pm]: 1 Attachment Sent

Stuart[9:46p]: Are you fucking kidding me?

I didn’t text back. I wanted him to stew(no pun intended) in the misery I caused him.

Stuart[9:54pm]: Grace…

Stuart[9:56pm]: Grace!

Stuart[9:57pm]: GRACE DAMNIT!

Me[9:57pm]: Did you know that Dolphins and humans are the only two mammals that have sex for pleasure?

I went for deflection, he’d probably since left wherever he was, in search of me. It wouldn’t take him long to figure out I was in the bathroom so I felt a little toying was applicable.

Me[9:59pm]: Who knew that Dolphins were horny little shits. Lol

Stuart[10:01pm]: bhshjjdjdhsj

What the hell? I wasn’t sure if that was on purpose or not. As I began tapping out my reply there was a knock on the door.

“Occupied.” I hollered not taking my eyes off the phone.

‘Maybe I should send another picture.’ I thought idly. Another knock pulling away from my thought.

“Someone’s in here!” I hollered again, agitation lacing my words.

I’d barely gotten the last word out when there was another rap at the door, this one harder.

“Are you kidding me?” I spat, wrenching the door open.

In front of my stood Stuart, his eyes met mine before trailing down my body. Making me realise I was in barely anything. I too gave myself a once over, wondering how I just opened the door like this without checking who it was first.

When our eyes met again, his were darker than their usual amber warmth. His irises seemed to almost completely engulf his eyes. I stepped back, a little off kilter at the way he was looking at my body. He stepped into the room after me, closing the door behind him never taking his eyes off me. I heard the faint click of the door locking, and bit my cheek to stop my smile.

He hadn’t done anything while he was away, maybe he had gone to a strip club or made out with some rando. But no one else had gotten his dick wet, and now he was hungry. Like a wild animal caged for months, he was starving for me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relishing in it.

He stalked towards me, stripping himself of his jacket that fell to the floor. I hit the opposite wall to the door when I’d realized that I’d been backing up away from him. Now, I was trapped.

He stopped directly in front of me. Our faces so close that his nose was barely touching mine. He looked so sexy with his glasses resting on the bridge of his nose and his beanie covering the locks underneath that I wanted so desperately to pull at. A smile pulled at the corner of his lips as I felt his hand on my hip then slowly drag down to roughly grab a handful of my ass. I threw my head back letting a gasp escape my lips. He took advantage of my vulnerability, sinking his teeth into my neck and sucking. I could help the strangled moan I uttered.

I didn’t want to let him take me so easily, I wanted to draw it out, make him beg for it. But when both of his hands went under the waistband of panties to knead my ass, I knew I was done for. His hands, God his hands were everything and I’d missed them so much.

I ripped his beanie off his head, throwing it somewhere, and tangled my fingers in his hair that was longer then I remember. His mouth was still buried on the nap of my neck skilfully nipping and licking and, oh my god, sucking. I could feel the dark purple bruises already forming.

“Fuck, I missed you.” He said into my skin.

And the heat of his breath sends a wave of arousal through my body. I bit my lip in attempt to stifle the moans, I was fighting to keep in. He finally pushed my panties down off my ass, and I do my best to shimmy out of them. They eventually fall to the ground, pooled around my ankles.

I heard something clang to the floor, and it caught both of our attentions. We looked down to see my phone face down on the ground. I cringed inside hoping it wasn’t broken, I’d totally forgotten I was holding it.

“Shit.” I cursed, resting my head against the wall.

“Sorry, do you want to stop?” He said bending down, dangerously close to my pussy, to pick up my phone.

He flipped it over and we both breathed out a sigh of relief when it seemed to be fully functioning and crack free. He peered up at me through his frames and his close proximity made me knees threaten to give out.

I didn’t trust myself to speak, so I shook my head in response. I bit my lip as he smiled, a crooked smile, and scooted closer to me on his knees.

He pulled his shirt off his body, piling it with the rest of the clothes, and messing his already messy hair. He slipped his hands in between my closed thighs and pulled them apart, leaving me beautifully open to him. I was panting at this point, barely able to hid the eagerness swimming through me.

He scooted closer to me until his mouth was inches from my slick folds. Again, I could feel his breath against me almost teasingly.

“Please Stu. I need it. I need you.” His smirk was smug as if saying I know you need me, baby. It sent a shiver down my spine.

Before I could process what was happening, he plunged into my folds his tongue swirling and turning as it went. I could control the sounds I was making, even if I wanted to. Every time I’d purse my lips to hold in the inhuman sounds leaving them, they were forced out by a expect maneuver of his tongue.

If that wasn’t enough, the addition of his fingers(two of them to be exact) into my wetten heat promised to plummet me into insanity. I did miss those hands more than I realized as they worked me over.

It was when Stuart hooked his fingers into me, hitting my favourite spot so perfectly that I finally let go. I came, hard and the moans that came out of my mouth were muffled(not very well) by my hand.

When I’d completely rode out my high, looked down at him. His hair was disheveled, his glasses slightly crooked, and his fingers in his mouth. The same fingers that only seconds ago were inside of me, now being sucked up by this miracle worker in front of me.

I couldn’t help myself, I bent down and finally connected our lips. I didn’t wait for him to grant me access as slipped my tongue into his mouth, asserting my dominance. Which didn’t last long, as he stood, her dominated both with his tongue and his hands. The felt every part of me they could reach.

They reach my breast and pulled the cups down so fast and hard I could hear the material of my bra tearing. He tore from our kiss instantly connecting with one of my already hardened pecks, while his hand pinched and pulled at the other.

“Fuck.” I breathed of pushing his head closer into me. “Please fuck me already.”

“Yes ma’am.” He mumbled, before realising my breast with a pop.

He straighten up, and sweetly grabbed both of my hands in his. He kissed both of them, one and then the other, before spinning me around so I was facing the wall. He placed my hands, that he was still holding, flat against the wall.

“Keep these here for me?” He whispered into my ear, and I let out a loan in response.

His lips ghosted over my shoulders, as his hands fell down my body. They landed on his favourite place, my ass. He rubbed over it a few times, his lips now leaving warm open mouth kisses on my neck. I leaned my head to the side giving him better access. His hands left me, and I heard him meddling around with his belt before I finally heard the sound of his zipper leaving its bindings. My stomach was in knots of excitement and I stuck my ass out a little more for him.

I’m pretty sure I heard him growl which only allowed my core to moisten further. He ran his cock between my legs, grazing my clit tortuously. I dug my nails into the wall as the anticipation became too much.

“Stu-” I let out a crackly gasp as he plunged deep inside me.

He felt so good inside me and he wasn’t even moving yet. He stretched and filled me divinely and I could’ve came from the sensation alone.

He grabbed my hips tightly, so tight that it promised bruises.

“Hold on.” He growled, and then he began thrusting inside me.

Yes, thrusting. Roughly and deeply, his skin slapping against mine the sound echoing in the acoustic bathroom. I moved my hand from the wall to muffled my moaning, but he smacked my ass.

“Did I ask you to keep these here?” He growled, placing my hand back on the wall and pinning it there, never faltering on his thrusts.

I didn’t realize I was going to come until I was already doing it. It overtook me, and Stuart had to cover my mouth this time because I was screaming. He didn’t seemed to mind though as he only pumped faster into me. Just as I finished coming down from orgsam, I felt him explode inside of me.

He grunted as her thrusted into me a few more times before dropping his head so his forehead rested on my shoulder.

Our breathing was the only thing that filled now, and when it finally dissipated Stuart spoke.

“How’d you know about the Dolphins?” He asked, listing his head finally.

I turned my head, trying to see him out of the corner of my eye. “What?”

“The things about the Dolphins, how’d you know?”

My answer was so ironic it was comical. “I googled it.”

“Did you really good that?” He laughed wrapping his arms around me, and resting his cheek on my back.

“It got you in here didn’t it?”

Helpline - Stuart imagine

a/n: this is associated with the movie internship, but like, for the ones who haven’t seen it - there was a scene where the interns were on the gmail help line, they helped people with gmail problems so it about that :)

storyline: girl (reader) mistakes the suicide support number for the gmail support number and it’s stuart answering

characters: reader; Stuart from internship

warnings: talking of suicide; crying (???)

“And the helpline starts.. right now.” The boss said. Stuart turned around to face his computer and put his headphones with the microphone on his head. He sighed as he heard the first person calling.

“Google support, hello?” He spoke. At first he didn’t hear anything, which made his eyebrows furrow. Then he heard an almost audible sob. “Hello?”

“I-Is this the suicide h-hotline?” A soft girl’s voice asked. Was she crying? Stuart thought. Suicide hotline?

“No, this is the Google Support number.” Stuart then confidently replied.

“Oh, I-I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to bother. I just got the wrong number, sorry,” the girl rambled, wanting to hit the button to end the call. But Stuart acted quicker. “I’ll just, goodb-”

“No, no, don’t leave.” Stuart rushed, without knowing why he stopped the girl. from ending the call. “Stay here.”

“Uhm, I-I, no. I don’t want to bother. Wh-”

“Just, just don’t end the call. Okay?” Stuart said. If the girl was looking for the suicide hotline, she wanted help. So maybe Stuart could talk to her.

“O-okay.” The girl answered and sniffed. There was silence between them, when stuart decided to ask the girl something. Come on, just ask her something, Stuart.

“What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” The girl replied, her voice still sounding like she was/had been crying.

“Okay. I’m Stuart. Were you looking for the suicide hotline?”

“Yeah…” Y/N said with shame in her voice.

“Why? Is something wrong?”

“Must be. Look, you’re not the person I should tell those things to, after all, you’re from Google Support. I should call the real suicide hotline.”

“You said you’d stay, remember? And I know that maybe I’m not the right guy to talk to, but something seemed to bother you. Wasn’t that why you were crying? You can talk to me. I promise, I won’t tell anybody. Not that I have anybody to tell.”

“Alright. I will tell you. But please don’t tell anybody.”

“Of course, yeah. So, if you wanted to call suicide hotline, you want help.”


“What do you need help for? Is there someone bothering you? Or something?”

“Well… I’m g-getting bullied at school ever since my… sister and best friend d-died.” Stuart listened. Bullying is the worst. “It’s these two girls named.. let’s name them Queen Bee and Becky. They’re the bullies.”

“How exactly do they… bully you? How long?”

“Well, they have always bullied me, but it got worse a few weeks ago. I mean, it’s already very hard for me. My two best friends died… Can’t they see it’s horrible? And now they bully me, throw things at me, call me names..”

“And why does it bother you?”

“Because it’s true what they say!” Y/N’s voice started trembling. “It’s true that I’m worthless, fat, ugly and a loser. Nobody loves me.” She started crying again. “Nobody needs me. There’s no point of me in this world! That’s why I took all the pills in the house.” Stuart thought he mis-heard the girl.


“You know, medication. I want to take them so bad, but I know-” Stuart heard the girl burst out crying with loud sobs. This is really awkward, Stuart thought, poor girl.

“Hey, shh, calm down,” Stuart cooed. “Don’t cry, please don’t cry.” Y/N still cried, but it lessened slowly, in a couple of second-tenths. Now she was only sobbing. “Do you really want to take them?”

“Y-Yes, but I know it would be wrong. So I-I decided to call the number…”

“Good thing you called, otherwise we would lose another beautiful person in the world.”

“I’m not beautiful. You haven’t even seen me.”

“I know I have never seen you. But I know that you’re beautiful. Every one is. You shouldn’t listen to those girls, or anyone else who says something bad about you. Many people are insecure, many people are being bullied. And I know how it is, I’ve been there. I’m telling you, killing yourself is an option, but not yours.” Stuart paused. “Not today. Not ever. Don’t ever think about it. Think about what you’ll miss. It’s not an available option, alright? This isn’t the worst yet.” He finished, not believing he was actually saying stuff like this to someone. Stuart was usually the quiet, smart guy in class or any other place.

“Do you still want to do it?” He asked after there was silence.

“Kind of, but not really.” Y/N said, wiping off her tears.

“That’s better.”

“You helped me, Stuart. It really means a lot.” She said. “Thank you for the kind words, they’re the best I’ve heard in my life.” Y/N wiped the new tears. “You’re making me cry.” Stuart quietly chuckled at her cuteness.

“Always welcome.” He said “Would you need my help another time?”

“I think so.”

“Well, then - you can’t call this number, because it’s the helpline of Google, so I’ll give you my number to write down. Anytime you need something or just want to talk, tell me.”

“Okay.” Y/N agreed. Stuart dictated the numbers to the girl. She thought she had find a savior for her. Someone who finally cared. Someone who understood, someone who helped. Sure, her best friend and sister were helping, but they were gone now. Y/N was practically alone. Until today.

“So, Y/N. I hope you’re alright and I hope you will be.”

“Thank you, Stuart.”

“Remember, if anything happens - let me know.” 

“Of course.”

“Throw those pills back from where you took them, take care of yourself.”

“I will.”

“Okay, Y/N. Have a good day.” Stuart said, smiling.

“You too.” The girl said and ended the call with a small smile on her lips.

Stuart was smirking when he heard the boss yell:

“Time’s up. Let’s see your results.” He was looking at Stuart’s conversation, Stuart was blushing. He spent all his time talking to Y/N, who wanted to commit suicide.

“I see Stuart here was having a good chat.” The boss said. He had never liked Stuart. The boy stood up and walked up to the boss’ table.

“Well…” Stuart trailed off with a smug smirk, “I saved a person’s life. But you all,” Stuart turned around to all his colleges and pointed at them, “saved some nudes from leaking.” The boss chuckled, but you couldn’t deny the fact he was a little bit pissed off.

Stuart quickly made his way out of the room, chuckling and thinking of the coffee and muffins he was gonna eat just a few minutes later.

anonymous asked:

Prompt with Stuart Twombly from The Internship: "Yes, you're short and annoying but I'm in love with you, (Y/N) and unfortunately for both of us, there's not much I can do about it. So we'll not talk, avoid eachother in hallways and continue our lives because it's clear you dont like me" *reader kisses him*

Originally posted by glamistic

“Why are you so tall?! I feel like a midget next to you, you douche!” Sometimes you felt bad about your grumpy attitude towards Stuart, it wasn’t so much that you didn’t like him, but more the fact that you didn’t know how to act around him. How do you act around someone your interested in without them knowing you’re interested? It completely baffled you, 

“So what? You’re short and annoying but I’m in love with you, (Y/N) and unfortunately for both of us, there’s not much I can do about it. So we’ll not talk, avoid each other in hallways and continue our lives because it’s clear you don’t like me” For a moment you stared at him…not quite sure entirely where the whole rant came from. It seemed rather random, but perhaps it had been weighing him down the whole time and he finally let it all out in a large rant. 

Perhaps you weren’t really thinking or perhaps you just decided to throw caution to the wind, either way you found your hands gripping at his shirt and you lifting yourself onto your tiptoes all before crushing your lips against his. You were worried for a moment that he didn’t seem to be responding, no matter what he had said previously, before he began to kiss you back with equal vigour.

Don’t Be Impolite - The Internship (Stuart Twombly)

Title: Don’t Be Impolite

Author: numbbee

Fandom: The internship

Character: Stuart Twombly x reader

Warnings: fluff

Request: Anonymous said: “can you write an imagine about stuart from the internship film? and he’s too shy to ask you out or sometihng like that :) thank yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

A/N: Thank you so much numbbee for writing this for me, still a bit tired after my trip, so it was nice having someone write one of my requests~ If anyone else is interested to do so, please message me, and I will give you a prompt/request. Then submit HERE. 


Sighing, you entered the building. Another day at Google, you thought tiredly. It wasn’t that you didn’t like working here, it was just sometimes, just sometimes, this place could be a bit too much. 

When you lifted your head to look ahead to where you were going, you immediately frowned, because in front of you there was a lot of people with funny hats divided into groups. Some chatting along cheerfully, others standing there discussing things seriously, as some people just stood in awkward circles. And then you face palmed, remembering about the internship program that was starting today. Apparently you slapped yourself pretty loud since a lot of people turned to look you, some boys with their jaws dropped, which again made you frown, and a cute one blushed when you looked his way, but quickly became engrossed in his phone .

“Ellie! Finally you show up! I thought you slept in again!” Lyle exclaimed coming towards you and hugging you .

“Dude, that happened one time! I had a whole season of Supernatural to watch!” you said offended, huffing and hugging him back.  

“Okay, okay, sorry.” Lyle took his hands up in defence, a cheeky smile on his face. “Come with me so I can to present you my team!” he said excited and began dragging you towards the more ‘wierd group of kids’ as you named them silently in your head. Despite your protests and the muttered ‘bastard’ towards Lyle, he managed to drag you over to them. 

“Guys, this is Ellie, my younger sister.“ The curly head boy said and they all smiled and introduced themselves but you only paid attention to the cute one, who was still engrossed in his phone. 'Great, he is even hotter up close. Exactly what I needed to distract me from work today’, you thought grimacing slightly but schooling your features in a poker face when the girl elbowed him and he looked up scowling and then his cheeks got a light shade of red when he saw you, which didn’t go unnoticed by his team mates, who smirked.

"And what’s your name  handsome?” You said arching a brow and lifting one corner of your mouth .
“Stuart” he answered huffing, then got up and left.

So much for manners. You thought to yourself, but didn’t speak it out loud.  

“Is he always like that?” You asked the others, slightly annoyed at the dark haired boy. The others shrugged, some nodding slightly. 

You frowned a little then waved to them and left after Stuart. To say you hated impolite people was an understatement, so to your brother it was no surprise that you went after the boy.

 You found him outside, sitting at a table alone, phone once again the center of his attention. You went straight to him, pissed off from his sudden departure earlier and slammed a hand on the table, leaned close to his now startled face and said :

“What is your problem? You could have said you didn’t want me there , didn’t have to leave like I had HIV or something!” You sneered a little after you said that, for an extra effect. You always did it like this, making the impolite person become guilty of his action, and most likely not to repeat his actions.

He just ignored you and looked back to his phone, which only angered you more. So he was ignoring you too now?! If he wasn’t so cute, you would have punched him already. 

You snapped his phone from his hands and stuffed it in your bra, making his jaw drop and eyes burn with rage.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Give me my phone back!” He growled at you, you gulped at his sudden anger, but didn’t let that fear show on your face. Without a word you moved to his lap, making his eyes widen and a blush appear and he leaned  back to put a little distance between you, looking around frantically to see if anyone was watching. This made him fall backwards with you on top of him. 

He looked up at your now red face and embarrassed. He seemed nervous as he looked at your slightly parted lips, then up at your eyes, and back to your lips again. Without any warning, he leaned up and pressed your mouths together softly.

It took you a few seconds to respond, too stunned by his sudden actions, but when you finally were able to respond to what was happening, you cupped his face. His hands moved to your hips, pulling you impossibly closer to his body. You pulled away after a few moments and he whispered out of breath.

“I was too shy to ask you out, you see I had seen you on Google’s website, and been kind of a creeper. So when I saw you didn’t know how to speak to you, 'cause you are so gorgeous and hot and smart and-” you interrupted his rambling with a peck on the lips and said:

“Stuart, you are the only one that got my attention when I walked through that door, okay? No need to be shy. I like you too. Although, I must say that research thingy is a bit creepy, but at the same time slightly cute. ” He smiled and got up, helping you up too and leaned in for another kiss, when Lyle came towards you two. 

Yelling for Stuart to get away from his sister. Stuart started running, the cheeky grin still on his face as he ran from the place where you and the team, who came with Lyle, stood laughing your butts off at the Lyle chased Stuart running around campus.

Pretty and Dumb// An Internship Imagine

Anonymous asked: “Can you plsss do an Stuart from Google imagine where y/n is the popular girl and Stuart is the nerd and he have a crush since forever on y/n?”

Of course! This is actually the longest one-shot I have ever written, I believe, so you can understand why it took so long to write. It’s also kinda dumb but I like it so heyyyyyyyy.


Title: Pretty and Dumb

Character/Celebrity: Stuart from The Internship (played by Dylan o’Brien)

Rating: T

Warnings: Language/the anon requested a popular girl so I made her like pretty and kind of aware of it, but not really self-centered. If you don’t like reading about girls who seem confident in themselves (as some may think that makes the character cocky), don’t read. :)

Word Count: 1683


You were doing this internship for your parents. Your mother and father were always finding things that would look good on an application, despite you already being admitted to an Ivy League school.

Supposedly, whoever won this team challenge would have jobs at Google when they graduated. As great as that sounded, after seeing the slide in the main hallway, you doubted a job there would ever be “real enough” for your parents.


When it came time to pick teams, a young, dark-haired British guy approached you first, lifting the card on your lanyard from your chest.

“Columbia, hmm?” he asked with a smirk. You glanced up at him, already uninterested. “How about you join my team?” But you knew that his offer had nothing to do with what school you came from.

You’d been told you were pretty, probably since day one. You never denied that you weren’t one of those girls who hated what you saw in the mirror, because you didn’t. And you never saw it as an issue. You thought you were pretty. Why shouldn’t anyone else?

You guessed that’s why you ended up pretty popular in high school, accepted by everyone. Because, not only were you pretty, you were kind too; not exactly a combination you see often from a teenager.

You never looked at it as a way to get what you want. No, you got that all on your own, constantly surprising people with your ability to take care of your own shit and not use your looks to make others do it for you.

And most importantly, you never let it make you think you were better than anyone. Not like the guy who was presently staring a bit lower than your face as he waited for an answer from you.

“Hello?” he asked, snapping in your face. You blinked and looked at him, keeping your mouth shut. “Ah, pretty and dumb. A classic combination.” He dropped his hand back to his side and tsked at you.

“Hey, c’mon man, why don’t you just leave the young lady alone?” You turned to see the two much older interns coming your way.

“Or what?” the Brit asked. “You’ll hit me with your walkers?” He held up his hands as though to fight off an imaginary attack.

“Three minutes!” Mr. Chetty called out a warning. The guy sighed and rolled his eyes.

“You know what? Fine.” His accent was now more annoying than anything else as he turned back to you. “Have fun in the old folks’ home.” You rolled your eyes but looked up at the older man.

“Thank you…”

“Billy. Billy McMahon.” he introduced himself, holding out his hand to you. You shook it and smiled. “And this is my friend Nick Campbell.” You nodded to the blonde who nodded right back.

“My name is (y/n).” You introduced yourself. They smiled and Billy looked around for a second.

“Well we don’t have a team yet. Would you like to join us?” he asked. You smiled and nodded quickly.

“Why not?” You laughed along with them.

For the next two and a half minutes, you, Billy and Nick attempted to pull together a team. Most boys were interested until they saw the two men you were already with. When time ran out, you sighed, defeated. You sat down on one of the benches.

“And you will take care of the leftovers.” Mr. Chetty was telling a short, nerdy kid. Then again, they were all short, nerdy kids for the most part.

“Great.” He said.


Half an hour later, you were all sitting in a room together. You. Billy and Nick, the kid in charge of your group- Lyle as he’d introduced himself- an Indian girl, an Asian boy and a boy that you knew you’d known at some point in your life. But you couldn’t put your finger on why he was familiar.

He sat, in a chair, leaning back against a desk. His eyes, brown, hidden behind thick glasses, were glued to his phone screen and his light brown hair was underneath a blue beanie. You kept throwing glances at him out of the corner of your eye, trying to figure out who the hell he was to you.

“Why don’t we all go around and introduce ourselves?” Lyle asked. So, everyone went around and told their names. You went first, telling them your name, age, and school, giving them a basis for what to say. As they went down the line, the Indian girl (Neha), the Asian boy (Yo-Yo), Billy and Nick all introduced themselves. When it finally reached the boy, you held your breath, anxious to find out who he was.

“Uh, my name’s Stuart, I’m twenty-two years old.” You didn’t hear the rest of his introduction because you had finally figured out where you knew him from.


Junior Year

You made your way through the lunch line and out into the cafeteria as quickly as possible. The guy who served lunches on Thursdays had a serious case of the wandering eyes. It made you much too uncomfortable.

“I swear to God, if I don’t get at least a B on that paper, you’re fucking dead.” a deep voice said. You recognized the voice of your boyfriend almost instantly.

Brian was leaning over some nerd, his fist against the wall. You rolled your eyes. He was always beating on someone. He never stopped. You weren’t even sure why you continued to be with him. It was probably something to do with peer pressure, though you would never admit you had succumbed to something so juvenile.

“Brian, what the hell are you doing?” You asked as you came upon the two.

“I’m making sure this nerd knows who’s boss.” he answered, not even looking up at you. Someone did look up at you.

The boy currently being harassed by your boyfriend looked up at you, a boy in your grade with dark brown hair and eyes to match. He was scared, that much was obvious. But despite that, he had a strength about him. A strength, you had a feeling, he had no idea he possessed.

“Leave him alone, Brian. He knows what grade he’s supposed to get you, okay?” You said, a little angrily. Your boyfriend sighed, pushing himself off the wall and coming over to you. He gave you a kiss on the cheek and picked up the package of cookies from your tray. “My favorite! Thanks, babe!” Before you could get them back from him, he’d walked away.

“He’s definitely a keeper, you know.” The kid in front of you said. “Didn’t even hit me this time.” You rolled your eyes.

“Look, I’m sorry Brian is such a dick to you.” You said. You really were sorry, if you were being honest. You felt really bad that your boyfriend treated this kid like shit.

“It’s really not a big deal.” he said, “He pays me to write his essays. He just likes to “scare” me into getting him a good grade.” You couldn’t help but laugh at what he’d said. “He’ll get what he pays for.”

He wasn’t too bad, this guy.

“I’m (y/n), by the way.” You said, introducing yourself. You stuck out your hand and he took it, shaking it slowly, suspiciously.



After the team had gotten to know each other, everyone left to go to their respective dorms but you tapped Stuart on the shoulder as a signal to stay back with you.

“What’s up, (y/n)?” He asked. You smirked.

“So you do remember me?” You asked. He laughed.

“How could I not remember you?” he asked. Then, realizing how it sounded, he blushed. “I mean, your boyfriend treated me like shit for my entire high school life, but you know, you were there too.”

“Yeah… Yeah I was.” You said. You both chuckled and he looked down at his feet. You glanced at the clock and smiled. “Do you want to go get something to eat?”


So, the two of you sat in the Google cafe, munching on the various snacks they kept stocked in said cafe. You caught up, laughing with each other.

“So I suppose college must be going well for you, considering the fact that you only got more attractive with time.” You said. Stuart swallowed what he was eating and widened his eyes at you.

“Did you just try to sneak that in there without me noticing?” He asked. You shrugged.

“I always thought you were cute, Stuart.” You admitted. He narrowed his eyes at you.

“I must admit, I’m half expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop out of nowhere with a camera.” He said. You laughed, shaking your head.

“Nope. You aren’t being Punk’d.” You told him. “You heard me right. I always thought you were-” You were cut off when he stood up, walked over to you and kissed you.

Caught off-guard, it took you a moment to kiss back, but once you did, you didn’t want to stop. Your hand slipped into his hair and he held your face gently. He pulled away, pressing his forehead to yours.

“I have wanted to do that… for five years.” He admitted to you quietly. You smiled up at him.

“Well I’ve wanted to do it again for five seconds.” You mocked his tone of voice and he laughed, kissing you once more. “I’m sorry about, you know, high school. I know I played dumb to a lot of the shit you had to go through.”

“At least you were just playing it.” He said with a simple shrug, sitting again, but closer to you this time. “I mean, high school is shit. If you can get to the top, you should.” He smirked at you.

“Still. I should have defended you to his face that day.” He waved his hand at you.

“Then we never would have ended up here.” He said. You bit your lip. “And I wouldn’t be able to do this for a third time.” But you weren’t listening, you were searching for his mouth again.


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