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Gorillaz and their favourite studio ghibli movies and why
  • Noodle - The Tale of Princess Kaguya: i feel like she relates to princess Kaguya. Not being able to remember things at first. And she feels like she can see a bit of Murdoc in the father and 2D in the mother.
  • Russel - My Neighbor Totoro: Totoro is big and friendly and he sees himself like him. He sees the children as noodle and 2D. But mostly noodle. Also, it's one of the first movies him and noodle watched together, so he has a strong connection towards the film.
  • Murdoc - Howls Moving Castle: he's mostly drawn towards the animation, story and film itself. It really gives him inspiration and it's also one of those calm down time kind of movie. He sort of aspires to be like Howl: mysterious. Also his favourite character is Calcifer. And he has a soft spot for Howl and Sophie. It makes him tear up.
  • 2D - Kikis Delivery Service: 2D really enjoys the story of Kiki. He adores the style and how optimistic the movie is. He also likes to see himself as Kiki, which his always kind and always up for helping out anyone whenever he can. He also adores Jiji.