stu rasmussen

While I was reading this today (the pages about the LGBT comunity) a guy of my class saw the article about Stu Rasmussen & said:

“That’s DISGUSING. A trans… a girl with a dick… and he’s a mayor!”

For the moment, nobody knows I’m gay. I ‘play’ the gay-friendly guy and everyone seems to be so sure I’m straight that they have no doubt about my sexuality. So; I was like “So what?”. That boy is half-deaf and asian. At the beginning of the year, he got teased like every single day about these two things. I, gently make him noticed it, telling him that he can’t ask for tolerance & all if he isn’t tolerant to others then the girl sitting next to me say:

“ She has the right to be mayor but rascism & homphobia is not the same thing. I don’t hate transgender or gays but that’s disgusting. They are disgustings.”

I explain to her that discrimination is discrimination, that hurts the same. I know what I’m talking about. She answerd that you born asian , you die asian but you are not born gay. I react, saying that people are born this way; she shaked her head. “No, no! If that’s true, why guy hang out or fuck with girl and then, one day, say they’re gay.” As calmly as possible, I answered that it’s society she have to blame and not people for finally be true to who they are no matter what people will say. She shut her mouth up. Some people are just so fucking ignorant.

Edit 20/01/2016: This was a long time ago… Reading this kinda makes me smile now. I would definittly have a different rhetoric now. The whole “born this way” one sounds so flawed to me today.

Stu Rasmussen is the mayor of the tiny town of Silverton, Oregon. He’s also transgender—his 36DD chest and penchant for high heels made national headlines when his hometown elected him to its top position in 2008. A former computer engineer, he explained his feelings about others’ opinions as a chart of age vs. giving a shit. 

Stu: “The people that hate me are a small percentage and they’re easily ignored. It really isn’t relevant to my life what your opinion is because I know you’re wrong. You may be under the impression that the sun rises in the north and sets in the south, but the facts are otherwise. It still hurts. It still hurts when you’re dealing with stupid, but there’s no shortage of that."