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#34 rhinestone eyes (A) with 2D


34. “These stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.”
52. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”


“Stu, how many drinks have you had???” You mutter as you try to gain strength on your right arm that’s supporting him as he gets out your car.
2D and you use to be in a relationship, one that lasted for a good amount of time, but after a feeling of disconnection, you two mutually decided on just being friends for the time being, and you had become even closer than when you were together. After receiving a drunk call from him at 1 am, you decided to pick him up from the bar he had mentioned earlier and that brings it back to now.
“I don’t know, one or three..or twelve,” 2D giggles as he leans into you.
“You really shouldn’t be getting drunk on a weekday either way,” you sigh looking up at the sky and think aloud, “A lot more stars than usual tonight.”
“These stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.”
“Shut up and get in the house.”
You open the door, haul him inside and lead him to his room. As you leave him on his bed, you wipe the non-existing sweat on your face and tie your hair back, giving 2D a confused glance when you notice him watching you.
“I’ll go get you some water, you just stay and get ready for bed,” you say, leaving the room when you see him starting to work on undoing the buttons on his shirt.
When you come back you find the exact same thing you saw when you had left, on the side of the bed playing with his buttons.
“Stu, are you having trouble?”
“No,” he murmurs, too focused on his sloppy attempts to unbutton his tiny buttons.
“Here, let me do it,” you reply, walking over to him and lightly pushing his hands away, putting the glass of water in them instead.
He eyes never you for anything else but to drink water as you unbuttoned his shirt. He watched how you lips got lightly thinner as you released each button, how you eyes flickered between him and his shirt, the slight tiredness and neutrality in your face-
“What?” you smiled, eyes connecting when you see his staying on you.
“You’re very pretty.”
“Thank you, Stu.”
“You’re really pretty, y/n”
“Thank you, ” you laugh, looking down at the final button as you release it. “You’re not too bad yourself.”
“I really like you.”
That makes you freeze for a moment. Your heart sinks a bit as you regain yourself and take off his shirt, looking back up at him.
“You don’t mean that, Stuart,” you sigh and lay him down.
“Yeah I do,” he smiles. “I like your smile, and your hair, and your tiny hands, and your pretty rhinestones eyes.”
“My rhinestone eyes?” You tiredly laugh, taking off his shoes.
“Yeah, because they’re shiny and priceless.”
“Actually Stu, rhinestones don’t cost m- ya know what? Never mind,” you exhale, giving up knowing he won’t understand. “Thank you for the compliments but you don’t like me. We’re not together remember?”
“But I really like you.”
You sat at the edge of the bed staring into his half lidded eyes before sighing.
“You should rest, you’re starting to just say things,” you put a blanket over him and walk over to the door, stopping when you here a light ‘wait’, causing you to turn around and face him.
“Lay with me.”
“I don’t think I sh-”
You stare at him for a moment and drop your shoulders, giving in.
“Alright,” you mumble. “Make room.”
He shifts to the side as you get on the bed, getting comfortable and playing with his hair since you know it helps him sleep. And before you know it, his head is on your chest, his eyes are closed and his breathing slows down. You take in all the features you can of him and inhale deeply before quietly talking to his sleeping figure.
“I guess for what it’s worth, I like you too Stu. A lot. But you were the one who brought up not wanting to be together, I went along with it to make you happy. I try to just watch as the days go by and wait move on but it’s hard. Stu, I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.” You look at him for a bit longer, somewhat hoping he would wake up and respond but sigh when realizing he never will.
‘I’m literally just talking to myself’ you think to yourself before shutting your eyes and drifting to sleep yourself.
Little did you know that he laid under you, fully awake and eyes now open, thoughts wildly racing.

You wake up the next morning in a familiar room, familiar enough for you to realize it isn’t yours. You try to get up but you’re pulled down by a pair of arms wrapped around you. You look behind you and see 2D, eyes still closed as he nuzzles his face into your shoulder.
“No,” he mumbled into it, making your turn around to face him.
“Stu, let go of me,” you yawn, lightly pushing him away from you.
“Not again.”
2D let go but proper himself up with his elbow so he’d look over you. His hair was a mess, his skin was a bit paler, and his eyes looked like they gained an extra bag, but he still looked as handsome as ever.
“I meant what I said yesterday, I was stupid drunk but not black out drunk.”
You opened your mouth to say something but close it almost immediately after. Your mind went blank but also raced with thought after thought before being interrupted but the blue haired boy’s voice.
“I wasn’t asleep yet either, I heard you.”
You groaned and slapped your hand on your forehead.
“Oh god, I’m sorry, you weren’t meant to hear that. I thought I was rambling to myself but we don’t have to do anything about it we can sta-”
You were cut off by a pair of lips connecting with your. You felt something in your heart and lips that was just electric and froze you before you snapped back into reality and kissed him back. 2D shifted himself into a sitting position and pulled you on his lap, hands roaming all over you as yours ran through his hair. When you broke apart to get air you placed your forehead against his, having déjà vu to a moment that felt like years ago.
“Are you sure, Stuart?” you ask, cupping his cheeks into your hand so your eyes can meet.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been so sure, y/n.”
A smile crept onto your face and you wrapped your arms around his neck, feeling his wrap tightly around yours.
Maybe a second chance won’t be so bad.