How to Love Her:
1- Tell her she ties your tongue in knots and fills your lungs with daisies. Tell her you cannot spend another minute away from her. Admitting that she makes you weak at the knees does not make you any less of a man.

2- Tell her she’s beautiful every single day. Write it on her back with your fingertips tracing letters down her spine. If she doesn’t believe you when you say it, say it again.

3- Love her with the lights on and look her in the eyes as you fuck her. Let the lust spill from your eyes and leave nothing behind but love.

4- Hold her hand. On the subway. At the movies. At the park. In front of your friends. At the beach. In the dark. Under stars. Let her know that you’ll never let go.

5- Turn the lights off and explore each others skin. Learn the curves of her body like a map. Let it guide you home.

6- Count the seconds between each rise and fall of her chest. Write a poem to the rhythm of her breathing and punctuate each line with a kiss.


 I remember that night when we were 

 trapped between crowded bodies and 

 sweat plastered my hair onto my forehead.

 We walked side by side, our skin touching 

 between each step and the next, sending 

 buzzes up and down my spine.

    I remember that night when we were

    trapped between crowded bodies and your 

    eyes glimmered like the matching lights around 

    us as we walked side by side your skin touching 

    mine between each step and the next sending 

    goosebumps up and down my back


 I said I didn’t like crowds and you said 

 "stop being difficult, is there anything you 

 actually like?“ and I looked at you with a glare, but

 really I just wanted to say "you.”

    You said you didn’t like crowds, and I told

    you to stop being difficult and I asked if you 

    ever like anything anyway, because I knew you’d

    glare at me and I love the way your nose crinkles

    when you do.


 We set out to cross a busy street and you

 ruffled my hair and teased, “are you allowed

 to cross streets on your own?” and I gave you

 another glare and a sarcastic “no” because I 

 knew you’d hold my hand.

    We set out to cross a busy street and I ruffled

    your hair and teased that you were too little

    to cross it on your own because I knew you’d

    give me that glare once more and really, I just

    wanted to hold your hand in mine.


 You held my hand and swung it back and forth

 obnoxiously, ‘til fireflies rose from my stomach

 to my chest and danced in my throat, and I 

 laughed and said, “your hands are sweaty” but

 really, mine were too and I just wanted you 

 to pull me in closer.

    I took your hand in mine, our fingers interlocked,

    and sent static through my bones and you said my 

    hands were too sweaty and I laughed again and said

    “nothing ever pleases you,” but I’m glad you did

    because I put my hand on your waist and pulled you

    in closer.


 I buried my head in your chest and you put your

 chin on my head and said my hair smelled like

 strawberries and I laughed and asked why you were

 sniffing my hair, but really, I was glad to have you 

 close with you breath tickling the hairs on my neck.

    You buried your head in my chest and I could feel

    your warmth inside me, radiating through my veins

    and I told you your hair smelled like strawberries

    and you laughed and asked why I was sniffing your

    hair and I teased that I wasn’t, and that your hair

    attacked my face, but really, I just wanted to drown

    in you.


 I hadn’t realised that we had stopped walking 

 and that everyone had rushed right past us but 

 it did not matter because in that moment it was 

 just you and I.

    I hadn’t realised that we had stopped walking

    and that the world had rushed right past us but

    I did not care because in that moment all I needed

    was you and I.


 I turned to face you and said, “you’re way too

 tall, I can’t even speak without yelling,” and I 

 stood on my tip-toes and you put your forehead

 on mine.

    You turned to face me and said that I was way too

    tall and I laughed and said that you were way too

    small and I put my forehead on yours because I

    longed to live inside your brain and build a home in

    your thoughts .


 Your eyes met mine and you put your hand on

 the nape of my neck and traced the outline of 

 my jaw with your thumb and you said, “you’re

 beautiful, you know that?” and I said that I wasn’t

 and you smiled and said “shut up.”

    Your eyes met mine and I put my hand on the nape

    of your neck and traced the outline of your jaw with

    my thumb, and I could feel your muscles stiffen and

    your insides shiver, and I told you you were beautiful

    but you didn’t believe me.


 I said, “people are watching.” And you said “let them.”

    You said, “people are watching,” and I said, “let them.”


 I wanted to stay in your eyes forever and swim in 

 the depths of you, you lit up my insides like fireworks.

    I wanted to get lost in your eyes and drown in the depths 

    of your soul, you lit up my insides like fireworks.


 Your lips met mine and I could feel you all over my 

 body, in my bones and in my veins, and filling the 

 space between one heartbeat and the next.

    Your lips met mine and I could feel you radiating through

    my body from my toes to my fingertips wrapping 

    yourself around each cell in my body.


 I said, “people are staring.” And you said, “let them.”

So we did.