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How can I stop comparing myself to others?

It’s a choice hun. You have to make a cognitive choice to stop comparing yourself. Celebrate the difference in others and take time to appreciate yourself. Choose to stop.

pParenTs advice sSucks!

Tweek: Ugh my paReNts don’t know how to give gooD adVIce at aLL!

Craig: what did they do this time

Tweek: you knNow how you fFigured out how I -ngh- s-sSaid something about mMackeys ass? So I came hHome and my parent’s werE like ‘wHy are you so red’?  and aLL, so I tTold them I saID somethIng y-years ago that I regret. So they were like
 “TweEk, you kKnow, your mmOther and I had a ssImilar issue. Back tHen, we too weRe young adUlts dIscovering ourselves. One dDay, we had sSex in the bathooM of WalMarT.”

Craig: …. yeah? And?


Craig: oh. (good)

Tweek: nNGh wWhat kind of stTUFF do your parents sSay?

Craig: “craig if you don’t stop being gay in the house im cutting off a testicle.”

Tweek: …. guess i cCant complain

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what do u think about Scoups picking Nicki minaj as his ideal type?? I thought it was so cool bc so many put down Nicki and a lot of idols usually go for the skinniest whitest person they can find as an ideal type. But Scoups just plainly saying he admired nickis rapping and admired her curves and tan skin hit a chord in me idk

I LOVE THIS! Regardless of someone liking Nicki or not I think we all must admit this statement was amazing.

First of all, as you mentioned - her appearance is very different from korean standard of  beauty and let’s admit it koreans are mostly pretty shallow when it comes to that sttuff. Both body type and skin tone, even facial traits.

Secondly, while most idols really focus on looks only when choosing ideal type he pointed out why he chose Minaj -  she’s professional in work she does and passionate on stage. He looks for more than mere appearance.

And last but definately not least - Nicki Minaj is well-known as a feminist, activist, not affraid to speak up about many issues. Maybe I read too much into his choice but it might also mean he is not affraid of strong women and doesn’t look for someone submissive, obedient and quiet. 

I am just so in love with his choice and I’m not even a fan of her.