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US! And UF! Skelebro dating headcanons?

Got some herehere and here 

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UF Sans

  • Sharp kisses.
  • Bites in his sleep. But only lightly.
  • If you don’t finish your food he will eat it. He eats everything. Please ask him to burshs his theet before kissing or you might taste some garbage.
  • Will do that thing where he kisses you while your chewing gum and steal your gum.
  • Gross Boy ™
  • But also nice. Very soft and cuddly.

UF Papyrus

  • Angry and edgy on the outside, soft an loveable on the inside.
  • Will cook for you and let you taste his new recipes first.
  • Wraps around you like a vine when you cuddle.
  • Sometimes lifts you like a liftingweight just for fun. He’s actually not that strong, so it’s hard. But he want’s to impress you.
  • His kisses are a bit uncoordinated, but otherwise good. He migth poke you with his cheekbones or theet sometimes though.

US Sans

  • Softest boy, cuddles with you all the time and jsut squishes his face into your body.
  • Plays puzzle Videogames together with you, like Proffesor Layton. It#s a single player game, but you both solve the puzzl together. He will cry like a babybones at the end though, the sttorys are always so sad.
  • Might seems like the ost innocent person you ever meet, but he isn’t. He has drank, smoked and used swears before. He just doesn’t like the taste, smell and sound. still swears and drinks from time to time though.
  • Gets even clingier when drunk, it seems impossible but it happens.
  • If somebody fucks with you he won’t stand back. He will try to be civil and friendly at first, but man he will fuck that person up if he has to. Spitting in faces and spanking people with shoes are just the start.

US Papyrus

  • God he’s lazy. But if it’s something he cares about he will actually put effort into it.
  • So dates might seem like a hassel, but after you finallyget him out of the house he will be pretty into it. If you get him to a nature histor museeum for a date he will be as active as you have never seen him before. He will swoon over anything biologie related so hard, you might get jeallous.
  • Will take pictures of you while you sleep and use them as his screensaver.
  • Will also change your ringtone to something embarrassing or weird from time to time. You have never known true fear if you haven’t been woken up by buzzing and a loud, creepy laugther at 3 am. He will jsut look at you with a ,“whats wrong babe?”, before bursting into laugther.