Please Do Not Touch (Sniper/Spy)

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Rating: Explicit (NSFW)

Summary:  In which Sniper is a little tied up and Spy has a thing for showing off.

His mind was awake, but for a long time he couldn’t gather what was going on. It was pitch black when he opened his eyes, his body felt numb, and vague sensations pricked at his flesh. Whatever time he’d fallen asleep, he must have been exhausted to not even remember going to bed. He tried to move his arm, only to find that he couldn’t. When it dawned upon him that his limbs were bound and he was sitting upright in a chair, he seized and pulled, grunting against the restraints. Instinctively he used his whole body to resist but nothing gave. His heart was quickly pumping more and more icy blood through him, and his lungs began to constrict. He was trapped, and he couldn’t remember how or why. He panicked, he couldn’t even see where he was, and there was no telling how long he had been sitting there. He tried to rock the seat, shifting his weight hazardously from side to side, but quickly found that whatever he was sitting in was bolted to the floor. He was truly snared, and whoever did it has clearly done it before.

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