Autographs I have within the anime/cosplaying community thanks to conventions

J. Michael Tantum (Eneru, France, Sebastian)

Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic)

Troy Baker (Booker DeWitt, Joker, Two-Face, Delsin Rowe, Joel, Yuri Lowell, Erron Black, Shinnok, Snow, Kanji Tatsumi, Robin)

Darrel Guilbeau (Amaimon, Mikado Ryugamine, Viewtiful Joe)

Trina Nishimura (Mikasa Ackerman, Ran Mao)

Ashley Burch (Tiny Tina, Sasha Braus)

Erica Mendez (Ryuko Matoi, Aladdin, Pac-Man)

Lucien Dodge (Ja'far, Waver Velvet, Blue)

Knightmage (amazing cosplayer)

Haiden Hazard (amazing cosplayer)

MysteryBen? (well-known for the “Ghost” and “Turntable Turnabout” music videos)

Leah Clark (Murmur, Blair the witch, Coby, Miss Doublefinger, Jiji, Ayanokouji, Rin)

Austin Tindle (Ken Kaneki, Marco Bodt, Karma)

Jad Saxton (Clara, Yuki, Hatchin, Haruna, Eve Genoard, Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré)

Cherami Leigh (Lucy, Asuna, Road, Lizzie, Patty) 

Ian Sinclair (Whis, Brook, Bardroy, Romano, Toriko, Dandy, Akane Hoshi, Worick Arcangelo)

Eric Vale (Sanji, Trunks, Yuki, Sohma, America, Canada, Kanta)

Paul St. Peter (Nine-Tailed Fox, Xemnas, Jorgun, Wamuu)

Chuck Huber (Android 17, Austria, Mohji, Stein)

Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars, Alex)

Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter)

Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon)

Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask)

I have many more to go! 

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That's crazy I never knew that! Do you have any other interesting roles of the actors?

Well the big one I know that always seems to surprise people is that Marluxia and Bloo from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends share the same voice actor. Mac from the same show is also Pence.

- Mod D.


A lot of the voice actors coincidentally have history together in Digimon.

Off the top of my head, Derek Stephen Prince (Vexen) was also Ken, Veemon, Demidevimon, Piedmon, Impmon, and Beelzemon; Paul St. Peter (Xemnas) was Leomon, Apocalymon, Wormmon, and Diaboromon; Kirk Thornton (Saix) was Gabumon and Mummymon; and Richard Epcar (Ansem) was Myotismon.

Meanwhile, Vincent Corazza (Zexion) was Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon.

- Mod A.


In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, one of the main characters, Joseph Joestar, is voiced by Ben Diskin (Young Xehanort) as a teenager and then voiced by Richard Epcar (Xehanort) when he grows up.

There are then only Four Canonical Gospels, and the Church proves them to be so by the teaching and tradition of the Apostles. For S. Peter gave his sanction to the Gospel of S. Mark, S. Paul to that of S. Luke, the Apostles unitedly to that of S. Matthew, for when they were about to go away to their several provinces they carried it with them. All the Bishops of Asia, and the rest of the faithful are witnesses to the Gospel of S. John. Origen and S. Jerome, cite the authorities for these statements.

Cornelius A’ Lapide


The bells toll at St Peter and St Pauls Church.  It’s 12pm and people are having their after mass brunch in Montague Park Food store.

This tinto colour building in South Melbourne houses a tiny café with a delicious brunch menu and soy lattes… good way to start Sunday.

A post a day until the "mirage" date.

I swear, getting this info was on of the hardest tasks of my life!! I mean, taking the time to google search BC wedding and clicking the first link can take a lot out of a simple gal like me! They are soooo private, I’m surprised there’s any info at all about their nuptials. Much less the fact they didn’t get flowers or baked goods from IoW.


Get the Details on Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter’s Wedding


On an English island once favored by Queen Victoria, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter wed in a tasteful affair fit for a titled resident of Downton Abbey.

On Saturday, the duo exchanged vows at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Mottistone, England. The location is a medieval church dating back to the 12th century.

Mottistone is located on the Isle of Wight, England’s largest island and the former home of famed poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson, as well as Queen Victoria, who built a summer residence there with her husband, Prince Albert.

“It’s a beautiful setting and very old English, very quaint and pretty,” a local tells PEOPLE of the church where they swapped vows on Valentine’s Day. “The church is not that big … I would say maybe 100 people maximum would fit in there.”

About 40 guests were seen arriving at the church Saturday along with several limousines around the Mottistone estate. (TFOE: How inconspicuous of them. No one will notice several limousines just parked around a church. I mean, going to church these days is pretty much a black tie affair.)

The couple did not use the church’s organist to play for the wedding. Locals confirmed that they didn’t use the church’s florist or a Mottistone baker.

Night Before the Wedding

The Isle of Wight County Press reports that the The Imitation Game actor and Oscar nominee, 38, spent Friday evening at the Royal Yacht Squadron in nearby Cowes, a prestigious yacht club that counts Queen Elizabeth II as a patron. Prince Philip serves as the club’s admiral, according to the squadron’s official website. (TFOE: Do you see how private they are! I mean, they must’ve been so furtive to make the “sources” aware where the bubbling groom was going on his last night as a slightly free man. That, or the “sources” are a lot less discreet than one would think.)

The private-members club is a roughly 30 minute drive from the church.

“It’s a private members club and very private so I’m sure it was perfect for him,” islander Ross Findon told PEOPLE. (TFOE: Much perfect, so private! I mean, it’s not like anyone found out the exact PRIVATE MEMBER CLUB BC BC had his stag do. Especially not the one where supposed royalty goes and manage to scrape by with little to no publication in the news)

Representatives for the Royal Yacht Squadron were not available for comment.

The Reception

After the ceremony, the couple and their guests headed to a reception at adjacent Mottistone Manor, which is now owned by the country’s National Trust.

The 650-acre estate holds historical significance as it was first mentioned in Britain’s famed Domesday Book, a survey of England dating back to 1086. (Yes, you read that correctly.) The oldest parts of the home that currently stands on the estate date back to the 15th century.

“It’s a beautiful place and the gardens are very picturesque,” Findon who spotted the groom in nearby Cowes just last weekend, tells PEOPLE. “There are sprawling lawns surrounding by roses, a nearby woodland with a stunning bluebell meadow that is really special. It’s a very romantic little spot.” (TFOE: The groom, doing a spot on job being spotted the week before the wedding, letting the locals get a quick taste of what was to come the Saturday next.)

A local tells PEOPLE Hunter’s family is related to the Nicholsons, who once owned Mottistone Manor and now live on the estate as tenants.(TFOE: That local seems to know a bit about SH’s family line…o…kay)

“Sophie is one of the Nicholsons, which is why they have chosen to have it here,” the local source says. “The Nicholson family used to own the manor until they sold it to the National Trust … It’s a beautiful house.”(TFOE: They seem to know a lot about SH’s family line and the property they owned)

Another local tells PEOPLE that Sophie’s great grandmother, also named Sophie, is the sister of first Lord Mottistone, General Jack Seely, the famous World War I hero and friend of Winston Churchill. Current tenant Lord Charles Nicholson has a house in Hampshire and not there all the time. His father used to live there permanently after he retired.(TFOE: Basically, all the locals were given flyers with this info a month before big day so even the little bairns knew what war her ancestor fought in.)

Yet in traditional British fashion, locals aren’t making a giant fuss about the couple’s hush-hush nuptials.

(TFOE: are they fucking serious!!!! Omg!! Almost 80% of this article is about what the LOCALS have said and shares with a magazine!! Of fucking course they aren’t making a big fuss. Absolutely not. It’s normal to have the fricking locals know SH’s back story, the history of the church where it concerns the connections to HRH SH, and where BC had his “stag do,” and the person of most note that goes there. I’m done. Seriously. I know this article is almost a year old but DAMN do people have to be blind to believe BC and SH are private people if the supposed private locals know almost every detail of the most secretive wedding ever.)

“Honestly people just aren’t that bothered about it, so there’s been no big ‘talk of the town’ or anything like that,” says the source.(TFOE: says the source that also happens to be a local it seems and is pretty much making it evident it is the talk of the town)

However, the source says locals have spotted “deliveries coming and going” on “lorries” (that’s trucks to us Americans).(TFOE: No biggie! “Spotting” the delivery trucks going to the wedding site is something everyone needs to know if they don’t really care about the wedding they’re “spilling the beans” on. That’s the proper way of keeping the wedding he sooooo desperately wanted to keep private and accomplished it by making it so obvious even the sniffer dogs could smell the fake!)

“The manor is right opposite the church so it will be very private,” the source adds, “which I’m sure was the intention.”

The Guests

Well-dressed guests were seen making their way to the reception after the church ceremony. This included actor Tom Hiddleston, who was seen in traditional morning dress while walking alongside a woman in a red ensemble.(TFOE: Do you, per chance, happen to know what color socks THiddy was wearing? I would really like to know. Or is that not private enough and you can only tell me what color boxer/briefs he was wearing, if any?)

Cumberbatch’s Sherlock nemesis, Andrew Scott, was also spotted at the event. Other guests included Guy Garvey, the lead singer of Elbow, playwright Polly Stenham, actor Tobias Menzies and James Rhodes, a pianist and longtime friend of Cumberbatch.(TFOE: Ah, this right here is what I would like to call “Look how they name BC’s friends because no one really knows who SH’s friends are besides the artsy people that follow their work and they need people to understand and care about why they’re reporting on this very private wedding for the A-lister and his Z-lister wife”)

One famous Brit who wasn’t there was Dame Judi Dench.

The actress, 80, was in London promoting her upcoming movie The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, says she hopes Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are having a “lovely day.”

Dench has known Cumberbatch since he was “tiny” as she was at Central School of Music and Drama with his mother.Talking as grey skies and showers hovered over London and the south of England, she tells PEOPLE, “I wish they’d had a better day. I hear it’s on the Isle of Wight – well, that’s lovely. I expect they’re having a lovely day anyway.”

St.Peter and St.Paul’s Church (Петропавловская церковь) #Moscow (at Храм Петра и Павла в Лефортово)


Peter and Paul Cathedral - where almost all the Russian Tsars are laid to rest.

This is the most arresting building within the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Not exactly the most beautiful or memorable, but it’s a place with a great sense of history.

Also took a pic of some Russian easter eggs (inside the souvenir shops) because it reminds me of the beautiful creations inside the Fabergé museum.