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P1220216 St Lucia (97) by archaeologist_d
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St Lucia, Caribbean

July 3 is the Feast of All Holy Popes

  1. St. Peter (32-67)
  2. St. Linus (67-76)
  3. St. Anacletus (Cletus) (76-88)
  4. St. Clement I (88-97)
  5. St. Evaristus (97-105)
  6. St. Alexander I (105-115)
  7. St. Sixtus I (115-125)
  8. St. Telesphorus (125-136)
  9. St. Hyginus (136-140)
  10. St. Pius I (140-155)
  11. St. Anicetus (155-166)
  12. St. Soter (166-175)
  13. St. Eleutherius (175-189)
  14. St. Victor I (189-199)
  15. St. Zephyrinus (199-217)
  16. St. Callistus I (217-22)
  17. St. Urban I (222-30)
  18. St. Pontain (230-35)
  19. St. Anterus (235-36)
  20. St. Fabian (236-50)
  21. St. Cornelius (251-53)
  22. St. Lucius I (253-54)
  23. St. Stephen I (254-257)
  24. St. Sixtus II (257-258)
  25. St. Dionysius (260-268)
  26. St. Felix I (269-274)
  27. St. Eutychian (275-283)
  28. St. Caius (283-296)
  29. St. Marcellinus (296-304)
  30. St. Marcellus I (308-309)
  31. St. Eusebius (309 or 310)
  32. St. Miltiades (311-14)
  33. St. Sylvester I (314-35)
  34. St. Marcus (336)
  35. St. Julius I (337-52)
  36. St. Damasus I (366-83)
  37. St. Siricius (384-99)
  38. St. Anastasius I (399-401)
  39. St. Innocent I (401-17)
  40. St. Zosimus (417-18)
  41. St. Boniface I (418-22)
  42. St. Celestine I (422-32)
  43. St. Sixtus III (432-40)
  44. St. Leo I (the Great) (440-61)
  45. St. Hilarius (461-68)
  46. St. Simplicius (468-83)
  47. St. Felix III (II) (483-92)
  48. St. Gelasius I (492-96)
  49. St. Symmachus (498-514)
  50. St. Hormisdas (514-23)
  51. St. John I (523-26)
  52. St. Felix IV (III) (526-30)
  53. St. Agapetus I (535-36)
  54. St. Silverius (536-37)
  55. St. Gregory I (the Great) (590-604)
  56. St. Boniface IV (608-15)
  57. St. Deusdedit (Adeodatus I) (615-18)
  58. St. Martin I (649-55)
  59. St. Eugene I (655-57)
  60. St. Vitalian (657-72)
  61. St. Agatho (678-81)
  62. St. Leo II (682-83)
  63. St. Benedict II (684-85)
  64. St. Sergius I (687-701)
  65. St. Gregory II (715-31)
  66. St. Gregory III (731-41)
  67. St. Paul I (757-67)
  68. St. Leo III (795-816)
  69. St. Paschal I (817-24)
  70. St. Leo IV (847-55)
  71. St. Adrian III (884-85)
  72. St. Leo IX (1049-54)
  73. St. Celestine V (1294)
  74. St. Pius V (1566-72)
  75. St. Pius X (1903-14)
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I’m going on tour for Library of Souls!!! The book comes out September 22 and I go on a five-city tour starting Sept 28. Info below!

*** Note! All events are either ticketed or require a wristband. Every ticket purchase includes a copy of Library of Souls. The earlier you buy your ticket, the better your spot in the signing line! ***

WHEN: Monday 9/28 at 6pm
WHERE: Barnes and Noble Tribeca, 97 Warren St, NYC
WHAT: LAUNCH EVENT!!! We’ll talk all things Miss Peregrine & Library of Souls, we’ll have book and movie swag giveaways, and I’ll premiere an exclusive, not-available-on-the-Internet behind the scenes video I shot on the set of the Miss Peregrine’s movie. Come out and freak out!
HOW TO GET TICKETS: a wristband is needed for the event, call the store for details: 212-587-5389

WHEN: Tuesday, 9/29 at 7pm
WHERE: Stratford High School auditorium (hosted by Blue Willow Bookshop)
WHAT: me in conversation with the lovely and talented Tahereh Mafi
HOW TO GET TICKETS: they can be purchased in advance online from Blue Willow books HERE ( or you can call the store (281) 497-8675

WHEN: Thursday, 9/30 at 7pm
WHERE: Wentz Auditorium (hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop)
171 East Chicago Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540
WHAT: Me and Ryan from SLEEPING AT LAST (who will perform live!!)
HOW TO GET TICKETS: they are available from Anderson’s Bookshop’s website ( or you can call the store at (630)355-2665

WHEN: Friday 10/2 at 7pm
WHERE: Exact location TBA, hosted by Little Shop of Stories
WHAT: A peculiar costume ball hosted by three excellent BookTubers: Jesse the Reader, XtineMay and Katietastic!! Come dressed as your favorite peculiar or make up your own peculiarity. (Costumes encouraged but of course not mandatory. Oh and there will be a PRIZE OF SOME KIND for most excellent costume!)
HOW TO GET TICKETS: you must CALL the bookstore (like ON THE PHONE) or go there in person: (404)373-6300.

WHEN: Saturday 10/3 at 2pm
WHERE: Barnes and Noble at the Grove
189 the Grove Drive, LA, CA 90036
WHAT: An event featuring special surprise guests who I cannot name just yet! We’ll also have book and movie giveaways and show behind the scenes video from the Miss Peregrine movie set!
HOW TO GET TICKETS: You need a wristband for entry. Wristbands can be picked up on the day of the event only, starting at 9am. To claim a wristband you must buy a copy of Library of Souls from the bookstore, OR have already bought one from a Barnes and Noble or (be sure and bring your receipt to get a wristband). For more info call the store at (323)525-0270.

Don’t live in one of the five cities the tour is coming to? (But DO live in the continental US?) You could win a trip for two to any one of the five tour stops! To enter, take a photo of yourself as a peculiar (a character from one of the books or one you make up yourself) and upload it to Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr with the #staypeculiar hashtag. **ALSO PLEASE GO TO and check out the terms and conditions! (They are not onerous.)**

The BookTubers and I will pick a winner based on creativity and style! The deadline for entry is midnight on September 1, so get cracking!

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Charleston Improvement Corp. Houses (1906-07), view03, 93-99 Church St, Charleston, SC, USA by Steve Minor
Via Flickr:
Charleston est. 1670, pop. 127,999 (2013) • No. 97 Church St • parcel of land formerly owned by the Charleston Hydraulic Press Company (1874), a large industrial complex during the last half of the 19th c. • purchased by Charleston Improvement Corporation, 1906 • led by businessman Tristram T. Hyde (1862-1931), later mayor of Charleston) • constructed mid-sized houses throughout Charleston, 1906-1930 • this was the company’s most extensive development • similar Queen Anne style gable ends & front piazzas varied slightly with double-tiered porches at No. 93 (now gone) & No. 97, pedimented entries & side piazzas at No. 95 & No. 99 Charleston Historic District, National Register # 66000964, 1969 • declared National Historic Landmark District, 1973