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In two days, StaraccuserWeek will finally be here! Isn’t that fantastic?!
Here is again how it will work:

  • Each day of the week has an own prompt:
    Monday, May 29th: Swapping/Switching
    Tuesday, May 30th: Bound
    Wednesday, May 31st: Childhood/Kids
    Thursday, June 1st: First Times
    Friday, June 2nd: Differences & Similarities
    Saturday, June 3rd:
    The 80s
    Sunday, June 4th:
    Creator’s Choice
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DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 41: Manuela Kraller
Born: August 31st, 1981 (Germany)

Bands/Projects: Haggard (live 2008 – 2010); Nagor Mar (2007 - 2009); Xandria (2010 – 2013); Solo (2013 – present)

Collaborations: Voices of Destiny (2014); Dark Sarah (2015, 2016)

Manuela began her musical life in 2005 at the age of 23 while singing in a Finnish choir group, and discovered her new passion was singing.
She began to take classical singing lessons and sang in more church and gospel choirs, and was soon asked to become a solo singer.
Kraller grew up with rock and metal music, and wanted to combine it with her classical background, and so began singing rock and metal music songs.
She was inspired by symphonic metal bands. She claims Tarja Turunen, Nightwish, Kamelot and Within Temptation to be among her personal favorites.

sunshinepond  asked:

31, han x leia? :)

“things you said while i cried in your arms…”

silence. the whole room was held quite except for the soft whimpers held in the air. two souls bound by love holding each other for dear life. tears sprinkled down wrinkled cheeks, soft whispers passing by the older mans lips. consoling his beautiful wife. her face still gleamed with her younger beauty though her age was showing, she was still a stunning sight none the less.

“he’s gone…i can feel it,” she choked on her words, voice growing weaker. her head was bounding and her soul faltering on the reach for her son. his grandfathers genetics seeping in. she could feel the evil consuming his being.

“he’ll come to his senses.”

“i dont think he will..”

shushed with a kiss to the forehead and sweet nothings in her ear, she greeted slumber.

“i know he will.”


DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 12: Cadaveria
Born: May 31st, 1972 (Italy)

Bands/Projects: Opera IX (1992 – 2001); Cadaveria (2001 – present); DyNabyte (2001 – present)

Collaborations: Mechanical God Crestion (2010); Theatres des Vampires (2011); Riul Doamnei (2013)

She is an Italian musician famous for being one of the first women to enter the extreme metal scene in the early 1990s.

DAY 3230

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Jan 31,  2017                     Tue 9:55 am

Birthday - EF - Valentina Ivanovna/Ef Sourav Banerjee  … and so we celebrate the birthdays of two of our own today the 31 st of January .. my wishes .. as also the wishes of the entire Ef family .. love and happiness always ..

There is no wonder, no astonished embrace, that likens your interest in days gone by .. ideally we profess that we need to look ahead instead of back .. but when we get reminded by the gallant efforts of some of our dear Ef, we commit ourselves to acknowledge, what we may never have done or remembered .. so while the memory lasts and lasts well .. a revert to those times and events .. 

rehearsing for a stage show .. location .. on a stage of course .. but but .. no .. where and which city or country unknown .. could obviously be out of India, looking at these lovely ladies rehearsing with me .. but where ..?

Concerts and my involvement in them began and was initiated by me in 1981/83 .. Lata ji, the goddess of song and music was on a tour of the US in 1981 .. in those days concerts included a stage show of our Music Directors along with their play back singers and a limited orchestra who would perform live of stage with their film music .. that was it .. no artists went .. or were called .. or were ever asked to perform .. at the most on a rare occasion, if a prominent artist happened to be in the country of the concert on a private visit, they would oblige the music director by coming on to the stage and introducing the show .. no more .. a few seconds and out ..

Lata ji, came to know that I was either visiting New York, or was there and requested me to come and introduce her on stage .. INTRODUCE, Lata Mangeshkar .. !!! Goodness, that was like having the audacity to introduce the world to the Sun .. But .. there it is .. I went to meet her at her rehearsal in NYC .. she as always was extremely warm affectionate and welcoming .. and threw a bomb .. !

I had recently just recorded my song from Lawaris ‘mere angane mein..’, rather badly, for Prakash ji, and Lata ji knew of it. She asked me to sing that song for her show .. 

ME ..? sing a song at a Lata Mangeshkar Show .. ???!!!!!

NOOOOOOOOO .. !! Lata ji , this will not be possible .. I am no singer no  .. bad idea .. please please let me go  … Mummy !!! I want to go home .. !!!!

But she did not relent and I was on ..

The introduction happened .. and then a while later back on stage - the Felt Forum , a 3500,  smaller auditorium seater in the main Madison Square Garden - and ‘mere angane mein ..’ 

AND … errmm hmmm .. kind of .. MAYHEM MMM .. !! People dancing in the aisles, some ladies the younger lot climbing on to the stage .. and well, smart managers brain ticking and next thing they have organised an entire 12 city concert only for AB ..

That was the initiation of the Film Industry shows on stage .. and look what it has become today .. or did thereafter ..  I stopped after 1983 .. too much apprehension and too scared to get up there and perform .. playing to crowds on immense magnitude in foreign lands when they are so used to seeing the greats in their own country and of such professional and creative talents .. but it happened .. New York the big Madison Square Garden, New Jersey and the Giants Stadium, LA, Sfciso, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Houston, London, Amsterdam, Trinidad & Tobago, Durban, Johannesburg, Far East, Middle East .. just endless ..

LIVE on stage with a film artist was never done before .. so me singing dancing, dialogues, the works .. was a first .. then all the industry followed .. the magnitude of Madison Square, Giants Stadium, Wembley Stadium, Toronto Leafs, Durban Football .. these were locations never done before and done to capacity - some day this needs to be talked of at length ..

Why do I get the feeling that I have already disclosed this before .. hmm ..

Shows on stage opened up an entire industry .. performers, dancers, creatives for stage design, managers and event company’s .. which then transferred all that to the film Award shows, shows on stage for launches, of various non film events too .. product launches, brands, the entire works .. dancing schools for dancers, stage management lighting creatives etc ., its an entire industry now .. marriages and sangeets   … ufff .. just endless ..

Dear me .. what a lot of writing on just one random photograph ..

 …. and this .. the Indian winner of the Heavy Weight Boxing division of the 1982 Asian Games, in Delhi .. they asked me present him the Gold Medal .. an honour and a great privilege .. I sat and cheered him on at the event .. I was in a farm in Delhi convalescing after my 1982 COOLIE accident .. had also given my voice over for the Asian Games introduction commentary that was played at the opening ceremony ..

The pose is a copy of what Muhammad Ali, the Greatest boxer ever, did to me, and many others that met him, when I went to Ali’s Beverly Hills home in Los Angeles on a private visit …

… and this is with Premji .. the very prominent Producer of the times .. he produced .. MAJBOOR .. the film where I suffer a brain illness .. either the films’ Premiere, or another public function .. wearing dark glasses at night was another deliberate attempt at just getting ‘cunny’ (  pronounced  “kan_nii” a hindi colloquial term, meaning trying desperately to be smart !!! ) .. hehehahaha !

For now its packers .. see ya later .. perhaps .. !!??

Amitabh Bachchan

a playlist for when it’s a beautiful sunny day outside but you still need some sad-ish vibes. or something.

tracklist 1 somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world israel kamakawiwo’ole 2 heartbreak hotel elvis presley 3 apple pie bed lawrence arabia 4 summerboy lady gaga 5 settle down kimbra 6 i’ve smoked too much lawrence arabia 7 it’s tough to have a crush when the boy doesn’t feel the same way you do ok go 8 monday, monday the mamas and the papas 9 seventeen marina and the diamonds 10 only happy when it rains garbage 11 brown eyes lady gaga 12 complicated rihanna 13 white teeth teens lorde 14 you got yr. cherry bomb spoon 15 underwear pulp 16 pawn shop blues lana del rey 17 swingin’ party lorde 18 i love you always travis 19 kill monsters in the rain steel train 20 suspicious minds elvis presley 21 summertime sadness lana del rey 22 to the end blur 23 flowers in the window travis 24 lying in the sun stereophonics 25 pull my hair bright eyes 26 cherry pie sade 27 rock ‘n’ roll suicide david bowie 28 this is what makes us girls lana del rey 29 sylvia pulp 30 cheerleader st. vincent 31 california king bed rihanna 32 white rabbit jefferson airplane 33 california dreamin’ the mamas and the papas 34 people folk tunng 35 teen idle marina and the diamonds 36 since i told you it’s over stereophonics 37 dust in the wind kansas

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