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When the Lord strikes you with sore affliction or sickness, or misfortune, then be assured that He will also truly send you consolation, and will afterwards bestow upon you the grace of peace, strength, and joy corresponding to your previous sufferings. For ‘the Lord is full of compassion and mercy, long-suffering, and of great goodness. He will not alway be chiding; neither keepeth He his anger forever. He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our wickednesses.
—  St. John of Kronstadt

Welcome to the Desire Drive→ A celebration of all things related to Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires. The sole purpose of this event is to increase the amount of fan-content related to Ten Desires, and compile it together for the community to enjoy.

➤But how to participate? Simple!
Simply post your original Ten Desires Fan-Content from October 1st, 2017 to October 31st, 2017, and tag your works with “Desire Drive”. That’s literally it! We’ll reblog any art in the Desire Drive tag that does not break our rules.

➤And what are these rules?
➝Safe for Work ONLY. No sexual content or extreme violence.
➝All works must be original to the poster. No plagiarism, tracing, or art theft allowed.
➝All pieces must focus on either characters or locations from Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires. Other characters/locations are certainly allowed, but the focus must be on Ten Desires. 

And that’s it! The Desire Drive is meant as a fun activity that anyone can participate in! We look forward to your submissions, and if you have any questions, our ask box is always open!

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Biblical evidence for St. Peter being the first pope.

+Among the Twelve Apostles, Peter’s name is mentioned the most, being 195 times in New Testament, while the next one, St. John, is mentioned 29 times.

+Whenever the apostles are all listed by name as a group, Peter’s name is always mentioned first, while Judas, the Lord’s betrayer, is always mentioned last.

+There are times when the apostles aren’t called by names but instead we see phrases like “Peter and the others,” which indicates that Simon Peter represented the college of apostles.

+Matthew 16: 18-19

+Jesus called Peter to come out of the boat and walk on water (Matt. 14: 25-33)

+Jesus Christ preached to the crowds from Simon Peter’s fishing boat.

+St. John waited for St. Peter to enter the empty tomb of Christ (John 20:6)

+Luke 22:31-32

+St. Peter preaches the first post-Pentecost sermon

+St. Peter performed the first miracle (Acts 3:1-10)

+God delivers revelation to Peter that Gentiles could now enter the Church without the need to observe Jewish Kosher food laws, and this teaching Peter made binding on the whole Church at the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15.

+St. Paul checked in with St. Peter before starting his public ministry.

‘My life was so wretched, it must be changed, or I must die.  After a season of darkness and struggling, light broke and relief fell: my cramped existence all at once spread out to a plain without bounds–my powers heard a call from heaven to rise, gather their full strength, spread their wings, and mount beyond ken.’
—  Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

Maidens: A theory

Winter: creation= Weiss creates glyphs, ice and creatures with her semblance. (This one was easy lol)

Summer: destruction= Yangs strategy in battle (so far) has been smashing her targets to bits and pieces, mostly due to her semblance. Fire, (I burn etc.) is also commonly associated with … well, destruction.

Spring: knowledge= This one was tricky, but as I said, the current spring maiden and Blake are both known for running away (for different reasons perhaps) but the way Leo said it felt like forshadowing?? Idk.

Fall: choice= Wich leaves us with Ruby. For starters, she’s pretty much destined to fight Cinder, the current fall maiden. Also if it’s any indication, her birthday is October 31'st which is literally in the middle of fall. Also that comment Jaune made in volume 4… “You’re still here. Despite everything you’ve lost, you CHOSE to come out here. Because you felt like you could make a difference.”

I’m getting emotional hehe

Things are getting spooky in the library! B.A.P Library’s Halloween writing event!


October 11th-17th:

  • Something wicked this way comes
  • “You’re dressing up as what?”
  • “I don’t think that person is wearing a costume…run!”
  • A member takes the last bag of candy at the store and the trick-or-treaters will be at your door in an hour.
  • “Zombies don’t really eat brains…right?”
  • A spell gone wrong.

October 18th-24th:

  • Haunted house
  • Pumpkin carving
  • “Why do you have a jack-o-lantern stuck on your head?”
  • Cemetery spooks
  • Ghosts
  • Monsters – friend or foe?

October 25th-31st:

  • Vampires, werewolves, and witches, oh my!
  • Trick-or-treat!
  • “Stop eating all my candy.”
  • “Your costume is too scary; it’s making the kids cry.”
  • A cabin in the middle of the woods.
  • A Halloween party with uninvited guests.

How to participate:

  • Open to any writer of B.A.P, regardless of if you are a member of B.A.P library or not.
  • Tag your Halloween prompted fics with ‘spookybap’ to be reblogged onto the network.
  • Write any or all prompts for the given week. You could even combine them in one story!
  • Be creative! Make it spooky, humorous, or terrifying!
  • Have fun~
October 31st.

Characters: Fili x Reader

Summary: Fili isn’t a fan of the 31st of October but after a couple of memorable Halloweens it may turn out to be one of his favourite holidays.

Word Count: 1363 words

Prompt: Scary Movies and ‘So… could I stay with you tonight?’

A/N: This is my contribution to the amazing @sdavid09 and her annual Tale Teller’s Fright Night challenge.  I’m afraid this isn’t very scary, just fluffy but I hope that’s okay.  

Fili always hated Halloween, and not just because his brother pulled the same dumb pranks every year, but when he looked across the boisterous party crowd he felt the world tilt.  The light behind you cast an angelic glow around your form and his heart paused as your eyes crinkled with laughter at something his brother had said. Everything was in a beautiful slow motion, your movements languid as you brought your hand up to your chest, still laughing, looking so carefree and perfect to his eyes.  The way your hair fell around your face had his fingers itching to run through each lock, a burning sensation in his chest was his bodies way of reminding him of the need to breathe.  And as he inhaled it was as if reality flooded back in, everything returned to its normal speed and the deafening cacophony of the party crashed over him.  That was all it had taken.  That one, brief moment for him to know.  

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October 18: Halloweentown (1998)

Probably one of the best DCOM movies during it’s late 90s/early 00s hayday. It’s without a doubt in my top three. It was an original idea, especially for the targetted audience, which I was definitely part of. And what kid doesn’t want to visit a place like Halloweentown?

It’s pretty cool that Kimberly J. Brown (who played Marnie) has visited St. Helens in Oregon, where the first Halloweentown movie was filmed, several times over the past couple of years. Just the other day (October 14, 2017) the Spirit of Halloweentown Festival was held in St. Helens, where Brown and other co-stars reunited, with a special tribute to the late and incomparable, Debbie Reynolds, who played the role of Grandma Aggie. Rest in paradise, and thank you for inspiring all of us to embrace our weirdness and color outside the lines.