sts 133

The second X-37B USAF space plane being transported to pad 37 to be integrated with its Atlas 5 launch vehicle, February 2011. In the background we see LC-39 pad A with the Space shuttle Discovery preparing for its last flight, STS-133. The shuttle mission was, of course, successful, and the X-37 launched on 5th May 2011, returning to earth earlier this week.

submitted by asonlynasacan

Photo by me, on 2/24/2011 from The Space Walk of Fame Park in Titusville, FL. Discovery’s last flight, STS-133. I’m from Florida so I’ve seen a lot of shuttle launches from a distance, but this was my first genuine up-close launch. What an amazing day. I hung out with some of the awesome people who work at the The Space Walk of Fame Museum, and discussed space history, which is my passion. And of course seeing the launch…there were no words to describe it whatsoever; when it arcs above you and you hear the power of the vehicle it is nothing short of awe-inspiring. I am hoping to somehow wrangle a way to the last shuttle launch; I live about 4 hours out and I know it will be madness, but I don’t want to miss this.

I have some Space Shuttle NASA stuff from the 1980s (like pamphlets, etc.), I need to scan/photograph them…I got them when I was a budding little space nerd in the 1980s, and I wrote NASA - they sent TONS of books and brochures, which was amazing.