strymon timeline


I made a quick ambient jam, filmed on my phone.

Fender jazzmaster modern player > VPjr > TC polytune mini noir > boss OC-2 > walrus audio iron horse > adventure audio siamese growler > earthquaker talons > earthquaker dispatch master > strymon timeline > strymon big sky > (not pictured: TC ditto x2 and vpjr as expression pedal) > Mig 100 and avatar 2x12 

Submitted by bringforththelight

Noice! I was rocking a Sovtek MIG100 into an Avatar 4x12 for a second there. Great setup and an awesome board to boot. So rad. 


Here is the video of Dan of theGigRig explaining Ed’s new board, then discussing it with Ed himself. The following is a thorough rundown of the setup.


  • Pedaltrain Grande

Signal Path

Signal order:

(Note that due to him using a switching unit, the actual position of the pedal’s on Ed’s board does not correspond to their position in his signal chain. They are arranged in the way that they are solely in order to fit them all onto the board.)

Guitar -> theGigRig Cinco Cinco Patchbay -> Fulltone Clyde Wah -> theGigRig G2* -> outputs ½/3
1. (Earth) -> Cinco Cinco Out1 -> Amp 1
2. (Iso) -> Cinco Cinco Out2 -> Amp 2
3. (Dry) -> theGigRig Hum Dinger - Cinco Cinco Out3 -> Amp 3

*theGigRig G2

  • TC Electronic Polytune 2 (tuner out - note the lack of any cables connected to the output)
  1. Dinosaural Opticompressor
  2. Klon Centaur
  3. CSL Super Fuzz
  4. Wampler Euphoria
    (Changed from the Crowther Hotcake after the board was “finished.”)
  5. Digitech Whammy V
  6. Diamond Tremolo (in a custom color)
  7. MXR Flanger + Remote Loopy 2
    (Ed turns off the Flanger to use the other effects, or can use both.)
  • (Volume Insert) Send -> Boss FV500 -> theGigRig Hum Dinger -> Vol Insert Return + Cinco Cinco Output 3

      8. Eventide H9 (likely used mainly as a reverb)
      9. Strymon Timeline (used as a looper and delay)
      10. EHX Deluxe Memory Man
    G2 Output 1 (Mono) -> Cinco Cinco Output 1
    G2 Output 2 -> Cinco Cinco Output 2

The Remote Loopy two is meant to allow Ed to play with new effects without having to pull the board apart. However, the main effects which will likely be used in the loops are the following:

  • Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
  • Korg A2(?)

Switching and Control Units, etc

  • Molten Voltage OZ (controls Strymon Timeline)
  • Molten Voltage Molten MIDI 5 (controls Digitech Whammy WH5)

  • theGigRig G2
  • G2 Bank Up Switch
  • theGigRig Remote Loopy 2

  • theGigRig Cinco Cinco Patchbay

Power Supply

  • theGigRig Modular Power Supply

    -Generator (supplies the power)

    -Distributor (sends power to the two isolators and the other adapters (such as Time Lord))


    -Isolator (powers most of the pedals)
    -9V Virtual Battery (for CSL Super Fuzz)
    -Doubler (for MXR Flanger)
-Time Lord (for Strymon Timeline)

    -Time Lord (for Digitech Whammy)

    -ElectroMan (for EHX Deluxe Memory Man)

    -Evenflo (for Eventide H9)


  • Evidence Audio SIS Solderless Cables (Cut by Dan of theGigRig to custom lengths.)

Pedal Settings
Marked as o'clock times. For example, a setting of 12 would be right in the center (pointing up) of the knob’s sweep, just as the hour hand would be at noon on a clock.

Dinosaural Opticompressor
Gain - 10:30
Presence - 12:30
Input Switch - 0db

Klon Centaur
Gain - 9 OR 1
Treble - 12
Output - 9:30

Crowther Hotcake
Level 1
Presence 1
Drive 1

Wampler Euphoria
Tone - 11
Bass - 8
Volume - 11:30
Gain - 11:45
Voicing - Open

Diamond Tremolo
Speed - 2:45
Depth - 3:15
Vol - 2
Mode - Eighth Note
Waveform - Chop

MXR Flanger
Manual 1
Width 11
Speed 12:30
Regen 5

EHX Deluxe Memory Man
(These are relative to how the knobs work, rather than how they look from the front of the pedal.)
Level 11
Blend 2
Feedback 3
Delay 1:30
Chorus/Vibrato 8:30

The Strymon Timeline and Eventide H9 store settings in banks of presets. As such, the front of the Timeline can not be trusted to show its actual settings.

Other Pedals
Many other effects are visible around the room. Most might have been tested by Ed, but considering the nature of theGigRig that generally cannot be assumed. However, at one point there are a couple of pedals on a box right next to Ed which he likely brought along. Those were a Spaceman Effects WOW Signal and a Spaceman Effects Gemini III. Other effects visible, but which may be owned by Dan or others (they’re on the shelf), include a Boss SD1, an Eventide unit, a Boss Tremolo Pan(?), and a Fulltone Fulldrive 2.

Another board is also visible at one point. It looks to have been the board which originally featured the Whammy V, making This board features Boss TR2, Digitech Synth Wah, an unknown pedal, and two Remote Loopy 2’s.

probably the most compact pedalboard I’ve ever had. I’ve been in and out trying multiple combinations and it turns out I don’t need much more than these babies to get the sounds I want and like.

I have my solo project called I Buried Paul – / – for all sorts of slow, sad and often noisy sounds.

Hagstrom Viking Baritone (in B or Drop A) -> Korg Pitchblack (not pictured) -> MXR Super Comp -> Devi Ever Soda Meiser -> Strymon Timeline -> EHX SuperEgo -> Boss RC-2 -> Fender Blues Junior III

Pedalboard made using those IKEA shelves, power comes from a OneSpot (except for the Timeline which needs its own thing to avoid unwanted noises). 

thinking of adding the Strymon’s Multiswitch below the Timeline (on the floor), for more control over the loops. I like them slightly out of phase for extra weirdness ;)

Submitted by republicofperkele

Very nice! How does that Blues Jr take all that low end? Wuff. Pretty cool board though. I definitely think external control is the key with stuff like the big strymon pedals, eventide stuff, etc. Too clutch to have that control. Also, Ikea shelf boards for the throwback win!

Thanks for sharing.