A game I had with my buddy Mogki.. he was obsessed with him being “Spiderman”.. His ways of sneaking are quite uniquely fail I would say, haha but I had a lot of fun I have to admit.

Happy new years to you all.. 2011 was really shitty, full of hurtful events but in between those, I’ve had quite some good times.


I’ve been able to meet an amazing girl, who can understand whatever I quote out of the blue, event tho sometimes I am still feeling bad for what I did. She’s like a female version of Barney Stinson to me, except without the whole player side. :P
I hope you get to pursue what you want, wish or dream for, you’ve got my MIGHTY MORPHING POWER SUPPORT! YEIAH! xD 


Was able to graduate with a quite satisfying production even tho my leader was such a bitch and gave me a barely passing grade just because I knew what to do and I had a straight brilliant idea of things to be taken care of.. I didn’t need her to guide me, tho I would still listen to her inputs.. she just didn’t like how smart I was. But hey.. received a letter from college.. I should be picking up my Diploma January 3rd. :]


I was able to reunite in a higher level of friendship with my high school friends.. we’d see each other once in a while but now we hang out at least once a week, every Friday! Drinking games or hitting the club if we feel like dancing, bars and pubs if we just feel like sitting down, enjoy a beer and have fun.

To this.. I say that I will make my 2012 a better year than the last one, there is just so much I want to do.. I’ll stop thinking too much and just act.

I’ll definitely learn C++ and program this game I want to make so much, maybe sell it to a publisher and see if it can get me anywhere.

I’m seriously thinking of taking piloting classes.. piloting a chopper became a recent dream for me to accomplish. First.. I have to find myself a job and I will.