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I think you need to lay off Rebecca.

Okay, I’m going to say this one more time. Imagine this scenario…

Rebecca and her husband have a massive argument, so Rebecca starts drinking, wrecking the house, generally destroying whatever she feels like. Rebecca calls Robert pissed, and Robert said three times she was too drunk to be doing this and then slept with her anyway. Rebecca doesn’t remember calling him, she doesn’t remember much of the sex, and she passed out afterwards, waking alone to put together the pieces together of what she assumes must have happened. 

Robert calls her the morning after, pressuring her into a relationship, pushing Rebecca’s marriage aside like it’s inconsequential. Robert gets mad and manipulative when Rebecca says that actually she still loves her husband and wants to fix things with him. Robert spends the next few weeks putting the guilt onto Rebecca for an event she doesn’t really remember.

Rebecca finds out she’s pregnant, which is a shock because she doesn’t remember whether she used protection with Robert or not. She doesn’t want the baby. Robert tells her it isn’t her decision and this is happening, whatever she wants is irrelevant. Rebecca is pregnant with a child she doesn’t want, becoming a parent when she doesn’t even remember the event and can’t bear it.

Rebecca is honest with her husband, who eventually leaves her because he can’t handle the thought of her having a baby with someone else. Rebecca is also kicked out of her own house, moving in with her sister who cares nothing about her, just the baby she’s carrying. Everyone is blaming her for the situation she’s found herself in, so as well as losing everything in her life, she also is being treated like a second class citizen in her home town for breaking her husbands heart.

Meanwhile, Robert is strutting around the place with a smile and perfectly happy, because he’s getting exactly what he wants, acting like it had nothing to do with him why Rebecca’s marriage ended. He’s getting the child he wants and Rebecca’s feelings about it are immaterial.

Now, please tell me once more that I am overreacting. If the positions were reversed, people would be screaming for Robert’s throat. I think people should be treated fairly, and I’m not about to pin all the blame on Robert just because he happens to be a man.

Dancingwith the Devil(Pennywise x Reader NSFW Commission)

Commission made by @pommom91 :) if you’d like me to fix something, do not hesitate in telling me!



Robert noticed that one of the most ancient trees was either cut down almost to the ground, or it merely grew old and lost most of its top.

The man groaned, once again feeling a headache come to him and the next thought on his mind was telling him to sit down. Considering how the log was right in front of him, he stepped over to it and gently seated himself without minding the wooden pieces that somewhat stuck out. He placed his elbows on his knees to then place his head in both of his palms before hearing the nearby bushes rustle a bit violently before an eerie voice spoke up.

“Hello, Robert.”

Robert snapped his head to the side in a panic and immediately jumped up from his log, ignoring the stinging pain in his head. He frantically looked around for anybody, and had his eyes land on something familiar he had seen before: the two eye like lanterns that were now in the bushes before him.

“What the-”

“No need to be alarmed nor confused my dear boy, for I am merely a presence that has come for two sole and mere purposes,"the owner of the voice obviously also owned the two "lanterns” which Robert now knew were actually eyes belonging to somebody…or some unidentified thing. “I have come here looking for some sort of aid which you can easily provide for me and in exchange, I will provide you with whatever it is you desire.”

“Whatever I desire? That can not be true, you are not able to give me anything that I want and besides, who are you? Reveal yourself.”

“Oh Robert, I would if I could but there really is no matter of doing that for you see, my form is something you yourself nor any other human could perceive…Although, there is something that I am able to easily do…”

And in an instant, Robert was blinded by a light temporarily before he was able to open his eyes to then look into them. Wait…how was it capable that he was peering directly into his own blue eyes, with them?

“Quite impressive, do you not think?"the voice called out, now sounding far too similar to his own which made him scrunch his face in confusion, then realizing that he indeed was staring at his eyes…and his face…and his body…he were looking directly into a mirror.

"How-…who or what are you?”

“All that matters is that I am here I am with a hunger, for a certain something…”

“H-hunger? You can’t possibly be referring to-”

“Oh my dear boy of course not!I do not consume upon human flesh!"the copy of Robert grinned innocently and placed a hand on its forehead in a dramatic way. "All I want…is the feeling of being alive, as a human!”

“Alive?Are you telling me that all you wish for is to…live a normal human life?"Robert received a sad and sympathy gaining nod that made him frown for a bit before he glanced back at his copy-cat. "So I believe that is your first purpose here…and what of the second? The one where you mentioned that you would gift me with something in return?”

“Exactly in that way, my boy! The conditions in the deal have absolutely no downside to them.” the other Robert took strutted towards him in a goofy way  before it reached his current location. “And as I mentioned, all I want is one night! One night where I can walk around this beautiful small town.”

“Well, why don’t you do that right now?You are able to shift yourself into anything you’d like to be!”

“Ah but that is where a slight problem lays, I long be have the taste of life. An actual human’s life. Not an animal’s or a ransom creature’s.Besides, I am not able to shift into my own version of the human species, I can only take after the form of another.”

“You…want to take my form to walk around Derry?”

“Yes indeed sir! That is it."Robert bit his lip before looking around, then turning back to his copy who began to take long, high strides around the area before its steps began to circle around the actual Robert. "So tell me sonny, what is is that you want most at the moment?”

“I…what can you give me?”

“Whatever it is you want, and I believe I have an idea of what you want! Though you have to tell me yourself first.”

“What-…what in the world could you possibly be talking about?

"Come on kiddo, what will it be? Money? Girls?”

“No, I just-”

“ Or how ‘bout that (Y/N)?” Robert immediately turned his head to the other him that circled around him in a silly manner.

“H-how do you know about her?”

“Oh Bobby boy…I know all, and I know how much you crave to have that girl run into your arms with smiling lips that will let out those three words you ever so long to hear."The creature stopped its dance when it stood behind Robert, placing its hands on both of his shoulders before leaning in to whisper into his ear. "And trust me, I know how much she desires to do the same.”

The real ginger male gently removed the gloved hands from his shoulders so that he could step away while glancing at the ground as his own hands lifted themselves to his suspenders which he slipped off. They soon were hanging at his sides as he then seated himself once again.The creature had done the same, but had plopped itself onto the ground.

After some deep thinking and a final sigh, he placed his arms onto his knees with his back leaned down before he glanced up at the creature.

“Alright, I believe we have a deal.”

“Hee hee hee. Now that is exactly what I like to hear, Mr. Gray!” the creature practically threw itself to the ground to then roll and jump onto its feet in obvious glee before it dashed to Robert with a grand smile he had not seen on himself in quite the while. “Now Robert, let’s let things go this way: I use your form and take a peaceful little stroll through the streets of Derry. I will visit the circus-”

“At this hour everybody is fast asleep.”  

“Yes, yes…but I will still go to the circus and I will visit your little darling, got that?”

“But what is the purpose in doing that?”

“Why, to help you with your little love problem of course! In your form, I will further your relationship with the girl and give you a few characteristics that may actually appeal to her. In the end, she won’t be thinking you are far too sweet for her taste after all!”

And without any other hesitation nor thought, Robert let out a deep breath like before nodding in agreement. He thought it was best to not say another word since the being appeared to know every single detail about him which made the task somewhat better. Although, when he was about to open his mouth to speak, the last thing he saw was the the copy of him swing an arm back before its clenched up fist’s knuckles collided with his face.

“Or more specifically, she won’t be thinking of you, sweet boy.”

And just like that, the creature extended its arm to then hear a pop come from its shoulders before placing its hands on the lower of its back to lean back to the ground. Once it had reached, it brought its legs up to then flip and hope back up looking much different, but still like Robert.

Now in his clown form, it shook its body which emitted a jingling sound from its costume. The creature giggled to itself and traced its fingers across the red paint that was on its cheeks, then smoothing out its hair.

“Now this is a much suitable form for me…"It glanced down at the unconscious man that lay on the ground before adjusting its neck ruffles and stepping over him,making sure to not actually set a foot on him. "Nighty night, Bobby boy.”

The wind was blowing quietly and you realized that it was not as strong as it usually was on nights like the one you were currently experiencing.

You currently lay on your back that was pressed against your bed, wide awake due to the thoughts that plagued your mind and bothered you to no end. Your mind replayed the discussion you had with Ivan earlier, and how after your small talk with an upset Robert, you had absolutely no idea of where it is he had gone. With yet another sigh, you turned your body to the side and faced your vanity where there was a dimly lit candle.

For a while you ignored the light and shut your eyes so that you would see at least darkness, but instead, all your mind could create was the image of Robert’s poor frown that resembled one of a lost puppy. You groaned and pulled the covers over your head before slightly smacking your cheeks a few times to snap out of it.

You removed the covers of of yourself before slipping on some nearby shoes, then walking over to the dressing table before pulling out its ivory seat and sitting on it. Your elbows landed on the wood before you stuck out your tongue and looked at yourself in the mirror.

“Oh Robert…where could you possibly be?"you asked yourself before your eyes caught sight of a silhouette through your mirror. With a gasp, you turned around and saw the dark figure standing at the entrance of your tent.

"Right here,my dear."the figure called out, then stepping closer towards you before you furrowed your eyebrows and saw Robert dressed in his clown costume for some reason."Why is it that you’re still awake?”

“I-…I was worried about you, I didn’t see you after talking to you and-”

“Oh please, why would you need to worry about little ol me? Is it because I’m too sweet? Or too soft for a town like this one?"Immediately, you felt the guilt settle in as Robert sat down on your bed. "And correct me if I’m wrong, but that also happens to be the reason as to why there could never be anything in between us,yes?”

“No, Robert that’s-…wait, you want something in between us?"Standing up, Robert strolled over to you and bent his knees so that he could look up with you and hold your hands in his large gloved ones.

"For so long my dear, you have not the slightest idea.”

You really don’t.’he thought to himself with a mental smirk before you smiled at him, though he sensed your doubt.

“And if you think that I don’t have a sour side to me,allow me to demonstrate it to you (Y/N) because in all honesty, I have grown such feelings for you that lead me to say…that I love you so dearly.”

With your hands still in his own, he got up to lead you towards your bed as you grew curious about his intentions. Although, you were immediately satisfied when you realized what he meant, especially when you lay on the bed and he quickly crawled on top of you, standing on his knees right in between your legs.

As you felt Robert’s hands land on your thighs and slide down quite teasingly, you thought of how this was all very out of character for Robert, but you obviously were not complaining.

You felt his hips buck against yours as he leaned down to meet your lips, pressing his own to create a rough kiss that soon had you letting out muffled moans. His hands lead themselves to your crotch where he rubbed a bit too harshly, but it eventually started to feel better when his fingers slipped under your dress and then undergarment.

“A-Ah, Robert!Mmm, God…oh my God…"you said when he detached from your lips and inserted his longest finger inside you.

"How about we make this a little funner…and you call out to Pennywise instead,hmm?”

Despite you semi dumbfounded state, you nodded. Especially since his finger now turned into two that slowly came in and out of you. As you panted out and clutched onto the blankets under you, the clown brought his tongue to your leg where he tenderly slid it up to your thigh before placing his mouth on a spot that made you squirm more after he had gotten off the bed. When realizing this, he immediately bit down which made you yelp and look at him with wide eyes.

“What was that?”

“Just a little love bite…we can’t have others not knowing who you belong to,yes?"You slightly chuckled with a flustered face as his treatment went out, then being bettered by more bites and marks that ha gave you all over your legs. Eventually, his mouth went to your groin where he licked and sucked at your clit.

Your continuous moans egged him on further, and he smirked when he emitted a gasp from you after inserting his tongue into your hole.His tongue did the same motions as his fingers did which soon brought you to your climax, releasing all over his mouth which had both of you more than pleased. Once he had licked everything up, he got up and slicked his hair back before placing himself in between your legs again,but rather than opening them some more, he grabbed your arm and forced you to turn entirely so that you were now in a new position.

With that, he grabbed a bunch of your dress to rip it off as if nothing which not only surprised you, but aroused you even more. He then proceeded by reaching down to your womanhood and he held onto your drenched underwear that he gingerly slipped off of your legs rather than tearing it off like the other article of clothing.

Seeing how he now had you on your hands and knees, he grabbed your hips and you hissed in a bit of pain when you felt his nails somehow dig into your skin despite the gloves he was wearing. He guided himself to your behind and then inserted his cock into your womanhood once again, and for some reason it felt larger than before. Ignoring that, you let out a moan when he slid all the way inside until you could feel him hit you deep. The male lowered himself down so that his chest was against your back and his arms wrapped around your waist with his face hidden in the crook of your neck.

"Robert…I love you.”

“Uh uh uh, what’s my name?”

“P-Pennywise…"you whispered before you felt slide out of you quickly, then thrusting himself back inside you roughly which made you scream out and drop to your forearms which now had clenched fist. Without warning, he slid out again and once he was inside, he pounded into you without mercy which had you a complete mess under him.

"Now my darling….who do you belong to?"he asked as he continued, letting out a few groans and if you were not wrong, growls but appeared to be quite animalistic.


“And what’s my name?”


You heard so many more growls come from him as he not only went faster, but a lot rougher as he continued to thrust into you. He lifted his head so that look at your reaction for a moment, then taking it back down so that his lips were on your neck. Once again, he opened his mouth so that he could bite down hard and draw out some blood that he licked up in an instant.

“Scream my name little one…”


“No! Not that one!"He growled right into your ear as you shut your eyes and clenched your fists even more.

"I-…Ah,Pennywise!"you moaned out which emitted a please sound from him, but then that turned into a grunt when he bucked his hips a couple more times until there was a final one that helped you reach your climax again, feeling him release inside of you at the same time.

He remained in you for a moment as you both panted, you being the only one feeling exhaustion. When you gulped and took a deep breath, you felt him slip out of you and get off of the bed.

As you came down from your high, you saw Robert quickly changed into your clothes which had you confused.

"Robert?Where are you going?”

“No…no Robert.”

“What? What do you mean?"Your eyes widened when you saw that Robert turned his head towards you with a smirk before his hand reached up to rip off his neck ruffle, discarding it to the side before it vanished. Soon enough, his very own body vanished and turned into a smoke like presence with two glowing yellow eyes that floated over to your location on the bed.

"Robert is…somewhere else my dear.He made a ridiculous deal with me, thinking I would help him toughen up so that you would accept him as the weak and miserable fool he is. Reality is, i’ve had my eyes on you for quite the while and let me tell you that I have been wanting to make you completely mine, and mine alone. And after this little fun, you’re just that.”

With a loud cackle and last stroke against your cheek, the creature,whatever it was, disappeared into the air before you realized that you had your lustful moments with it whilst Robert was somewhere, possibly even in danger. You scrambled off of your bed and put the past events behind as you picked up some scraps of clothes and put them on before slipping on your shoes and dashing out of your tent with only one thing in mind:


“I can’t believe you’ve roped me into this.” Aaron complained from the other side of the room, tugging at his collar.

“Huh?” Robert responds, not really listening, pre occupied with fixing the mask around his eyes, making sure his look was perfect.

“This!” Aaron exclaimed, over dramatically referring to his outfit with his hands, a scowl on his face.

“I thought we agreed that it was cool if you got batman?” Robert questioned, turning so his full attention was now on Aaron.

He was loving every second of this.

The woolpack was throwing their annual Halloween party, and Robert insisted they go all out.

“No, you agreed.” Aaron pouted, which only served Robert’s amusement more.

He couldn’t deny, that Aaron looked amazing stood there in his full costume.

Dark black leather hugging at his body, his hair messy and fluffy from angrily pulling off his over head mask.

Robert strutted close, wanting nothing more than to take the pouty bottom lip in his own, but they were already late, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

“C'mon, you’re pulling off the dark knight look, I look like a right tit.” Robert laughed to himself, hands placed on Aaron’s hips

It was true, he looked ridiculous in his brightly coloured costume. Bright green underpants worn over tights, a yellow cape hung roud his neck. He would of preferred to be Batman, of course he would. But Aaron never would of agreed to those terms, it was hard enough to get him to dress up at all.

Robert knew he was going to get some stick tonight, but he didn’t care much, as long as Aaron was happy.

“You owe me for this.” Aaron mumbled, finally giving in to Robert. He had that affect on him.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Robert smirked as they headed for the door.

The woolpack was in full swing, music blaring as the village locals pranced around like idiots.

Robert sipped on some sort of Halloween themed cocktail out of a cheap looking skull glass, while Aaron, not one to stray from tradition, sipped on his pint.

The alcohol had instantly relaxed him, the scowl disappearing from his face and soon replaced with a dopey smile.

It defintley helped that Adam had been roped into some Disney prince themed costume as a double act with Vic. Aaron had no idea who he was suppose to be, but he was wearing tights, and that was enough for him to get the piss took out of him.

“Ay, Robert’s wearing tights too!” Adam complained, offence wrote all over his face from the abuse he was receiving.

“Yeah, but he looks good in them.” Aaron shrugged, knowing he’d found it hard to keep his eyes off Robert’s ass for the majority of the night so far.

As the night drew on, both men polishing off fair amount of drinks, merry smiles on their faces, they decide to call it a night.

“Never took you as cross dresser, Sugden.” Cain’s voice boomed from the other end of the bar, miserable look on his face, pint in hand as he sat in his usual leather jacket.

Robert flashed him a confused look before he elaborated.

“The tights.” Cain replied, noticing Roberts confusion.

“Good one.” Robert replied, rolling his eyes.

“Definitely time to call it a night.” Robert whispered, leaning into Aaron’s side so only he could hear.

His hand wrapped around Aaron’s waist, making him help with his balance after one too may dodgy cocktails.

“Yeah, the sooner I get out of this the better.” Aaron replied, swaying slightly with Robert’s weight on him.

“Actually, I think you should keep it on.” Robert slurred slightly into Aaron’s ear, his hand drifting down slowly to cup Aaron’s ass.

Aaron simply raised a intrigued eyebrow towards Robert.

“I promised to make it up to you didn’t I?” Robert tries to come off as innocent, but takes the opportunity to nibble slightly on Aaron’s ear, his hot breath still wet on Aaron’s neck.

“Into role play now are ya’?” Aaron questioned, trying to come across un phased but his cock is already twitching in the costume and he doesn’t think either of them would be able his erections in such tight material.

“I’m into you.” Robert growls slightly, trying to contain himself.

“Or at least I will be if you hurry up get you ass upstairs.” Robert continues.

He watches Aaron as he bites his lip slightly, knowing he’s had the exact effect he wanted.

The say their goodbyes and head upstairs, Aaron decides against returning the costume the next day, it will definitely come in useful In the future.

One Night: Sebastian Stan imagine

Part 2

The small boy let out a loud giggle as blue and red frosting covers his face. His bright blue eyes where shiny brightly as he laughed. He looked so much like his father, so much. It always brought memories back of that one night that changed everything for you.

You could still felt the way his lips lingered all over your body. An overwhelming sensation that filled you with every touch. You were never one for a one night stand but it just happened. It was like your bodies melted together in perfect harmony.

You woke up the next morning in the arms of a famous stranger. It was Sebastian Stan, you slept with him. His large arms still stayed wrapped around you tightly. The bulky man laid over you, his arms tightly around you as his face was buried in your neck.

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Very brief video of Robert Downey Jr. strutting.

Richard Sherman is Smarter Than You

If you’re like me, the biggest news story of 2014 (so far) isn’t Bridgegate, or the Polar Vortex or legalized weed in Colorado (although we do have an all-weed state Super Bowl) it’s when Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks did this on Sunday…

“I’m the best corner in the game!  When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the results you gon’ get!  Don’t you ever talk about me!”  

I had people over at my apartment to watch and we probably rewound the DVR 15 times.  Giddily.  Not the actual play - where Sherman stopped the 49ers’ winning drive to win the NFC Championship by amazingly deflecting a pass intended for Michael Crabtree in the end zone with 30 seconds left (we only rewound that four or five times) - but him TALKING about it after the game.  And that’s what most of American sports fans were talking about too.  Conservative types and uptight sports analysts talked about how Sherman had no class and was unsportsmanlike.  Actually, if you watch Fox Sports interviewer, Erin Andrews’ face during Sherman’s tirade, she looks like she’s just smelled a really bad fart.  Then she indignantly asks, “Who was talking about you?"  And Sherman responds with, "Crabtree.  Don’t you open your mouth about the best.  Or I'ma shut it for you real quick.  L.O.B.!"  You know, in reference to the Legion of Boom, Seattle’s secondary.  And then they cut away.  Sorry, conservative types.  And sorry, Erin Andrews.  This may not be one of your precious TruBiotics commercials.  But Richard Sherman just moved more products than you ever will.  And nobody seems to get it.  Let me help you…  

Richard Sherman just made the league, and more importantly, himself millions of dollars.  Because isn’t that was this is all about anyway?  I’m not an NFL fan and I didn’t even know who Sherman was before he gave that interview, and I’m technically in a Nike commercial with him.  But now most of America knows who he is.  And people will be more invested in the Super Bowl - to see him back up his statements or to see Peyton Manning make him eat his words.  Endorsements are going to come falling from the sky.  He’ll probably even be an analyst when his career is over.  Nothing but good is going to come from this.  But I also understand all of that because I understand professional wrestling.  And, more specifically, I understand the art of cutting a promo.   

With the advent of television in the late 40’s and early 50’s, professional wrestling entered its first Golden Age.  And the new medium also added another dimension to the sport - the promotional interview.  It’s known in the wrestling business as "cutting a promo,” and its use is designed to advance wrestling’s storylines, feuds and gimmicks.  Basically, talking shit on television has been a staple of American sports and culture since its inception.  And it can also sell a lot of merchandise.  In 1996, a little known wrestler who had previously been going by the awful name of ‘The Ringmaster’ won the the WWF’s King of the RIng tournament by defeating Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  Roberts had been using a new Born Again Christian gimmick.  And the Ringmaster was now going by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  And after defeating Roberts, Austin strutted down to an announcer for his coronation interview.  Austin berated Roberts for being a has been before proclaiming, “You sit there, and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers and it didn’t get you anywhere!  Talk about your Psalms, talk about John 3:16.  Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!"  The promo was designed to make the crowd hate Austin even more.  It didn’t work.  It launched him into superstardom and his 'Austin 3:16’ t-shirt is one of (if not the) most popular and highest selling t-shirts of all time.                    

The art of the promo is also the difference between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.  Frazier was every bit Ali’s equal in the ring and has 41 heavyweight rounds of boxing with Ali to prove it.  But in 2006, Muhammad Ali sold 80% of the rights to his name and likeness for $50 million.  And when an HBO documentary crew interviewed Joe Frazier in 2009, he was living in a small room in the back of his Philadelphia boxing gym.  What’s that got to do with wrestling?  Well, when a young Cassius Clay met a wrestler named Gorgeous George (or it might have been "Classy” Freddie Blassie, he’s not sure) in 1961, George told him, “A lot of people will pay to see someone shut your mouth.  So keep bragging, keep on sassing and always be outrageous.” Georgeous George was one of the first television stars in wrestling history.  And after that, Clay/Ali was inspired to say things like that he would “float like a butterfly [and] sting like a bee,” before his title fight with Sonny Liston in 1964.  After he defeated the heavily-favored Liston for the first of his three heavyweight titles, the 'Louisville Lip’ repeatedly shouted, “I shook up the world,” and “I am the greatest,” while reporters (who looked like they just smelled a bad fart) struggled to for an interview.  Look familiar, Erin Andrews?  Oh, I should also mention that supposedly 97% of Americans over the age of 12 can recognize Muhammad Ali.  0% of Mike Bridenstines could have recognized Richard Sherman before Sunday.  But that’s before Sherman 3:16 said he just whipped your ass.

The most recent Sports Illustrated even said that Sherman was “impersonating a WWE villain in his post game interview."  Exactly.  What did you want him to say? That his team played hard and he gives thanks to God, first and foremost?  That’s boring.  You can keep your classy.  I’ll keep my "Classy” Freddie Blassie.  And I’m rooting for Sherman in the frozen tundra of MetLife Stadium at Super Bowl XLVII on February 2nd.  And that’s the bottom line.