strutting on sunshine

I just realized that I have a type.

Long haired, stubble, angry murder strut, who look like sunshine and rainbows when they smile, who have done unspeakable things and do not believe in redemption for themselves because of what they’ve done but will do anything to protect their families, who buy fresh fruit, ex-military and could probably kill you just by looking at you, very familiar and comfortable in Slavic countries

example: see Bucky Barnes and Eliot Spencer

who have a sarcastic friend with the best one-liners, who initially don’t get along but now have a secret handshake, both are underestimated, but are the kind you want backing you up in a fight, will crack a joke while saving the world and often the voice of reason

example: see Sam Wilson and Alec Hardison

and their blonde crazy friend getting into fights too big for them, lack impulse control and have both jumped off a building/plane with no safety net and/or parachute, can handle it on their own but forget that they don’t need to

example: see Steve Rogers and Parker

Strutting on Sunshine x Thrift Chic

Purely punctual on the sunup of January 7th at the grounds of UP, Kayra and I had too much time to spare. After chilling like villains and chit-chatting for hours, boredom struck. Thus, we decided to take a stroll outdoors, prancing around in heels whilst posing for the camera in each spot we thought looked pretty. Not at all a monotonous moment took place with this cheerful and charming girl around. Simply put, that Saturday afternoon spent with her is the start of many more stylish dates ahead of us. :)

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‘Til our next rendezvous, Trevor! I hope to see you soon. <3

Good News

Remember my post about being interviewed for this year’s RSSI League of Fashion? For countless days, I was only hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Hence, imagine my happiness when I received this in my email!

April 10th arrived and my day was spent at Crowne Plaza’s Opal Room. There, I got to know my fellow league members and we were schooled on RSSI’s exclusive brands such as Warehouse, Ben Sherman, Dorothy Perkins, Topman and my favorite, Topshop. My fascinating learning for the day? Dorothy Perkins was named after a flower!

Love Notes

Just because I like posting passe photobooth pictures of myself to accompany my Tumblr ask replies. ;) Merci beaucoup pour vos messages, les chéris! <3

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itspattybernabe: Aww thank you, Patty. :) You’re a pretty girl as well!

aimlesswander: Aww thank you. :)

isabelspeaks: Thanks, Isabel! I’m doing a blog giveaway soon and most of the items are from Bangkok so watch out for that! ;)

kenishialala: Aww. Thank you thank you, Karen! :)

lovelyemy: Aww hi, Emy! You’re the cute one! ;)

gelabeansss: Sure thing, Gela! :)

sheikaelaine: Aww! <3 So sweet of you, Sheika. Thank you so much! :)

angellegarcia: Thank you, Angelle! I really hope to meet you soon! :)

isabelspeaks: Hi, Isabel! Are you pertaining to this post? If yes, it’s Mac’s “Russian Red” lipstick. ;)

maepaimalan: Hi, Mae! Yes I am! :)

thefashionstatement: Sure thing, your posts are lovely! I’m great, thank you for asking. <3

saabstance: Thank you, Saab! :)

beymysterio: Aww I’m kilig! Heehee thank you, Bea! :)

Ask me anything. Tell me anything.

It’s Now Or Never!
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It’s that time of year again to get intensely close at Closeup Forever Summer, the music festival that has brought you and your friends your favorite performers, from EDM kings Martin Garrix and Alesso, to Aussie indie pop duo Julia & Angus Stone. In previous years, Closeup has asked its audience to help curate its lineup, using Facebook and Twitter to find out who Filipinos wanted to see. And now, for one last time, the country’s first and biggest social media-powered music festival, Closeup Forever Summer will host an unforgettably fresh summer night to help you get closer.

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