strutting daniel

Rupert walks with a really really sort of sexy wiggle in his hips. He really swings his hips. Obviously, Rupert is a really good looking guy anyway. I bet that’s something to do with why all the girls like him. He struts, it’s really really cool. ”     – Daniel Radcliffe

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While D is out here being papped once again in terrible shoes, Louis and Harry are enjoying more MIA time together. Since Louis landed in LA, hasn't he only been seen once (Douis pap pics) while Harry has been MIA the entire time? So 10 days back in LA and only once for stunt duty, otherwise all the rest is MIA time and nothing with the baby. I'll take that. Danielle can strut around in terrible shoes being papped for all I care (I don't she's irrelevant) if Louis can stay MIA with his husband.

I believe that is correct and I am so with you