strut the streets

my favourite thing about TVD is Nina’s acting. it’s like Katherine and Elena are played by two different people. and not just the obvious evil slut/virgin saint difference, but every little thing in the characters, even the way she stands or walks. like, Elena is just walking carefully, blending into the background, but Katherine is fucking strutting down the street like she owns the whole fucking planet (she should tbh).
and those scenes when Katherine is pretending to be Elena, Nina changes between the characters like she’s turning a switch. it’s just so amazing. I was watching it for five seasons and I was just as amazed watching the finale as I was the first time.

I know a lot of people didn’t like her acting with Ian in the finale. I can’t say anything about that since I haven’t seen it, but as Katherine, and Elena, and Katherine as Elena, she was fucking awesome.

e)(o  Halloween AU

A/N: I wote this because I’m a hoe for Halloween and supernatural stuff and I hope everyone likes it! I actually came up with a lot of ideas whilst writing this, so if anyone is interested in me continuing this as a series please tell me! x

Summary: See what happens when EXO as supernatural creatures meet in a secret lounge on Halloween (sorry this is a shitty summary I didn’t know what to write lol)

warnings: blood, gore, death, mentions of sex (literally pure sin)


My 6 inch heels clacked on the empty pavement as I strut down the lonely, narrow street. What would be painful for normal human kind felt numb to me. I’d worn these shoes for the past years, never taking them off for longer than a few hours. The moon lit up the night, almost too bright for someone of my kind. The pathetic young man’s desperate cry was still present in my head.

„Please don’t kill me,“ he had begged. And then I remember my breathy laugh as his blood was dripping down my chin and onto my chest. My previously red dress now had a deep, blood red stain on its front. The smell lingered in my nose, but sadly it would soon be gone. I licked around my lips, trying to get every last drop of the sweet, red liquid I lived on. From around the corner I could hear children’s excited shouts and squeals as they went from house to house, asking for candy. It’s funny, really. Don’t adults always tell their kids not to take candy from strangers? Halloween had always been obscure to me, back in my days we didn’t celebrate it. Not the way they do now. It’s not about scaring ghosts and evil creatures away no more. It’s about parties and dressing up and candy. Oh how I hate the word candy. Although scaring us creatures of the night away had never worked anyways. We’ll always find our way back to you, you just wait, humans.

There they came. A little girl, dressed as a princess with bright hair and a blue dress bounced past me, her eyes following my figure just shortly, as she was fixed on the next house she would knock on. Silly, silly little girl. Who knows what would await her behind the door? I could think of a few things. The next group of kids I passed seemed to give me more attention. A girl dressed as a cowgirl stared at the red stains on my skin as if she was possessed. I chuckled and fastened my steps. From afar I could make out the music playing in my favorite club. Not that vampires go to clubs, no way, the music is deafeningly loud for us. But this club is different. Out the backdoor of it, that’s where I was really headed. I slowly got sick of walking and started running. Given human speed, it would’ve taken me another 20 minutes to reach my destination. Now it took me less than one. Fake spider webs and skeletons were hanging on the front wall of the building, attracting young people just like death attracted demons. The bouncer stared at my chest, I wasn’t sure whether it was the fact that my boobs looked great tonight or if it was the blood, but I didn’t mind. One sweet smile in his direction and he let me in, hypnotized by my spell.

“Thank you,” I coaxed, my voice dripping like honey as I ran my nails along his neck. The lively pulse underneath his skin captured my senses for a second. The guy was lucky I had just fed. The music that could even be harmful to humans felt like hammers pounding against my eardrums. Yet I enjoyed the scene in front of me. Drunk, sweaty bodies rubbing against each other on the dance floor, vibrating vivacity lingering in the air. I often wondered what being alive felt like, since I had no memory left of it. A young woman smiled in my direction, complementing my ‘costume’ with her eyes. Silly, silly girl. I smiled back, flashing my sharp teeth at her, at which she seemed to light up even more. If only she knew. But she didn’t, and because it was Halloween, no one did. Halloween was the one and only night monsters could freely walk among humans, not having to worry about showing too much of themselves, because nowadays costumes got more and more realistic. Silly humans, can’t tell tomato sauce from their own kind’s blood. My eyes fixed on the black door with the small 'private’ sign on it. The strong smell of death crept into my nose the second I had entered the lounge. It was a stone old room without windows. Red satin sofas lined the walls, at the back of the room was a bar, held in dark wood. Old lamps spent sparse, pale light, but not that I needed it anyway. The dark ceiling had cracks in it, here and there was a dried splash of what could’ve only been blood. It was fairly quiet, my steps drawing attention to my figure walking through the room, familiar faces looking my way as I smirked at them, heading straight for the bar. Chanyeol’s red hair was the first thing I noticed about him, and as the demon turned my way I stared into his fully jet black eyes. Underneath his half-opened black shirt I could make out scars from years ago, as well as some new ones.

“Ah, I love Halloween,” I sighed, leaning against the frame of the bar, letting my eyes run over the few visitors that were in the lounge. All of them frequenters, just like me. It was too early for a lot of guests to be here already, but I liked being early. It’s not like I had any duties. In the corner of the room I spotted Xiumin and Chen, sitting comfortably by a table across from each other. Xiumin’s green hair wasn’t what made him special. It sure drew attention to him, but not nearly as much as his cat pupils did. He wore a silver leather jacket and black skinny pants. For some reason warlocks always seemed to adapt to the current fashion perfectly. Being around 350 years old, he didn’t mind people staring at his special eyes anymore. And neither did his best friend, and by best I mean only friend who was still alive. Other than Xiumin, who simply had different kind of eyes, Chen had a third eye on his forehead. There was no way he could ever explain that to human kind, but he didn’t need to. His abilities allowed him to make the eye disappear with the snap of two fingers whenever he went outside. He gave me a quick wave when he noticed my look on him, and I returned it. Behind me, Chanyeol cleared his throat.

“You got blood?” I asked, now spinning around to look at the only demon I knew personally and didn’t feel the deep desire to kill.

“Other than the blood that’s in my veins, I don’t,” he replied, making me huff.

“Stop acting as if you’re more human than I am, black eye,” I said, making him chuckle. When he sent me an apologetic look, I shrugged and made my way over to the wall-length mirror in the corner of the room. No one knows how long he’s been there, but the dreamy boy with the white clothes and black ruffled hair always made my day better. I jumped when a black snake suddenly crawled out from underneath a table, raised in front of me and hissed dangerously. I felt the urge to kick it, but I wasn’t in the mood for a bar fight, so I simply raised my voice.

“Who’s missing a black, very pesky snake?”

Seconds later Xiumin knelt in front of me, picking the animal up and hanging it around his neck like a piece of jewelery. Its tongue moved in and out of its mouth as it relaxed at the smell of its owner.

“I apologize for his behavior, he is not usually like this,” Xiumin said, smiling at me in repentance. Having a warlock as powerful as Xiumin apologize to you for a such thing was definitely not a downside, so I decided to accept his excuse and smiled back at my friend. His pupils were big due to the darkness, but they still kept the cat-like shape I had gotten used to long ago. As he walked away I continued my way through the labyrinth of tables, over to the mirror. All I gazed at was my own reflection. I waited a few seconds, knowing Yixing it would take him a few moments to notice me, so I leaned against a pillar behind me. For the second time this night I got startled, my annoyance rising as Kai’s fluffy haired head peeked out from behind, or rather through the mirror.

“Goddamn Kai! How many times have I told you to stop doing that?” I complained.

“Exactly 42 times that is, m'lady,” he spoke, sitting down on the floor in a cross-legged position. He’d never told me how he died, I assume he didn’t remember himself, but his clothes looked like they were from another century and the way the ghost spoke was only slowly adapting to the 21st century slang.

“Hello,” Lay’s soft voice spoke as he appeared in the mirror next to me. I watched him hug me, but all I felt was a gentle breeze of air coming my way. Both Xiumin and Chen had wasted entire nights trying to get him out of the mirror, but nothing seemed to work, and there he was, stuck inside his little world that was whatever was behind the dirty glass. I smiled at him gently.

“You know, they’ll catch you one day if you walk around with all that blood on you,” he worried, gazing at my dress.

“That gent is right, m'lady!” Kai spoke, looking up at me innocently.

“Don’t worry, it’s Halloween,” I explained. “No one suspects anything on Halloween.”

“Oooh Halloween,” Lay swooned. “I miss Halloween…”

I had never felt protective of anyone, not before I had encountered the dreamy, messy haired Yixing inside the mirror, and even to the 'I-take-everything-you-say-literally’ – Kai I felt a little like a mother.

“Thy evening shall be hallowed, then!” he exclaimed and with another quick move he was gone. Through the ceiling. Yixing tried to follow him with his eyes, but he only had so much room to look from where he was captured.

“Do you remember Halloween?” I asked him.

“When I was little I dressed up as a bunny and we played the game with the apples…,” he said. His voice always sounded as if he was deep in thoughts, somewhere completely else, but somehow still here. “If you excuse me.”

And then, before I could say anything else, he disappeared as well. Just on time, because that’s when I smelled it. Blood. Flesh. My nose held high, I strut down the room, stopping at the table Kyungsoo sat at. You see, zombies aren’t the way people portray them to be in the movies. They’re not stupid, they can in fact speak very normally and they’re not thinking about eating brains all day long. Although it probably was what Kyungsoo was thinking about at that moment. I’d seen him around a few times, seen him feed a few times. And let me tell you, if one says vampires are messy eaters they haven’t seen a zombie eat. The pieces spread out in front of him I could only identify as parts of a brain, still covered in delicious smelling blood that made my insides tingle.

“You mind sharing?” I swiftly asked, but quickly moved backwards when he growled at me threateningly. From previous experience I knew that zombies weren’t to mess with, not even if you are a vampire. Once your brain’s gone, your immortality is as well, so I slowly walked away, slightly annoyed that I didn’t get any of the blood when the smell was still blinding all my senses. That changed quickly as I roamed the room with my eyes once more. I grinned when I spotted Sehun next to Baekhyun, sitting on a sofa, their feet on the small table in front of them. I could see the little drips of blood on Sehun’s skin from afar.

“You got a lil something there,” I said, confident his vampire hearing was good enough to understand me while I pointed at my neck, showing him the spot I was talking about.

“Wanna lick it off?” he replied, smirking at me from across the room. I debated whether to go over for a second, but when I recalled the countless hours I had spent with Baekyhun and Sehun, both being of my kind, remembering how they could make me feel, my vampire speed carried me onto Sehun’s lap in the blink of an eye. I didn’t say hi or greet them in any other way because I was too busy licking and kissing Sehun’s neck, tasting not only the blood but also his own taste. He always smelled like the woods, like nature. I assumed it was because that’s where he spent most of his time. Baekhyun, on the other hand, carried the scent of roses, which ignited my cells as he moved behind me and began planting kisses on my shoulder. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, allowing Sehun to bite along my front neck, where the young man’s blood still stuck to me like a precious perfume. From somewhere I could hear an indignant hem and voices. Slowly, I pushed the two men off me and met eyes with the black ones of Chanyeol. He was shaking his head in disgust.

“What is it with you vampires and having orgies wherever you go?” he questioned.

“Wanna join?” Baekhyun asked the demon, who he was surprisingly good friends with, smirking at me.

“Let the kids have some fun,” Chen threw in from across the room.

“Kids?” Sehun protested. “You’re not that much older than me!”

“Son, I’ve already drank with Shakespeare, don’t provoke me,” Chen spoke calmly. Sehun shut up at his words, but sent him a glare nonetheless. Suddenly, Baekhyun and Sehun both stared at me as the three of us listened closely. Somewhere outside the building we could hear howling.

“Werewolves,” I grumbled through gritted teeth. Chanyeol immediately shook his head in my direction. He was trying to remind me of what happened. Last week I’d had a fight in here, a couple tables got smashed and some of the blood spots on the ceiling might have been caused by me.

“What was I supposed to do? He threatened to hunt in my territory!” I defended myself, knowing what Chanyeol was thinking about.

“You could’ve solved your disagreements somewhere else than in my lounge,” he spoke calmly. I huffed and leaned back into the soft sofa, Sehun and Baekhyun on either side of me. “Don’t you dare start something like that again.”

“We’ll continue this later,” Baekhyun muttered under his breath, referring to the fact that we had just started making out a few minutes ago.

“Oh please, that’s what you call whispering? Even I heard that, and my ears are pretty much non existent,” Kyungsoo now threw in, making Sehun chuckle lightly. That moment the door on my left opened, and I could smell the dog before I had even taken a look at him. His name was Suho and he was the leader of the biggest pack of werewolves I’d ever encountered. But that didn’t intimidate me one bit. His leather jacket hugged his muscular body tightly as he coolly walked through the lounge. I snarled at him dangerously.

“Calm your tits, blood sucker,” he spit. “I’m just here to have a drink. Or a couple.”

My eyes followed his every move like a predator eying their prey, and so did Sehun and Baekhyun’s. Chanyeol handed him a drink, and in silence we watched him down one, two, three shots in a row. He only gave short answers when Chanyeol asked him what he was up to. When he ran his hand through his hair I only noticed how fed up he seemed. Then he pulled his phone from his pocket, checking the lit up screen.

“What did you say that was called?” Lay asked from his mirror in the corner, directing everyone’s eyes to his interested gaze. At his words, Suho smiled. That’s right, werewolves sometimes smile.

“It’s a smart phone,” he told the boy in the mirror, walking over to him. At that moment I was convinced: Only Lay could turn an alpha into a puppy.

“How can it be smart? It’s a metal box, isn’t it?” the black haired boy questioned, rubbing his head in confusion. Suho came closer, chuckling.

“Here, this is called taking a 'selfie’,” he said before holding up the phone so the camera pointed to the mirror where Lay stood. Sehun snorted in amusement next to me. After the short click the wolf checked the screen, but just as we all had expected, his face fell. Taking a photo of Lay was impossible, he simply didn’t show up on it. Meanwhile I was distracted by a very needy Baekhyun nibbling my neck, licking off the remaining blood, humming in content.

“Baek,” I whispered, signaling him to stop before someone would start complaining again.

“I’m so hungry,” he whined. “I hope some stupid human finds their way in here tonight, I’m dying of hunger.”

“Alloweth me to remindeth you that thou are already dead, sir,” Kai suddenly spoke, appearing from the ceiling. Baekhyun shot him an annoyed glance, but I grinned. That second the black door opens another time, and I am met with a familiar face. The girl who had smiled at me in the Club was looking inside, and I smiled innocently when I spied her. I could practically hear Sehun’s fangs grow bigger as the girl remembered my face and came inside. When she spotted the predatory way every single person in the room looked at her, it was already too late to turn around. And for once in this evening, all creatures in the room seemed to agree on something.

this might be cliché bc i sort of based this PLOT idea off of gossip girl, the bling ring, and the song ‘children of the bad revolution’ by lana del rey; but i want a bunch “bad” rich kids who run in a their tight-knit pack and all come from wealthy families, but their families all came into their money different ways and all handle it very differently. like one family married into their wealth, while others have been rich their whole lives, where one has to work for it, but they all are still very loyal to everyone in their little group but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hella angst !! because they party all the time and all of their relationships are probably blurring at the edges because who is really just friends ?? and who are really lovers on the low ?? i need them taking selfies and updating their instagram feeds and then maybe doing designer drugs and linking arms and strutting down the streets of nyc probably in their nicest outfits !! and fights over stupid stuff that isn’t going to matter in three days and coming out on the other side a little bit more fucked up than you started but hey, that’s life !! and as long as they feel free at the end of the day and still have their trust funds, what else is there to complain about ?? e v e r y t h i n g, it turns out. bonus points if it’s a multi-muse group bc i want sibling ships/romantic ships/frenemies !!


Suicide Squad One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Harley Quinn

Warnings: Mentions of violence, swearing

Request: “can you write an one-shot about your “ imagine Harley accidentally knocking you down, a civilian, because you were wearing all black and she thought you were one of Enchantress’ monsters ”, thanks.” - Anon

Word Count: 909

A/N: Original gif imagine is here [x] !

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On this day in music history: December 14, 1977 - “Saturday Night Fever” opens in theaters across the US. Released by Paramount Pictures, it stars John Travolta and is directed by John Badham. The low budget film about a young working class man spending his weekends dancing in a Brooklyn discotheque becomes a pop cultural phenomenon, grossing over $237 million at the box office, and is the breakthrough film role for Travolta. Initially Paramount has very low expectations, with some studio executives referring to it as “a vulgar little movie”. Their minds are changed when theater audiences respond enthusiastically to the first teaser trailer, which features John Travolta strutting down the street to the Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive”. The actor also receives an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 1978. The soundtrack album featuring five tracks by the Bee Gees goes on to sell more than thirty million copies worldwide. The R-rated film’s popularity is so great, that Paramount re-edits the film and resubmits it to the MPAA for a PG rating so Travolta’s younger fans can see it with out being accompanied by an adult. This version of the film is the one that is aired on television, when it makes its network debut on ABC on November 16, 1980 (with further alterations), and is briefly issued on home video along with the original theatrical cut. Due to legal complications regarding clearances for the all of the music featured in the film, “Saturday Night Fever” does not make its debut on DVD until 2002, just in time for the twenty fifth anniversary of its original release. Since then, it has been reissued again on DVD for its thirtieth anniversary in 2007 and on Blu-ray disc in 2009. The iconic white three piece suit worn by John Travolta in the film is purchased at auction in 1979 by film critic Gene Siskel, whose inner lining includes an inscription to the critic from Travolta himself. After Siskel’s death in 1995, the suit is auctioned again by Christie’s to an anonymous buyer in the UK.

The Last Poem I Finished

I have come to realize that I do not fall in love with people, but rather, their pieces.
Filling in the cracks in my footsteps striking sidewalk with the cement of strangers.
Strong diaphragm, open palms, attitudes like honey become the mortar holding my concrete runway together beneath me.

I strut these streets writing novels, building cities,
Stories scraping skylines and heartstrings all the same.

became both the pages and the passages.

With you, I have constructed the entire world I live in,
Regal palace of experiences, we lived inside this self-sustaining biosphere of loving each other’s pieces.

Much like one loves the green of grass, wings of robin, coolness of the breeze,
I loved your elbow, crook of neck, left cheek,
Details incomparable beauties lest words fail over trial and time,
Dilapidated cathedrals of description.
Stained glass windows perfect examples of the beauty that comes with the amalgamation of fragments.
No one may understand what is meant by my admiration of your edges, but the tone of admiration will remain,
Sustain, entirety.

The presence of ruins begets the belief that passion once stood where broken is,
You cannot break without being beautiful to begin with.
Lions and chariots kicked up this dirt that only now lays silent in the colosseum of my chest,
People had to have been here to now rename this place abandoned.

I know I should crumble for better things,

But have you seen that boy?

Embrace so warm he brings the sun to its knees every night,
Lazy afternoon breeze caressing his neck and combing golden hair,
The day itself seems to love him.
Time so persistent in the passing of tomorrow, it’s no wonder I collapsed so quickly.

Siren song of forever sent to lay to rest with the Romans.
Ruins, ruined.

I have become a forgotten civilization,
A dead language.

Greek, Latin, Sanskrit.

Our romance like root words, influencing your everything
I dare you to tell me that you cannot trace the intricacies in her lace panties back to the veins in my wrists,
Her blouse a curtain to familiar.
My so very woman a memory in her lesser.
There is no pride in first if first is not also last,
I am fading now.

You draw hieroglyphics on her body with your tongue and expect to taste me when you’re finished,
Whisper Biblical Hebrew in the softest corners of her, expecting something to come from this confidence.
Your salvation will not come with sin, no one understands your prayer to an irrelevant God,
I am your Hail Mary.

Believe me when I say origin is honest.
There is no hiding where you come from,
Your hands will always remember their first excavation of lonely.

Do not lift your tongue too high, speak too loudly,

For your organs have been laid to rest in the graveyard of my absence,
And your heart only knows how to call out to me.
She doesn’t understand, and you won’t care to teach her.

I Had Me A Boy (Chibs one shot)

So there’s this song that I heard for the first time on SOA ( I can’t remember what season exactly) called I Had Me a Girl by the Civil Wars. I loveeee it so much and decided to write a one shot based from it. I suggest listening while you read, especially if you haven’t heard it yet! Really sets the tone.

Originally posted by tommy-flanagan

You strutted down the cold, wet streets of Belfast with a smirk on your face. You were the woman every girl feared and every man lusted for. From your tight leather, to all your battle scars and confidence - everyone in Belfast knew you in some way. But, it hadn’t always been like that for you. Before Filip Telford, you were a quiet girl. Nobody knew you, or thought to give you a second glance - except him. Somehow you had caught the eye of the big bad soldier and that’s when everything changed.

It was clear to him, you were different then the usual girls who threw themselves his way. There was an innocence inside you he couldn’t wait to corrupt. And corrupt you he did. While you let him in your small bubble of purity and showed him what love was like, he showed you the wild side of life. 

And just like the smoke from the cigarette he always seemed to have between his lips - he came and he went. 

Filip Telford left without so much as a good bye, and he had taken that pure, innocent heart with him - wherever he landed in the world. So, slowly, you adapted to the life he had introduced you too, the life he had prepared you for. You hung around the wrong people, drunk way too much and never feared getting down and dirty right along with the boys. Sambel had become your home, the boys there your family. But Filip always stayed put in the back of your mind. 

So nearly 13 years later, while you were walking your familiar path to the club house, a cigarette in between your lips- beer and smoke coating your breath, your heart nearly stopped beating when you heard a voice that had haunted your dreams ever since it left you.

“Well, well, well,” he chuckled. “I can’t believe my eyes. (Y/N),is that you  lass?” 

Want Me

by Rowan, 20, Nonbinary

❤️I want to meet someone who is attracted to me regardless of how I’m presenting.

💗I want them to see me at home in nothing but my boxers and think I am the sexiest person alive.

💜I want them to catch me getting dressed for the day and become transfixed by my bare body, all of its fuzzy bits and curves alike, yet break into a grin as I struggle to pull on my binder, and get the same glow of pride in their eyes that I do as they appraise the now near seamless plain of my chest.

💙I want them to strut down the street with my hand in theirs, silently showing me off to every passerby with pride.

💚I want them to dig my baggy black jeans, skater shoes, hoodie, and short messy hair.

💛I want them to see me exactly how I want to be seen, and be in awe.

❤️I want to go home with them, and laugh with them as they impatiently remove all the layers of clothing that I hide beneath each day.

💗I want them to see the imperfect body I’ve been given with all of its feminine assets, and still feel that I am the most attractive boy they’ve ever met.

💜I want them to be proud with me of my accomplishments, such as my hair and my binder, but still love my body underneath my materialistic changes.

💙I don’t want them to like my physical ‘girly’ parts more than my expression of my gender.

💚I want to find a partner who understands me, and loves every part of me.

💛I want them to want me; Exactly as I am.

THE BLONDE model practically strutted down the street. the boy had just come from a shoot an you can bet he was feeling his own. although, he only had a few hours of the sleep before, so he was tired. he knew if he went and got coffee he’d yet again be up to ungodly hours. as he walked through the shopping district he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. as he did this he rammed into someone causing him to groan and rub his head as he regained his balance. yah ! i should really watch where i’m going next time.   he yawned immediately after that sentence, going to to rub his eyes but stopping himself so he wouldn’t smudge the makeup. he realized he had been awkwardly standing there and laughed at himself. i’m sorry, i’ll be sure to look out for angels next time. jeon wasn’t even really trying to flirt, he just liked to ease his way out of confrontations.