• Kuroko:*strums guitar* *sings* When your lights don’t work like they used to before-
Just Michael things

*Goofy laughs
*closed eyes laughs

*Making fun of your laugh and smiling so big when you hit him


*“Dammit Mikey stop dying your hair, you get the shit everywhere!”
“Sorry babe that’s the price we pay for beauty.”
“Yeah well your ass is gonna be paying for me some new sheets, these are green now”

*“You do know that you’re the luckiest girl in the world right?” *giggle*

*“I’m the luckiest man in the entire world”

*Video games


*BABE, baby, angel, sweetie, love

*Amazing guitar playing
*Amazing singing

*Strumming on his guitar at 2am

*Writing silly goofy songs about food and sex

*Writing really deep and meaningful songs about life and love and you

*Shy Smiles
*Wide smiles

*Hair every color of the rainbow

*Intense game face when he’s playing video games

*Tongue hanging out of his mouth when he’s concentrating

*“Shut up Luke”

*“Luke’s such an idiot”

*Harassing Luke constantly but not letting anyone else talk badly about him or be mean to him at all

*“You’re so fuckin cute”

*Him saying “Goddamn baby” and biting his lip as you ride him

*“Call me daddy”

*snapback *beanies

*Tattoos that mean a lot to him

*A lot of movie dates


*Moving pieces of hair out of your face and smiling so fondly at you

*Bright bluegreen shining eyes

*Whiny moans when making love

*Watching your favorite TV show with you and saying how lame it is but secretly loving it

*Eye brow piercing

*Sarcasm out the ass

*Probably a lot of gas for some reason?

*Decorating your home quite elegantly

*“I’m punk rock”

*Jamming out to some of his old cds

*Loving when you wear his flannels


*Him shouting “Holy shit it’s adorable!” when he sees a baby animal

*Family dinners with his mom and dad

*Turning bright red and getting shy when someone embarrasses him

*Soft kisses constantly

*Holding your hand and kissing it always

*Laying his head on your lap while you play with his hair

*“Babe, you’ll still love me if I go bald right?”

*“I’m so cool”

*You’re so weird"


*“You are my world”

  • Me on tumblr on a regular day:how does Michael strum his guitar like a god?!? Where does Calum get all the inspiration for all those amazing lyrics!!? What does Luke do in his free time at home?? How does Ashton manage to stay so positive and loving ?!'!
  • Me when 5sos have a tumblr Q&A:*sweats* *bites fingernails* *sweats more* "What's up" *sends*

*strums guitar*


(I’m like in a constant state of being torn between a) wanting post-Bespin Leia to be really quiet and suffer from PTSD like any normal person would and be thin and pale and hard-eyed AND YET b) literally have no hecks left to give and swear a lot and have not a single ounce of sympathy left for any Imperial and basically be a lot less careful and tight with her emotions like she’ll stop playing small things close to her chest 'cause her chest don’t got room for those small things no more, you see, there are such big things pressing down on it, and all the Rogues and stuff’ll be like “damn yes Ma'am” and High Command will be sort of concerned YA FEEL)

(Also, yes, that is his shirt)

the ballad of eva marie and the wwe

once upon a time there was a woman named eva marie

and she wanted to be a wrestler

so she did 

she got on tv really fast

but wasn’t very good at it and she had no friends

but her boss told her she’d make tons of friends because she was pretty!

but it didn’t work

except her boss pretended like she had lots of friends

her boss is an asshole

alright my little lovelings imagine young non-angsty bering and wells (tough i know)

helena spent summer vacation back in england with extended family. they called each other every week but they’re young and in love and that’s never enough. summer waxes and wanes, that telltale little crisp edging in to the early morning weather making promises of autumn to come, and myka wiles away the hours, days, weeks, in her father’s bookshop. while it’s difficult being apart, it isn’t too hard to get wrapped up amidst the overflowing shelves, and that’s why she almost ignores it when her glasses catch a glint of midday sun off a window–until she half glances up and then again, staring now as an airport cab pulls off, leaving behind the one thing in the world that can make myka ophelia bering forget there’s an open book in her hands. 

and she books it (oh pardon the pun) out the door, the bell chiming sharply as it’s thrown open, something awkwardly between a startled bark of a laugh and a squeaked “helena!” bubbling out of her (which she will not hear the end of for days, she’s sure) as she actually jumps into the poor jetlagged girl’s arms and wraps those lanky legs around her waist, clinging tight with the press of a cool cheek and smothering her beneath that veritable mane of curls.

don’t feel too sorry for helena, though–it’s not as though she’s hugging myka any looser, or grinning any less fierce.

The Signs Finally Moving Out And Picking Their New Roommate

Aries: “Sagittarius, just bc we da Fire Signs, fuck Leo” IM SO SORRY LEO ILY MA BABIES

Taurus: “Libra bc I want their clothes…..that’s kinda it😁”

Gemini: “Aquaaaaa bc they don’t care what I doooooo”

Cancer: “Pisces, I’m gonna serenade you. *clears throat* I love you bitch *guitar strum* You gonna be my new roommate….bitchhhhh”

Leo: “Scorpio bc they fierce aF”

Virgo: “Cappie bc that bitch is basically me but WORST”

Libra: “Taurus bc the financial stability is 💯💯💯 and they chill af”

Scorpio: “Leo bc they can help me murder that bitch Jennifer that stepped on my foot the other day. FUCK YOU JENNIFER”

Sagittarius: “I’m prob gonna burn our house down, so I’m gonna pick Aries since, ya know, we’re the Fire Signs, and WE HOT”

Capricorn: “Virgo bc I love that bitch, keepin the house smellin’ all good and shit”

Aquarius: “Gemmy, bc they’re funny, I’m funny……whoever said we weren’t funny is dead and they don’t exist anymore bc I accidentally killed themmmmm aHAHA”


*Capricorn + Virgo and Pisces + Cancer’s are the only ones still alive bc everyone else died and Sag and Aries……you’ll never believe it…..BURNED THEIR HOUSE DOWN! WAT OMG*

I’ve Got Your Name Tattooed - Part Four

This is part four of a Calum soulmate!AU where your soulmate’s name is tattooed on your arm, based on those posts with all the AUs that float around (I’d link but idk where the original idea came from!). I hope you enjoy! track the tag igynt fic if you want to catch when a new part is added!

Part One | Part Three | Part Five

Luke, Michael, and Ashton all kept giving each other looks the next day as the listened to Calum hum a song about french fries and vanilla shakes. 

“If you’re hungry we can go grab some food,” Ashton teased, plopping down next to Calum on the couch. Calum’s cheeks heated up, his fingers still absentmindedly strumming the guitar that sat in his lap.

“Oh, uh no I’m good actually,” Calum said, plucking out a few notes on the guitar. He had been feeling his left wrist the whole time since he had met his soulmate last night. It wasn’t pain, and it wasn’t achy. It was more of a throb that matched the beat of his heart. Like his body didn’t want him to forget about the girl.

Not that he could forget her, even if he wanted to.

Calum still hadn’t told the boys about meeting her. For some reason it felt like a secret he wanted to keep for himself. Kind of like a present you bought for someone for their birthday that you just knew they would love but you wanted to see their reactions when it was finally their birthday.

The problem was Calum needed to find her. Again.

“Oi!” Calum was snapped out of his reverie by a balled up piece of paper hitting him in the head. “Where you at?” Michael asked, referencing Calum’s dreamy state of mind.

“I’m here, Jesus! Can’t a guy write in peace?” Calum countered, staring at the blank page in front of him. So far he’d only been thinking of lyrics about McDonald’s, her voice, her eyes, and her name.

“Yeah, you can write in peace once you’ve actually written something,” Michael jabbed, shaking his head incredulously at Calum. “It’s like you’ve fallen in love or something.”

All too quickly the room became silent, all four boys assessing what Michael had just said. One by one, each boy turned his gaze toward Calum, who sheepishly leaned back against the couch, twisting his wrist so none of them could see the name tattooed there on his skin.

“You little shit!” Michael yelled, throwing another balled up piece of paper at Calum. “Did you fucking meet her?” Calum shrugged, moving the guitar off his lap and crossing his arms.

“I don’t know,” Calum mumbled, glancing down at his wrist.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Luke asked, his tone much more comforting than Michael’s. Luke had found his soulmate before they had even left high school, and they’d been together ever since. He had had it easy, but he somehow still understood what Calum was going through. Luke was good at that.

“I mean she didn’t really, like, introduce herself. And, um, she left really quickly. And I was stuck sitting at a Macca’s with a melting vanilla shake thinking about how I had just met the most perfect girl ever.”

“You met her at Macca’s?” Michael snickered, promptly earning himself a slap on the arm from Ashton.

“Says the guy who met his girl while throwing up after drinking too much,” the older blonde bantered, setting Michael in his place. Ashton turned his attention back to Calum, who sat next to him on the couch tracing the name on his arm.

“Do you know where you can find her again?” Ashton asked, smiling at Calum. Calum shrugged, sighing. He suddenly felt very tired.

“I mean unless she gets fast food every night, I don’t know where else I’d find her.” The four boys sat somberly, the only sound in the room being the ticking clock on the wall.

“Well, hey,” Ashton said, wrapping an arm around Calum’s shoulders and giving him a squeeze. “My girl’s making dinner tonight and she’s invited a friend over. Why don’t you come and meet her?” Calum looked at Ashton, exasperated.

“I don’t want to meet any new girls.”

“Well maybe you can at least get laid,” Michael mumbled, earning another slap on the arm from Ashton. “Jesus! I’m just looking on the bright side!” Calum chuckled at Michael, rubbing at his tired eyes.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll come over. Not like I’ve got anything better to do.”


Sterek AU: In which the fire never happened and Derek grew up to be a well-adjusted member of society with a family and pack. He’s got a job as a Deputy at Beacon Hills’ Sheriff Department. Life is good. Until his neighbor, Stiles (who just so happens to be his boss’s son), graduates from high school and starts spending his summer doing distracting things, really distracting things. Like mowing the front lawn (3 times in one week is just pushing it), thin white tee stuck to his sweaty skin, doing little to hide the toned muscles underneath. Or washing his beat up old Jeep without a shirt on (and when did Stiles feel out so much?). Or sitting in the grass, strumming away on a guitar, and Derek knows for a fact that Stiles never played the guitar before this summer (so maybe he has a sister, Cora, who just graduated with Stiles, and he’s not afraid to bribe her to get what he wants). So maybe Derek always found Stiles intriguing (and ok, attractive, what with the perpetual bed head and mole dotted skin), but he never wanted to get to know him personally (and there he is, lying to himself some more). So it’s really not his fault, when, one morning, he steps out to grab the newspaper only to see Stiles, shirtless again good Lord, up a ladder cleaning out a rain gutter (and really now! Stiles never does work on the house, the Sheriff is always doing that, and it’s the middle of the summer for hell’s sake!) he finally snaps. Derek marches across the street with every intention of telling Stiles off (for what, he’s not really sure anymore, he thinks he maybe left his brain on his own porch) but looses steam when he’s standing under the ladder, staring up at the most perfect ass he’s possibly ever seen. His mouth hands open for a moment before he comes to his senses and finally clears his throat. Stiles jolts a bit, causing the ladder to sway. Derek instinctively reaches out to steady it (because Stiles is nothing if not accident prone) then looks up to find Stiles grinning down at him. And there’s a glint in his eyes, something Derek’s never seen on Stiles before, but it’s a look he recognizes. It’s the look he gets on his own face after a particularly successful hunt, it’s the look of a man who knows he’s finally caught what he wanted. Derek grins back and shakes his a head a bit. As Stiles starts making his way down the ladder, Derek reminds himself to thank Cora for giving Stiles all the right ammunition he needed to reel Derek in.