Federico Scavo - Strump feat. Andrea Guzzoletti 


I barely remember how we met, but I’m really happy I met you at this point in my life. We always joke on how we probably wouldn’t have been friends in the past, but ever since we met, we’ve been the best of friends. I don’t think we’ve actually ever fought. You always look out for my best interest, you’re honest, and you and I get along in the best way ever. We always joke around with things that no one else really gets, and we have way too many jokes to keep track of. Whenever something happens, you’re the first person I tell and vice versa. I don’t have a lot of close girl friends, but I guess I just need you because you’ve proven yourself to be a better friend than anyone I’ve ever met. I’m really lucky to have you as my best friend Strumpet.

'Ello love

You’ve lost yourself for sometime but don’t worry you’re back. That snarky, sarcastic, perverted, cold, far from serious and “happy” bitch has returned. 🙌 three cheers for Strump life.