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26: A vocalist you love? Joe Strummer, he isn’t the best by any means but its fucking Joe Strummer.

36: What’s the first album you ever bought with your own money?

KISS Animalize …feel free to mock me now but I loved KISS growing up and I saved up all this money and went to this weird mini mall record store and bought it on tape. I still waste all my money on buying albums.

60: A song that has a lot of meaning to you?

The Weakerthans “Everything Must Go”  it was the soundtrack for one of the most confusing parts of my life. Where I was half way through university and I didn’t want to be there. I just wanted to run my record label, put on shows and work at the record store but I was also scared because I knew my parents came to this country so I could get an education and do what they couldn’t. So I stuck it out. I was in love with someone even though I was supposed to be in love with someone else and it was all so confusing to me.And basically, I hated and loved my life all at once. I was a walking pop punk song.  I reluctantly went to the Weakerthans show that I helped put on even though I didn’t really get the hype around the band and after hearing this song it all clicked. Even though the lyrics really didn’t go with my problems I just felt like it spoke to me.I’d spend the rest of the summer with this album and specifically this song as my late night soundtrack where I questioned all around me. 

“I’ve got one thing to say about being the bass player … I didn’t want the role of being Entwhistle or Bill Wyman, stuck in the background. That’s too depressing and if that was what I’d been offered with The Clash I would’ve turned it down. Maybe that’s the nature of the job, or has been in the past; the bass player as the one that held the fort, so to speak, along with the drummer, letting everybody else go lunatic. But, y'know, why can’t we all be lunatics?” - Paul Simonon