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hey, I just saw this in your ask "So I recently learned about the origins of intersectional feminism and why a non-black person claiming it is appropriative. " I had no idea.. i did a quick google search, but didn't come up with anything on appropriation. Do you have recommendations on articles/blogs/resources to read on this? If not I'll continue to google and see what I can come up with, but i want to be SURE I get the right resources from someone who knows.

Of course! This seems to be a hot topic right now, so I’m happy to provide you and anyone else with resources.

Tumblr user strugglingtobeheard wrote a piece about a year ago on how White women using the term “intersectional feminist” to describe themselves is appropriative. The general gist of it is that because the term “intersectionality” was coined by a Black woman seeking to discuss and analyze the intersection of oppression specific to Black women (gender+race), White women cannot use the term because they do not live at that intersection. Because White women cannot understand how it feels to be Black, they cannot do justice to the original intent of the word. 

Here’s an excerpt for those who cannot read the full post now:

intersectionality is meant as a bottom up approach, not a top down approach. those with power cannot be “intersectional”. you are also not living intersectional experiences. intersectionality was always about exposing the ways Black women are caught up in multiple systems of oppression, namely race, gender and class, but often many more. it is meant to help Black women understand their experiences in a white supremacist patriarchal culture like the U.S. or much of Western nations that have applied this model onto most cultures from the outside. 

Shortly after that post, theroguefeminist made a PSA about it, saying that White feminists shouldn’t use the term because they experience privilege and try to use the term as a shield from being called out, etc. 

Here’s a snippet from that post:

Some of us like to think if we call ourselves “intersectional” then we’re not like ~THOSE~ white feminists those ~non-intersectional~ white feminists, but that’s not true. We are white feminists–we have white female privilege. We benefit just as much from white supremacy as anyone else and we are just as able to be racist and exclude, talk over, invalidate or ignore woc.

Another blogger, timemachineyeah, was doing research on the topic (just like you), and drew from both theroguefeminist and strugglingtobeheard’s posts, and others. The post was answered by strugglingtobeheard, who made a very interesting point on white women wanting to call themselves intersectional feminists:

White women really are not hands on. they want to be saviors and they want to be named and praised for what they have said but not what they do. and i think the focus on the naming is really an extension of that reality. what do you do? for women? for women of color? how are you applying the knowledge that women have intersectional experiences to your application of feminism? is feminism just an identity or is it how you live and do things?

And finally, here is a post from gradientlair, commenting on how Black feminists’ work in the field is often erased, while the credit is given to someone else. 

An apt bit here:

Womanism. Intersectionality. Matrix of domination. Misogynoir. Four of the many concepts that are fought tooth and nail to not exist[…] Subject to the scrutiny of imperialist White supremacist capitalist patriarchy (this is bell hooks’ combined term) and how it shapes epistemology. Eventually once accepted, then they are disconnected from its originators often for the purpose of silencing other Black women. There’s people who use the terms and ideas to push their agenda (agendas that usually exclude Black women) yet none of the originators are anywhere on their sites. […] when they discuss modern issues in feminism, they refuse to name Black women currently doing the work. They gladly name any White woman they’re referring to.

As for my thoughts on it, I’m of the belief that because anti-blackness is pervasive in every group, only those who can call themselves Black should be able to lay claim to the term “intersectional feminist.” This way, the term will always bring to the forefront the origins of the word. Though I also believe that everyone should apply intersectional theory to how they analyze oppressive institutions in general. 

I know this is a lot to read, so for a quick TLDR;

If you’re white, don’t call yourself an intersectional feminist because-

  • you do not experience the type of oppression that the term was coined to discuss
  • it has been used by white feminists as a shield to avoid being held accountable for bigoted actions or words
  • some white feminists fixate on it as a way to separate themselves from other white feminists in order to seem less problematic without putting in actual intersectional work (again, avoiding accountability)
  • intersectionality is often used without proper credit being given to the creators of the concept (Black women)
  • claiming it as a white woman erases Black women and pushes away the issue of anti-blackness

Hope all of this helped! And fellow Black/intersectional feminists, if I got something wrong, please add a response or send an ask!

-Mod T

As a Black Man who has dated almost every race of women I am here to tell you that...

White woman and Latina woman are just as much drama as Black Woman. Stop acting like something is wrong with Black Woman. I’m attracted to all kinds of women but you ain’t gonna see me justifying not dating a Black Women because they have “problems”. She even if black women are these naggers and got bad attitudes, they are still more likely to hold a Black Man down through some of the worst of times. I’ve seen Black women stick through there man in the worst of the worst of times. But I will say some of ya’ll Black Women and Men bloggers are really going down the deep end with the hate of each other. It’s not that serious half the time. We need stop making generalizations of each other because they are all bullshit. Cool out life is too short.

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You think you a good twerker? LET’S SEE! Grab a camera and show us what you got. Tumblr’s own strugglingtobeheard and arulpragasams will see what you got going on and pick the Top Three Videos. Then we’ll turn the three videos over to The Untitled Mag readers. The video with the most votes wins! So what are you waiting for? 

The contest runs until August 31st, 2012. The winner gets a spot on with your own Twerk Videos and Tutorials! 

Some stuff to know:

1. You must be 18+. We aren’t going to check IDs or demand to see some proof. We’re just going by the honor system. Honor it, please!

2. The video cannot exceed over 10 minutes. Try to keep it in the 2-8 minutes range. 

3. No nudity!

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"If you don't like what you see in the media you should create your own content."

(Just some observations from spending way too much time on tumblr…)

It’s fascinating and horrifying to me that this argument is thrown at marginalized groups whenever they critique popular culture for being the racist/homophobic/trans*phobic/sexist claptrap that it usually is. Horrifying and fascinating because it’s such a ridiculous, classist, ableist argument that somehow continues to survive

We see this argument pop up whenever people point out how, through the erasure of their existence in the media, their erasure in society is solidified, strengthened, and supported. 

We often see it whenever people point out how the same companies producing our media also tend to have fucked-up conflicts of interest. (For example, NBC, owned by GE, didn’t report that GE decided to build the Fukushima nuclear power plant on an earthquake faultline knowingly.) 

In the context of this capitalistic, dehumanizing system of media, it’s important to recognize that Tumblr has become a powerful support system for those not represented in our media, whether through organized blogs like The Fuckin’ Loudest Asians ( or the personal blogs of regular people who just want to see themselves represented (and share that vision with a like-minded community. 

In many ways, it seems to me that blogs like those of Strugglingtobeheard, Baddominicana, Highvoodoopussypope, Popularslutclub, etc., fill a void left by the bland, whitewashed, sexuality-and-gender-constricted world of mainstream media. They’re filled with incredibly diverse, inclusive, life-affirming, beautiful, and powerful depictions of communities that are rarely, if ever, represented positively in the media: trans* people (especially trans women of color); black communities, including the American Black, West Indian, and African communities; mixed-race and mixed-ethnicity folks; fat positive communities; and more. Tumblr is an invaluable community-building tool that has fed people, helped search for missing children, kept people in their apartments, and provided plane tickets and tuition money. It’s like Vogue, but created and cobbled together by actual people, not marketing gurus who worship Anna Wintour. 

What’s most fascinating, however, is how this community, tiny and marginal as it still is in comparison to any mainstream media source, is repeatedly attacked by bigots, ignorant white people, and brainwashed/internalizing POC. It is also repeatedly denied support from the tumblr staff in these situations. 

Never mind the fact that most bloggers explicitly state that they are blogging FOR THEMSELVES. 

Never mind the fact that the most well-known bloggers have dealt with hundreds, if not thousands, of abusive and repetitive messages. 

Never mind the fact that tumblr staff refuses to identify racial, ethnic, homophobic, and sexist slurs, death threats against POC and others, and other triggering and fucked-up attacks as serious (or provide a functioning block tool!!!!!!)

Therefore, what becomes increasingly obvious, once you’ve spent more than a week on tumblr, is that the “Create your own content” argument is completely ridiculous. Bloggers who are creating personal, high-quality, intelligent, funny, entertaining, diverse, inclusive content CONTINUE TO BE HARASSED, ASSAULTED VERBALLY AND WITH THREATS, AND GENERALLY MADE TO FEEL THEY SHOULDN’T EXIST. 

It doesn’t matter if you make your own content because there is literally no representation of you in the media, and the media refuses to represent you. If you are marginalized, people - usually straight, white men, but many others as well, notably white women - will find a way to shut you down, whether by making the atmosphere so triggering that people have to leave their sites or by ruining the atmosphere for everyone involved. 

Media and society in general need to stop using this cop out. It’s ableist, classist, lazy, elitist, and fucked up.

I feel that terms that we have that describe us as a people like black and blackness are best used when speaking about experiences that affect us ALL as black people.

I think that when we want to boggle things down to speak about our experience as Black Americans (in the US I mean) then (so that we dont erase black immigrants with our language) we need to be as specific as possible.

Especially when there are so many of us in America who don’t have slave origins. Our cultural genocide (as slave descendant Black people in America) has left us with only the term Black to describe our everything.

Our race is Black.

Our ethnicity is American Black [or just to some as generally stated is Black].

Our nationality (for those who don’t claim Americanism because of its racism) is Black. 

The unfortunate fact is (even if some immigrants want to try that im not black im [ethnicity] bullshit. trust me I’ve seen it -_-) Black/Blackness ALSO describes people who look like us all over the world, and DEFINITELY describes Black immigrants from other countries.

And as jules said Blackness is what society deems it so, and we all know that white america has NO problem homogenizing our cultures and identities as just BLACK, solely because our race is Black.

So when we talk about our blackness, and say things like “x is not black”, how are people supposed to know flat out what you’re talking about?

Are you talking about race, are you talking about ethnicity (and if you are one of those people that speak about black nationalism) are you talking about Nationality?

It makes it REAL easy for what you’re saying to be turned into identity politics.

And to be honest,

I think its a fair ass claim to say that Barack Obama is not culturally Black, or that he isn’t nationally (in terms of black liberation) Black. Especially with his bullshitty “bootstraps” speech, and “respect the injustice of a racist that killed a black child in America, and the jury that let him go free”.

Racially tho, he is Black. And if there’s no clarification of that, I think the point of a post can be lost REALLLY quickly.

AND I REALIZED AS I WRITE THIS, that Terrell at the end of his post said something to the effect of “he looks black but thats about it”.

Tbh he’s kinda right. But the words “he isn’t black” struck a LOT of nerves with people because w/o clarification, it SOUNDS like identity politics.

strugglingtobeheard disse:they aint hearing you tho, it’s all about their right to dominate and fuck exotic better than black women. i hate those men but i feel i dont hate them more than they truly hate themselves. you cant fuck your black away tho.

SMh… And really.. On some level it ain’t about the women.. They are just status symbols to them.. These niggas ultimately wanna be “massa”.. That’s who they want to be.. That’s how they want to feel… That’s how they want to relate and walk through the world..

And here come this frumpy ass bitch strugglingtobeheard jumping in the mix

I didn’t even see what the fuck she wrote, all I know is D Strugg is the epitome of someone that needs to get offline and stay off.

Ol’ moose faced bitch.

Do I have to really bring out the Twerking for Mother’s Day fiasco?

Take your trophy and sit down.

Y'all do understand that applies to y'all as well. 

It’s funny because they collect receipts on everyone they don’t like. Taking screenshots, post links to the posts, etc tagging it all as receipts. I damn sure know they did that to eastafrodite. I know they were looking for receipts on her being transphobic. Y'all took that screencap and took another screencap of her replying to somebody’s post. 

So y'all are allowed to do that to other people but people can’t do it to you? Okay. 

So I shouldn’t see anymore posts by any of y'all about how some blogger you don’t like changed their url names. I shouldn’t see Riley or any of y'all reblogging posts by people you claim to hate on your blogs. 


stugglingtobeheard....a.k.a. butthurt galore

If websites were restaurants, then would be a five star all you can eat buffet for trolls. I actually like this chick, (you are a chick, right? I don’t mean to misgender, since misgendering is murder or something like that.

Now, Blimp and impatiens are my friends, and they are good people. I wasn’t around for the first part of the great chat inquisition. But what I can tell you is that most of the joiners of that chat were not there to discuss Naruto, they were there to give Riley the verbal taint kicking she deserves. This strugg peep was the only one in her corner, and she’s even crazier than her! (Didn’t think that was possible.) Struggling is pity-baiting saying that she was called a cunt and psychologically abused. But here are the facts:

-impatiens has evidence of what really happened, she has the log. You don’t.

-Blimp called you a cunt after you told told her and imp to kill themselves.

-They told you your dad killed yourself after you said their parents must have hated their reproductive parts for making them as kids.

-Their intention was to piss you off because you’re a sanctimonious, psychopathic, sad little person.

Also, a sentiment from genderbitch (name is quite fitting!) “Holy fuck, kill them with fire and urine” < And they call us sociopaths with a straight face?
 I would advise all you sjw’s to see a shrink and ask if Paxil is right for you, but listening and reading with an open mind is not one of your strong suits. Besides, god forbid if said doctor was a white guy! The horror! Instead I will offer you some Preparation-H for your butthurt, it seems like you really need it. :D


Hugs and kisses! ~Nickaaa


I don’t know this woman personally… but if you are going to expose someone… what’s the cause?

I mean, is she…

  • A terrorist?
  • did she killed Tupac?
  • did she killed Biggie?
  • Is she the reason why the hood is flooded with drugs?
  • Is she linked to Reganomics?
  • Does she run a site that steals passwords?
  • Is she running a pyramid scheme?
  • did she threaten to kill you?

Wait - newsflash… she answered my ask…

… according to this here answer…

… she told a brother off…

that’s it? That’s it???

That’s all?

You got all this power… and you’re going to go after this genderfluid person based on… telling someone off?

You’re going to put someone’s life in danger… because… she has a mind and isn’t a vegetable willing to take your bullshit?

All of this… over… words…


And these are BLACK people acting up? Y'all upset because of one damn video? Y'all gonna expose someone’s address because she does what a woman who don’t want your ass would do anyway?

All this exposure over that?

All this timeline exposure over this?

All of these IDIOTIC HORSE HOCKEY (pardon my french) over getting butt hurt (sorry) about getting your feelings hurt???

What kinda… you know what… I’m going to bed before I hurt these assholes feelings and they wanna hack up my business name. I got a life.

*goes to bed* asshole fuckers doing CIA stuff for some misogynistic bullshit…