StrugglingArtist!Michael always sitting at the same spot on the corner every morning, with his guitar in his lap as he plays for whoever passes by, and everyday on your way to work, you pass him, usually dropping a dollar or two in his case for him. And as the weeks go on, he starts singing more and more songs about some gorgeous, mysterious, unnamed girl, and finally, one day you stop and listen, leaning against the lamppost across from him as he sings his heart out, and at the end of the song, he glances up at you with a sly smile, before finally speaking up. “Hey, my name’s Michael, and, um—I was wondering if you wanted to grab a cup of coffee?”

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Alright, Here we go! I got you fam

You were there for everything. You were there when he was on the streets singing, when he first got his autographed guitar at the concert you two went together, when he almost gave up on everything, you were there for it all. You and Luke were best friends, and you couldn’t have been happier. But lately, you knew that something was wrong with him.

It wasn’t anything serious like an injury, of course you knew that, but you were just crazy worried about him. His recent girlfriend Emily had broken up with him because of him not being able to provide for her, and another record label had turned down his band, on top of that he heard that Emily was supposed to be pregnant with his baby.

So that’s why you were driving in the streets of Sydney, on a Saturday night, picking up your best friend from the pub after he drunkenly called you. He sounded a wreck, and you knew that you had to do something. The night was setting in, and your hair was drenched in water from the rain that suddenly out of nowhere began to pour down on you. Luckily you got in the car in time, but it still managed to get you drenched.

You knew that Luke would be at the pub closest to his apartment, which was the Lucky Duck. Once you saw it in view, you quickly pulled in front of the run down bar and got out of your car. Your hair was partially dry, and you noticed that it started to get frizzy. You ignored it, and stomped into the bar.

You sassily crossed your arms and looked around the sorry excuse of a bar/ You looked around for the over grown man child and quickly found him sitting on a stool. You choked on air for a moment, realizing that he was practically shoving his tongue down a random brunette’s throat. You felt hurt for a split second, but shook it off. Your feelings for Luke didn’t matter at the moment.

You stomped up to him and practically pull him away from the girl. You turned your head to her and gave her a look, before she rolled her eyes and strutted away annoyed.

“Y/N!! What the fuck?!” Luke looked at you with an annoyed look. You stared at him in disbelief, before giving him another nasty look.

“You’re seriously yelling at me? You are the one clearly drunk to the piss and making out with a random girl. I’m taking you home Luke.” You grabbed his hand, but he pulled back and stared back coldly. “Let’s go Luke, now.”

“I can get up myself” He mumbled in disgust, standing up. You rolled your eyes again once you saw him stumble and wobble a bit. You put his long arm around your shoulder and supported his back, helping him out of the bar.

Luke didn’t mutter a word once you were both inside the bar. You started to drive now through the thick night sky, filled with illuminating stars. Stars were the many things that Luke and you loved to watch together. Being the nerd you were, you would always point the constellations out. You even named a star after the two of you. You chuckled at the memory, the remembrance of him calling it the 11:11 star. He said to always make a wish on that specific star at 11:11.

You loved Luke for a very long time, and it just grew stronger once he started dating Emily. She was a sweet girl and all, but she kept her distance from you specifically. She isn’t the type that Luke would normally go for. You just got a bad vibe off of her.

“I’m sorry..” You heard a croak from next to you.

You flashed to look at him, before turning your attention back onto the road. You saw that he had a few tear stains running down his face. It made your heart break into two pieces. His eyes were puffy red, and he was sniffling as well. You wanted to pull over and just give him a giant hug. But you were at least five minutes away from his apartment complex.

“I-I acted l-like a j-jerk and-and I’m just" You saw out of the corner of your eye, him putting his hands in his face. You couldn’t take it anymore. You quickly found a place, and pulled over.

“Luke..” You trailed off, not knowing how to start.

“No” He took a moment to sniffle again, wiping his tears. “I’m so sorry Y/N, all you were trying to do was help me. And I acted like a dickhead. But Y/N, I have a baby now. A fucking baby..” He gripped onto the roots of hair in frustration, blowing out air to cool himself down.

“No Lukey, it’s going to be okay! It’s going to be-” He cut me off

“No it’s not!! All I want to do is make it. I want to make enough money for us to live goddammit. I have to work two fucking side jobs to pay off the rent. I can’t take care of a fucking baby. On top of that, she told me that she’s been screwing around with people behind my back. I just can’t take it.” He finished, crying silent tears.

“Luke, It’s okay. We will see if it’s your baby or not. If she’s been fucking behind your back, then there’s a chance that might not be your kid. I love you Luke, I believe in you. You are going to make in this world. All of this is going to be a history! This is going to be a story that you’ll tell everyone in the world. I’m with you 100 percent Luke, I believe in you.” You let out a few tears yourself, but quickly wiped them away.

A moment of silence broke inside the car, neither of you couldn’t think of the words to say.

“I fucking love you, Y/N.” He finally let out, biting his lip ring.

(Sorry It’s so long, I got carried away. idek if this is considered a blurb or not but oh well. I can make it shorter or something. Sorry it’s late too btw.)

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I Will Never Forget Today...

I Will Never Forget Today…

Not to sound cliche but this is TOTALLY cliche… lol and I must forewarn you that I type in a very “stream-of-consciousness”-esque way so if you make it all the way to the end without giving up on the notion that I may have something brilliant to share with you, then I thank you!

It’s 5:30am and I’m listening to a funk playlist inspired by The Gap Band’s “Burn Rubber On Me” on Spotify while…

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If your in the area definitely go check this show out! I know my IG family members @inprimewetrust and @freakykissdesigns will have artwork in it and I’m hoping I will be able to get a couple of my classics in and possibly a new new + all my TMNT slaps but it’s not official yet but let’s cross fingers! @rosecitypizza is the place and pizza and turtles are their game. #tmnt #teenagemutantninjaturtles #pizza #artshow #artistunite #share #sharingiscaring #strugglingartists


What Would I do without discount Chinese shops Or Op Shops?

When putting together a shoot , i want everything that i originall visioned to be present or the option of using in the shoot. I collect bits and bobs , if i ever need something extra , I love props and accessories. Also when stylists are hopeless , cant commit or you want to style your own shoot ( mainly in the case for perfectionists) this is also useful.

Found 3 polos from vinnies that were ralph lauren , sportscraft and ben Sherman. Cost me 15 bucks collectively

Found a pink Marcs shift and Baqe? pants ( dont know the brand) for a collective 30 bucks. 

And of course the adidas cap for….$3 bucks. 

We’re quitting work and school and becoming artists. #paintingwithatwist #painting #designdistrict #fish #color #brushes #strokes #paint #acrylic #canvas #birthday #date #celebration #masterpiece #artistic #art #strugglingartists #graffiti #sharpie #goodtimes #healingart #reflection #expression #savethefish (at Painting with a Twist - Miami, FL- Design District)

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Okay but strugglingArtist!Calum always sitting on the same street corner, bright and early for the people on their way to work, playing his old beat up guitar. You owned a cute little book store on that same street, and every morning you’d walk past Calum and listen to his music for a few minutes, always giving the spare change you had from ordering your coffee earlier that morning into his guitar case. Never really introducing yourself or striking up a conversation. This happened for about two weeks before Calum was walking into your book store, purchasing a novel off of your book shelf, saying nothing more than a short “thanks” or “hello!” This happened for some time, the same thing every single day.

You had to admit, after a while you found yourself waiting for him every single morning, even going as far as buying him a coffee as well, just to have an excuse to talk to him. And every day he bought a new book, which you found a bit odd, considering there was absolutely no way on earth some one could read an entire novel in one night. A week or so passed, continuing the cycle of listening to Calum play, even noticing little things about him. The way his smile lit up his face when some one put money in his guitar case, or how passionate he was about his music, or how beautiful his voice was when he sang, which he began to sing every single day rather than every so often when you complimented on his voice.

Admitting that it made your day hearing him sing. You began to grow a little bit closer, talking about things other than traffic and weather. Him talking about what it’s like to be a musician and how hard it can be. You talking about your favorite books, him admiring the way your eyes seemed to light up when talking about the plot of whatever-the-fuck book you were talking about. One morning, he wasn’t there though. You pretended to not be disappointed when you carried two coffees in hand and realized he wasn’t on the street today. He walked in later that day, around 2pm, many hours later than usual. He stopped at your counter, seemed to ponder a bit on whether or not he should say anything at all. You watched him from behind a book shelf, noticing his frustrated look and he finally just shook his head, chuckled sarcastically under his breath, and turned to walk out.

“WAIT! Hey sorry I was putting some books back on the shelf, do ya need something?” You questioned in a hurry, hoping he’d stay considering he wasn’t there all day and you’re embarrassed to admit the way you missed his voice.

“Did you know that I have walked into this damn store every single day to buy books I don’t even care about?”
He started to dryly chuckle again and you just furrowed your brow at his statement. He went on.

“I’ve read only one book, and that’s because you had this look in your eyes and this excitement in your voice when you recommended the book to me. I actually fucking hate reading.”

You were still extremely confused. If he didn’t like books, then why the hell  has he been in here every single day to buy fuckin’ books.

“Calum you literally buy a book every day” you chuckle before asking, “why the hell are you buying so many books then?”

“I’ve been buying books so I have an excuse to talk to you.”
You started to laugh and he looked a bit disappointed if you were being honest.

“I shouldn’t have said anything. Im sorry” he began to walk out the door again, but not before you stopped him.

“You could’ve just asked me on a damn date Calum. I would’ve said yes.” You continued to laugh, and he turned around with this huge smile on his face.

“Really? You’ll go out with me?”

You nod while he just smiled and shakes his head and opening the door.

“I’ll pick you up when your store closes then.”

feel free to send in your own written blurbs for demon!5sos and strugglingartist!5sos blurb night!

Shout out to my brother and fellow music artist, @officialpatrickanthony . Bruh, how many times I gotta tell you? THEY GON KEEP SLEEPIN BUT WE GON KEEP DOIN WHAT WE LOVE! I’m so glad you ran this song by me first before you released it. Hahahaha God is GOOD! #STARTED #WeUsedToSitInTheStairwellAndBattleEachother #WhenWeListenToMusicTogetherNoOneUnderstandsWhatWeAreDoing #StrugglingArtists #MusicLovers #FromTheBayToTheRestOfTheWorld


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being stuck for days bc he’s already tried drawing EVERYTHING he possibly could and not seeming to finish anything but one day you’re on a particularly long train ride and pretend not to notice the kinda creepy cute dude who seems to be drawing you and just sit as still as you can until there’s one stop left before yours and you approach him asking to see it and he really sheepishly shows you and explains how “it’s the first drawing I’ve actually managed to finish in a pretty long while. You seem to inspire me” so you think about it for a minute before pulling him up by his hand and suggesting that you “go back to my place and see if I can inspire you some more”

feel free to send in your own written blurbs for demon!5sos and strugglingartist!5sos blurb night!

I stay giving all my cash and change to the homeless… smh… how i get suckered into buying one of those bum CD’s though? Bruvah man said he makes jazz music and i was like asdfghjkl fine… I’ll support the black business 😑😧😒😒 lol he also said i dont look like the kinda person to work in the building I’d just walked out of… lawd dont i know it haha
Someone better support me for this… get that karma right…
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Remnants of Pride.

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