The last thing I did in 2014 was pay a visit to my hometown food bank in Harrisburg, PA along with my brother, David Shiraki, tour manager, Brad Coletta, and long time friend and photographer, Dani Fresh. It felt like a great way to punctuate an amazing year in music and community service. I’m looking forward to partnering with great organizations like the Central PA food bank and members of our music community to affect more positive action in this new year. Let me know if you want to get involved. -k

Here’s my quote from the original blog:

“Hunger is an issue that effects people on both a global and local scale. Addressing hunger in the United States is not just about turkeys at Christmas and Thanksgiving, but rather, a consistent effort to meet the needs of the hungry in our communities and also change the system that created this inequity. It was so awesome to partner with artists, promoters, and show-goers on these food drives during my 2014 holiday shows.

In Harrisburg, we were able to donate 199 lbs. of food to the Central PA Food Bank. Most of the first shows I put on in the central PA area included food drives and it felt very good to get people engaged with this issue once more. I’m looking forward to continuing this work on hunger in 2015.”

We are releasing a brand new EP from The Sinking Feeling called ’Ugly’ on one side of a 12" record. The other side will have ’Old Friends’ on it, finally giving it the vinyl treatment it deserves. There will be solid black and frosted clear variants of the 12" up for preorder in the next few weeks.

You can hear ’Not Now’ from Ugly on the Sick Jams Compilation we released earlier this year, the EP was recorded and mastered by Bob Cooper in Manchester last year. You can also listen to ’Old Friends’ in full on our bandcamp page and we’ll be releasing a new track from ‘Ugly’ very soon.

Hawkchild DIY & Struggletown Records-
Strugglechild DIY:

Sheffield-based emo band known for being nominated at the Brit awards for 2012’s most handsome band. This is their third trip to Glasgow, this time to celebrate the release of their upcoming LP to be released on the internationally renowned label Dog Knights Productions. The ex-hollister model duo were the kind of kids in school who you were jealous of; the buff masculine dudes who got the girls, got invited to all the hot parties and didn’t have to wear hand-me-downs. They…’re gonna let rip with some of their famous jams that have established themselves as one of the nations top twinkle daddies.
FFO: Snowing, Algernon Cadwallader, Dads.

local emo three piece with songs that give you flashbacks to some of your favourite 90s emo bands. One of Struggletown Records’ most promising bands. FFO: Still Life, Mineral, bleached blonde hair.

one of those under-the-radar bands in scotland who seem to get more praise down south than they do here. shame on us, we’ve all slept on this band for way too long. indie/emo vibes playing with mathy sounds but steering far clear of cookie-cutter twiddle sounding bands.. the wonderkid LP on Autumn Jams will blow you away. you may have seen them recently play with the famous Raein and Crash of Rhinos. FFO: Hightide Hotel, Moss Icon, post-punk stuff.

edinburgh/borders lo-fi 90s emo/screamo sounds featuring members of Smithsonian and Your Neighbour The Liar. despite playing in england plenty of times, this is their first time playing in Glasgow! you may have had a nice peep of them on a couple of the dates of the first Football, etc tour in the UK.
FFO: I Hate Myself, Merchant Ships, feeling like you swallowed a mother.

Thursday 28th of March 2013
Doors - 8:00pm
Entry - £5

13th Note Café
50-60 King Street
Glasgow, UK
G1 5QT
Struggle 8 GIFS

Purely as an exercise in learning how to make animated GIFS, I used some of the footage I took at Struggle 8 earlier this month, and below are the results.

All of the bands played incredible sets and it was definitely a gig I’ll remember when looking back on 2011. Apologies for not having more footage to make some for each band, it just turned out that the Christmas lights Flood put up around them during their set helped significantly with how the video came out.

Feel free to spread them around

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Limited Edition Pressing of the debut Koji EP - Matters on Struggletown Records.

Struggletown is proud to be teaming up with Andrew ‘Koji’ Shiraki to press his debut EP 'Matters’ on vinyl for the first time. We’ve been friends with Koji since September 2011 when he played at Bar Bloc alongside Into It. Over It. when he won the room over with his heartfelt and honest acoustic indie-punk and engaging social activism.

Preorders are now live for this strictly limited release with 150 copies on Solid Green and 100 on Transparent Blue vinyl due to ship in early February 2015

Koji & Bob Nanna (Braid) UK & Ireland Tour Dates:

Feb 14 - Cardiff, UK @ Little Man Coffee
Feb 15 - Plymouth, UK @ Tiki Bar
Feb 16 - Kingston, UK @ All Saints Church
Feb 17 - Southampton, UK @ Joiners
Feb 19 - London, UK @ Old Blue Last [FREE]
Feb 20 - Birmingham, UK @ Alfie Birds
Feb 21 - Chester, UK @ The Compass
Feb 22 - Liverpool, UK @ Studio 2
Feb 23 - Manchester, UK @ Star and Garter
Feb 24 - Glasgow, UK @ 13th Note (RECORD RELEASE SHOW)
Feb 25 - Newcastle, UK @ Dog and Parrot
Feb 27 - Dublin, IE @ Fibber Magees
Feb 28 - Belfast, IE @ Bar Sub

Tickets for Record Release Show

The Good In Me
  • The Good In Me
  • Wolves At Heart
  • Last Call / Wolves At Heart Split

The Good In Me

I guess this goes to show, that moving on and letting go, they don’t always coexist. It takes some time till it sinks in. So now I’ll take all that we had. I’ll turn around and never look back. Now I can see what all this meant, and I won’t forget. You made the most of me, got my head up and showed me not to try to hide everything. You saw the good in me that I couldn’t. And I hope that what we had, was something that you’ll always keep, and that I used to be, everything you thought that you could ever need. But little did I know, through tired eyes it’s hard to show. While I was losing sleep, you were losing hope in me. So now I take it on my shoulders, the weight that you helped me to lift. There’s just one reason I’m still alive, and you were it.

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Our good friend Jack Thomson made a short documentary about the label for a uni project and he was kind enough to edit it down a little to put it up online for people to see. My hair is pretty 80’s and I talk a lot of mince, but it’s a good insight into what we do and why we bother.

Keir from Wolves At Heart, Chris from No Island & Fletch from The Sinking Feeling are all featured and talk about their involvement with us as a label.