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via Jeremy Renner app:

Q: In honor of Mother’s Day, what is the best thing your mom cooks?

Jeremy: My mom cooks everything the best… Even if it isn’t, mom cooks everything the best. 

TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE GOING THRU THE HARSHEST OF TIMES… Keep your head up, don’t doubt yourself, you WILL emerge victorious just as you always do, because you’re a warrior. You were born to fight and become stronger than many of those you are surrounded by. This is your fate, you are one of the chosen few to fight alongside of myself and all the others that have been fortunate enough to be the one who is relied on by others for your inner strength. warriors aren’t just born, they are forged in the flames of chaos and are strengthened by the torment of tribulation’s sorrow and pain. Appreciate your struggles, for they are opportunities to gain power and make you more resourceful. Here’s some water, wash the blood out of your eyes so you can see clearly again. Id like you to accept this katana I’ve specifically chosen for you as a gift to aid you in your battles. You deserve it because you have a kind soul and a good heart inside of you. I know you’re exhausted by the fight and the pain is making you lose resolve, BUT YOU CANNOT STOP. You have a whole new level of strength within you that you are unaware of, but I can see it. You are resilient enough to unlock it, trust me. I must go now for I have more battles to win and we have so many other brothers and sisters out there like yourself that I am destined to assist , but know that we will cross paths again… And when we do, you will finally understand why I have so much faith in you.