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Time coordinator-Coran 

Realm Guardians-the Lions 

The world is a circle-like structure filled with nature of all kinds, in the center of this world resides a small temple. The seasons- they manage everything but the center, their nature turns clockwise around the center slowly at certain points of the year. In the center, the temple is always the same- Four pillars- carved with each of the seasons on their respective pillar make up the outer portion of the temple. The inner portion contains two more pillars- again, carved with day and night on the respective pillar- holding up the glass that enables the light of day or the beauty of night to bask upon the center of the temple. As the seasons change, they slowly rotate clockwise horizontally- for day and night, they rotate counter-clockwise vertically. 

The guardians- the lions- are great beasts that stand guard over their respective season. The blue lion guards Winter, Lance. The green lion guards Spring, Pidge. The Yellow lion guards Fall, Hunk. The Red lion guards Summer, Keith. The Black lion stands guard at the temple, the mighty beast patrols the outside of the temple during both day and night.

The blue lion has a luxurious mane and very thick fur, a big sweetheart

The green lion is a precious soul that must be protected at all times. No mane, but lots and lots of flower crowns.

The red lion also has no mane, but has very soft fur. Really pretty, yet sassy, kitty.

The yellow lion is a chubby ball of fluffy, has a fluffy mane and is another sweetheart that must be cherished. Plays in all the leaf piles.

The black lion is a sleek, beautiful creature. They have an elegant curly mane and are very gentle.

The outside of the circle is a black void mostly that slowly creeps its way into the circle of the seasons, infecting everything it touches with a purple tinge and eventual death- The galra.


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Otherworldly Beauty

The top of an old fencepost completely encrusted with lichens, including a colony of tiny British Soldiers lichen (Cladonia cristatella), viewed here from the top and side.  The metal object in the top photo is a staple which probably once held barbed wire in place.  The otherworldly beauty of these tiny life forms blows me away.

New Jersey, January 24, 2017

Photos by @mellowcat-artist  All Rights Reserved.

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This gloriously brutalist house in Butanta by Paulo Mendes de Rocha and Joao de Gennaro, two pioneering Brazilian architects. The concrete structure pokes out through the surrounding greenery, a no-fuss attitude to its straight lines and repeating forms.

Images originally from The Modern House

Scientists track down possible new treatment for epilepsy

Increasing the concentration of specific fats in the brain could suppress epileptic seizures. This is evident from ground-breaking research carried out by the research groups of Professor Patrik Verstreken (VIB-KU Leuven) and Professor Wim Versées (VIB-Vrije Universiteit Brussel). The results of their close collaboration have been published in the leading trade journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Professor Patrik Verstreken specializes in brain research, focusing on synapses. These are the junctions between two nerve cells where electrical signals are transmitted. In various brain disorders — such as Parkinson’s disease — there is impaired communication at these synapses.

Professor Wim Versées examines the processes which take place in our cells, right down to the level of individual molecules and atoms. By figuring out the three-dimensional structures of protein molecules, he tries to obtain crucial information about their role in the cell and the mechanisms which underlie various disorders.

The key role of TBC1D24
In earlier research involving fruit flies, Professor Verstreken had already demonstrated that a protein known as ‘Skywalker’ plays a crucial role in maintaining communication between brain cells. An almost identical protein operates in the human brain under the name ‘TBC1D24’.

Professor Patrik Verstreken (VIB-KU Leuven): “Genetic mutations of the protein TBC1D24 cause a deviation known as the DOOR syndrome. Alongside deafness, deformed nails, brittle bones and mental retardation, this serious genetic disorder is characterized by neurodegeneration, movement disorders and epilepsy.”

Analysis with atomic precision
By joining forces with Professor Wim Versées at the VIB research center for structural biology, the scientists were able to figure out the three-dimensional structure of Skywalker, making it possible to study the protein in microscopic detail.

Professor Wim Versées (VIB-Vrije Universiteit Brussel): “Looking at Skywalker in this way gave us completely new insights into the precise function of this protein, and therefore also the function of the human protein TBC1D24. Among other things, we discovered that it connects with specific brain fats. And more importantly, this connection is impaired in over 70% of patients with a TBC1D24 mutation.”

Suppression of epileptic seizures
On the basis of this discovery, the scientists increased the concentration of specific brain fats in fruit flies with a Skywalker mutation. What happened? The epileptic seizures in the sick fruit flies were completely suppressed.

Professor Patrik Verstreken (VIB-KU Leuven): “Our work shows that increasing specific brain fats at the synapses of patients with a TBC1D24 mutation is a possible strategy for preventing epileptic seizures. And although our work focuses on people with TBC1D24 mutations, we think that our findings could be relevant to various forms of epilepsy.”

Scientific cross-pollination
Professor Wim Versées (VIB-Vrije Universiteit Brussel): “Our two research groups will now continue to collaborate in order to seek out strategies for increasing the concentration of specific fats in the brain to prevent epileptic seizures. This research stems from cross-pollination between structural biology, biochemistry and genetics, so we will certainly continue down this interdisciplinary route.”

DAY 3212

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Jan 13,  2016               Fri  10:10 pm

Festivities galore in the firmament of our days .. ‘Lohri’ up in the North, ‘MakarSankranti’ in the astrological dates of the Calendar, and ‘Pongal’ in the Southern parts of the country ..

And my wishes go out to all for happiness and good cheer, for peace and loving .. and most of all fulfillment .. fulfillment justifies a completeness that any other does not .. and so respect its value and examination ..

When the body bodes well .. when the structure of nature given to us at birth with all its complicated insides .. when those that understand its delicate forms .. when willingness to accept and be constructive enough to sustain its presence despite shortcomings .. then .. then shall there be deliverance ..

Comparisons shall vary .. they should .. nature and the ‘Maker’ did not do favour .. He or a She did what they had on their pallet .. delivered the difference and watched with bated breath how it would be used abused accepted destroyed reconstructed - for many in today’s times do indulge in changing what has been given to what could have been given, inviting designs, that to me, invariably wish they hadn’t for the original is always the best !!

But to each his or her own .. more her .. for they seem to be challenging the most in the percentages that could be sourced of ‘the responsible, beautified change’ !!

Science and its progress, has drifted our attention away from the real, to the manufactured real .. attachments and gadgets harnessed onto the systems of not just humans but all methods of physical manufacturing, relies believes and calculates according to what the meter or computerised information shall emanate .. reliance on the human has diminished considerably .. in every walk of our lives and existence ..

Robots are replacing humans and that too with an attitude that defies normalcy .. they are constructed by man, run and programmed by man, yet there is uncertainty on their behaviour .. a report recently informed us that one such demagog beserked his way to assassinate the maker ..

So .. the Almighty made us .. and we have the right to assassinate the Almighty at given time or reason .. !!?? that is not right or doable .. is it ..? 

No one has seen the Almighty .. and those that have, and many do each hour, have never fed back to us the detail of the meeting .. however enlightening it could or would have been ..

Planes and cars fly and work on their own .. auto pilot the plane and you can start reading the newspaper or have a conversation with the passengers at the back, outside the cockpit, without much ado .. cars are getting into driverless conditions .. and even now, when put on ‘drive mode’, on long distance highway travel, helps us to rest our feet and merely keep that circular wooden or material operator in your hand, to turn or twist at your will .. pilotless aircraft are causing grievous injury during war operations .. this .. this very medium that you read now has replaced the pen and ink .. words appear, words correct themselves in spelling, and if faulted gives options for correction .. seeking information does not require miles of travel or educated years of study .. it is a click away ..

So in the rehab as I said .. the specialists are busy consulting their machines of information instead of watching the client struggle at the treadmill or bike of the weights or the medicine ball or the bench press er, leg extension er, or any other well designed instrument that competes with your muscular ability to win and put you in breathless shame  …

But it is a comfort zone of bewildered anonymity .. anonymous to the scientific graphic contours that build intricate ups and owns on a scale of reference .. they are the gauge for us all .. they control our being and well being .. and reliance on them is considerably more attention seeking than any other …

A strange world engages you at the bazaar of complicated weaponry inside that reconstructuring arena - the gymnasium .. !!

‘Gymnasium’ .. hehahaha .. a word that stands in its discovery form here :late 16th century: via Latin from Greek gumnasion, from gumnazein ‘exercise naked’, from gumnos ‘naked’.

AND NO .. that was not devised by me .. it is factual and real .. and if it was or is .. how many really go according to the 16th century observation of the ‘way God built us and brought us into the world’ .. err .. not me at least .. I cannot say about the others  …!!!

Such mundane talk and conversation on this platform .. when there has been other interesting developments in the creative world .. a world that we all inhabit and enjoy to our fullest ..

There can never be any more intrinsic and loved in its alert mind than the course of forming ideas that then dramatically change into fact and fiction and reality and intense critical viewing .. art in its devious methodology has indeed become another tool in the world of the web or computerised excellence .. the most vivid and enchanting visuals get recreated on canvasses that defy and challenge the real .. and with suitable substance ..

Substance that aims for reward at every brush of its creativity .. and that is where competition emerges in its ogre like presence, drifting away in the breezes of commerciality, bringing joy when its attained, hurt and debilitation when not .. 

But .. 

the decision taken for reward is not your own, it belongs to the other .. the other shall decide for posterity, value worth and recognition .. the other shall document your good or your bad ..

That is a sacrilege ..

My art contains and envelopes my reading, thought and sweat .. from my inner bodily presence .. it needs my acceptance, my perseverance value, and my consent for reward .. I shall know the right from the wrong .. I .. no other .. the other may consider its worth and reward .. that shall be acceptable, but it cannot replace the creative personality of its creation .. or the moment and health of its making ..


which is why, the best occasion for celebration is the one that resounds within us .. inside our insides .. not within the decision insides of another .. NEVER !

And that is why I ‘read the papers and laugh’ .. as I did earlier on the Twitterised 140 ..

Be in well behaved circuit .. in command and intensity of your own worth .. nothing can ever invade or make hostile, your own .. this special body of flesh and skin and veins and brain, shall remain unique in every respect and time ..

Honour and dignify it .. it does not take long to do so .. 

Just do it .. (with due apologies to Nike) ..

Amitabh Bachchan