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The Birds and the Bees (Jughead x Reader)

Imagine: You’re hopelessly in love with your boyfriend, Jughead Jones. When the subject of physical intimacy comes up one day with your best friends, you find yourself afraid and in doubt.

Saturdays were one of your favorite days of the week.

Veronica would pull up in her luxury car and take you and Betty to the Galleria outside of town. You both would follow her around as she surveyed the newest imports and replenished her gorgeous wardrobe, talking and laughing the whole time. The wares of the Galleria were far above anything you could ever afford with your minimum-wage income, but you adored the two girls you would spend the day with.

Veronica always had the best gossip. Mostly passed along from Kevin, who refused to join (”I will not play into that gay stereotype!”), Veronica always had stories ranging from the scary to the scandalous to the just plain hilarious.

“And the cross-country team caught her getting it up the ass on a stump in the woods!” Veronica said, laughing over her kale smoothie.

“Ronnie!” Betty scolded, face red. You could tell she was suppressing laughter as well, sipping on her strawberry smoothie.

Anyway,” Veronica said, slapping her hands on the patio table in finality. “What about you, (Y/N)?” She grinned devilishly.

“Got any good sex stories yet?”

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Background designs from the final episodes of Book One: WATER, Episode 18: The Waterbending Master / 19 & 20: The Siege of the North (Part 1 & 2). By Elsa Garagrava, Bryan Evans, Mike van Cleave (not sure about Konietzko, or others). Scans from ”The Art of the Animated series“ (order)

Bryan/Mike: The Avatar is a travelling road show, we rarely spent more than one episode in any given place. Being in the Northern Water Tribe for three epiosdes gave us the oportunity to further develop a complex location and explore it from many different angles. || Much consideration was given to what materials the Water Tribe would use in their architecture, due to their limited resources. In many places throughout the city, the structural supports were fashioned from whale bones, while Waterbenders formed the ice into beautiful buildings, bridges, and sculptures. 

However great [Chopin’s] admiration for the works of Beethoven was, certain parts of them seemed to him too rudely fashioned; their structure was too athletic to please him, their expression too violent, as if their enormous, bursting passion would drown everything. The lion’s marrow which is found in every one of the phrases was to him a too substantial matter, and the seraphic accents, the Raphaelesque profiles which appear in the midst of the powerful creations of this genius became at times almost painful to him in so violent a contrast.
—  Franz Liszt

I reflect therefore I am…aware of the cycles that ebb and flow. Through me. In a time of review-a milestone of 5 years attending LIB, I wonder if I have come any further or if I have wandered any farther from my truth. If the only foundation is certain transformation how can I trust the ground will be steady beneath me?
LIB was all uphill for me this year. From the ride in, battling the harsh onset of my period and hearing the painful news of Dream Rockwell’s absence from the festival. Perhaps in the power of the new moon was the opportunity to face this darkness. To realize I was never in it just for the party. It’s always been about the feeling of hope and possibility for positive change that infused the entirety of this movement. Yet just as there were clouds present for the first time in the sky, the sense of overcast echoed throughout my experience of the weekend.
What is my role in all of this? And how will I rise to fill it?

For one, I renew my commitment to shining my light as embodiment of the divine feminine. In a profound meditation led by Goddess Rising Sisterhood, I was gifted the encouragement to adorn myself in honor of my body as a celebration of the feminine cycle as sacred.

I am appreciative of the synchronistic alignment required to partner with festival wear creatrix Prancy Kat in this time of profound need for reclamation of my body as an altar to the Goddess. Thank you for allowing me to adorn myself in your kaleidoscopic swimsuits.

More reflection to come.
Beautiful structure created by Shrine On.