structure of flowering plants

What Origos Think, and What the Truth Really Is

1. They think they have won and they think ichiruki will disappear
The truth is, ichiruki fans will not disappear. Unfortunately for everyone, a good portion of fans will not allow Origos the luxury to swim in their puddle of yellow-brown pee and diarrhea.

2. They think people will stop calling them Origos/Orgs
The truth is, no one is going to stop calling you Origos or Orgs. We even call you Origos when we talk to our priests at confessionals. And when we buy a villain-hitting DIY kit, we write Origos on the paper provided. You will be Orgs your whole life

3. They think the origo baby’s name is so kewt
The truth is, the origo baby is named after the reproductive structures of plants. The cock and vagina of a flower. He is a fucking Thumbelina, who was born of a flower and if it’s not obvious by now, his birth parents are actually Orishit’s 6 fairies fornicating with each other.

4. They think everything they have vomitted in the past 15 years have been completely validated
This is true. Kubo is an org. He thinks and acts exactly like them. And that’s not because they are intelligent. It’s because they got lucky that the author is as stupid and as vindictive as they are.

5. They think ichiruki fans/non-shippers will be intimidated by their piss-poor attempts at screencapping, tumblr/twitter trolling, /a/ hoohah-ing.
The truth is, no one gives a shit about what they think. Refer to Answer #2 and #4. 


Small flowering and structural forms (reminiscent of wildflower fields) high density planting, and the presence of blending shades like brown, gray and pink allow a rainbow of colors to coexist without overwhelming the eye.