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The later Artemis Fowl books work for me because the worldbuilding falls apart at the same time that the genre subtly shifts, so that while the first books are heist novels the last one is a fairy tale. They start off being all about rules and how to exploit them and end up being all about fighting back even when you don’t know what the rules are.


{nov 18} My planner! The answer to all my planning problems was a refill planner - now I can customise it & add as many random pages as I want! 

My friend came up with a new planning structure for me, so we’re experimenting how well it goes. The key is to change my focus weekly between uni work and design projects. So far I’m loving this structure ❤


Bones is great with kids. He’s a dad, so he knows how to raise them. He is the one who reads kids bedtime stories and who makes sure that they aren’t hurting themselves. Kids love to ride on his shoulders because he is so tall. Bones is the one kids go to when they are tired and want to be cuddled. Bones thinks that kids need structure and love in order to find their own path.

Kids love to play with Jim. His sunny personality made him to go-to guy for horsing around, the one who will throw kids into the air. He is the one who will let the kids get away with eating sweets before dinner. Jim likes to let the kids play Captain. He will let them run around the Bridge and play with the controls. Jim thinks that kids should be able to settle their curiosity by exploring.

Kids also seem to like Spock, to the amazement of both Jim and Bones. Kids like to ask Spock questions because he is the only adult who will answer them all, no matter how many. He will teach the kids new things. Bringing them to the Science Labs and showing them all of the experiments that are done on the Enterprise and why. Spock believes that all questions should be answered, and that a child’s thirst for knowledge should never be ignored.

Together the three make the perfect team for taking care of kids. The Enterprise always seems to end up in wierd situations, where they either end up taking care of a kid or entertaining a planet Ambassadors children. So the crew quickly learned to call the three senior officers if there is ever a kid involved.


Untamed by Giulia Basaglia
Via Flickr:
“Do not try to make sense of my madness or structure my chaos. Love me as I am or leave me be, for this wild heart was not born to be tamed”