Some ways are ready,
a few under construction,
many only on paper.

Paths are many different,
it depends on the purpose,
Vary depending on goal.

There are real ways,
Other imaginary,
Everyone has destination.

They may be winding
as thought or
short and direct.

There are many ways.
just choose the best
or more convenient.


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Mobile Robotic Fabrication System for Filament Structures

Project from the Institute of Computational Design uses wall-climbing robots to create web-like structures:

The project Mobile Robotic Fabrication System for Filament Structures, demonstrates a new production process for filament structures. It proposes multiple semi-autonomous wall climbing robots to distribute fiber filament, using any horizontal or vertical surface, or even existing architecture, to support the new structures. Compared to larger scale industrial robots that are limited by position and reach, these robots are enabled with movement systems and a collection of sensors that allow them to travel and interact accurately along typical ground, walls, roofs, and ceilings. One can imagine a fabrication process where an operator arrives to the scene with a suitcase housing all the necessary robots and materials to create a large structure. These agile mobile robotic systems move robotic fabrication processes beyond the constraints of the production hall, exposing vast urban and interior environments as potential fabrication sites.

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details by Jeremy Sorrells
Via Flickr:
Victorian mansion in Memphis, TN  

© Jeremy Sorrells