Alex Grey - Progress of the Soul pt. 55

“Gaia” 1989, Oil on Linen.

The day after our daughter, Zena was born I had a vision of Gaia, the World Soul. Gaia was the tree of life or web of life with her roots in the subatomic, atomic, molecular, and cellular levels of matter (mater/mother) reaching upward through the oceans, stones, soil, grass, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, air, and atmosphere to nurture all plants and creatures. A natural cycle of birth, sustenance, and death was woven into the tapestry of Nature, Gaia continuously gave birth to life through the love energy in her heart. The future generations of humanity were symbolized by a human mother nursing in Gaia’s cave. Gaia’s body was being ravaged and destroyed by man, reflecting the present crisis in the environment. A diseased and demonic phallus had erected structrues all over the earth to suck dry Gaia’s milk and turn it into power and money. The wasteland of a disposable culture was piled high and was seeping into the microgenetic pool causing diseases and defects in the Great Chain of Life. Emerging also from that microgenetic level – but on the side of Nature – was an evolutionary alarm represented by a large “seeing” hand which catalyzed the collective will of the people, enabling them to see, with eyes of unobstructed vision, the actions necessary to stop the destruction of the world soul.

anonymous asked:

You're bio States you're a feminist, but I'm a man and I want to follow you're blog.. Are you a feminist to the point you say things such as "all men are idiots, all men intend on bad deeds etc." ?

You can follow my blog if you are a man. Feminism isn’t about y’know hating on men 24/7. It’s more about dismantling oppressive power structrues and gender roles and examining privilege.

I mean you’ll see me hating on the patriarchy a lot which is a system upheld by men that privileges men, but not on individual men for being men. I mean obviously there may be some pricks out there I hate on who are men, but it’s not just me going, oh look, a male of the species, let us destroy them!

Your message gives me vibes that you probably won’t like my blog though. I just get that impression to be totally honest. You seem to equate feminism to being anti-men which y’know, I’m not here for. Feminism isn’t even about men. It’s about liberation from the patriarchy for all genders, especially women. I always get a bit miffed when people make feminism about men. Defending and supporting the rights of women doesn’t mean you have to despise men. It’s not that you pick a gender and that’s it, that’s where your alliegence is, all others are scum. I mean looking at it in that way is pretty rubbish anyway because it’s assuming there are two genders and you must love one and hate the other. When obviously there are more than two genders and the situation is far more complex than that.

Anyway, no, I won’t say all men are idiots. (I don’t like that word anyway).

I will probably say that a lot of men are pricks due to growing up in an oppressive system with a ton of privilege they probably can’t recognise and being groomed since birth to aspire to the patriarchal male gender role which is pretty toxic in itself. 

But that’s as far as I go.

My favourite person in the world is a bloke. I am very fond of them/you  individually. I’m just not fond of being treated disrespectfully, denied opportunities, and demeaned because I am a woman.

Again I feel uncomfortable with having to assert that I like/love men as though that’s somehow something I should have to do because I proudly call myself a feminist, but there you go, I’ve done it for you. Hope this answer helps you decide whether to follow or not.