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What are you favorite things about Oscar?

So I´ve had this is my inbox for ages, sorry, but I wanted to be able to actually sit down and answer it with a cup of tea.

Firstly he is very important to me on a purely personal level. Not to give you the full long story but he was there for me when I felt very lonely and confused. I remember in particular seeing the quote “[…] there are terrible temptations which it requires strength to yield to” and being like….. wow yeah this is how I feel about a lot of stuff in my life (that I today wouldn´t call temptations but like….. fundamental parts to a happy healthy life…….). I´ve also kept a journal dedicated to him for several years

Secondly he is such a role model. I have previously discussed at length how he in no regards was a saint, but he is a gay icon and there´s a reason for that. The man went to prison, not because he slept with men, but because he was brave and/or naive enough to stand up for it. And I believe we need brave and naive people in the world. Like to try to sue a man because he called you a “somdomite” in fucking Victorian England and then not flee the country when you lost the trial and you know they´re coming for you… that takes some guts I hope I would have but I´m not sure I would. And then delivering a speech during the trial that literally makes the courtroom start applauding when you´re (just goin to repeat this one more time) IN FUCKING VICTORIAN ENGLAND that….. that is just……. i mean can you believe this man? can you believe he did that? he made a courtroom the 19th century england give him a standing ovation for speaking passionately enough about gay love

Thirdly the way he rose to fame is kind of classic. Man my biggest dream is to do an Oscar Wilde and just swoop in and become famous for being famous. ANd I want to wear fancy clothes and have fancy boyfriends and drink fancy drinks 

Lastly he is an amazing writer and all that and I look up to him so much also for this. The boy sure knew how to construct words into sentences. Like he is so so brilliant because he makes it look almost effortless? Even the more serious works are so light and clever on some level. Compared to so many contemporaries he is still an easy read today because all the flowery romantic decoration aside he is super efficiant and structered? Like in a couple of sentences he can sum up something it would take other writers several pages. So the text he produces is never heavy or difficult to get through. Like you know how really nice expensive silk fabric is to touch? Oscar Wilde is like that but with words. He is the shirt you will never afford. Which is fittingly the shirt he would be wearing as well so

Brooding Caverns and Jadebloods Headcanons: Part 1 - The Mother Grub(s) and Drones

Due to the sheer size of Alternia, the brooding cavern is, in fact, one huge misnomer: There are MULTIPLE brooding caverns across the planet, each with their own Mother Grub. However, this is one MAIN brooding cavern, where the MOTHER Mother Grub lives. It’s a lot like the cycle of the Xenomorph, with a Queen Xenomorph having a hive, but being controlled by a Queen Mother. The Queen Mother Grub would live there and it’s the biggest, most prosperous hive on Alternia. Connected to both land and sea, it’s where probably roughly fifty percent of the troll population comes from. The number of smaller hives would definitely vary and may have actually shrunk since the Empress set down regulations on Jades and the caverns, but I would assume that they number at less than ten, but never less than five. 

The other caverns are smaller than the Queen’s cavern and the Mother Grubs in these lesser hives are also smaller. Each, however, have a colony of drones that spend most of their time taking care of the Mother Grub and actually posses enough of a base intelligence for the jadebloods in the caverns to command - to an extent.

For the most part, Drones are left alone to do as they wish, but due to working closely with them, most jadebloods are much less fearful of them than most trolls, even to go so far as to actively hang out in the drone nests with little to no fear. They are much more beetle-like than their troll brethren and posses a chitin shell and black blood. His Honorable Tyranny is most likely a drone as well, but older and much more mature and ten times smarter than an everyday drone. It’s possible that he is a mutated drone that had gained sentience and over time grew to a colossal size.

The Mother Grub, Trolls, and Drones are all related to each other as well! However, Drones and Trolls are so far apart from each other, genetically, that it’s like comparing zebras to horses or humans and chimps. Drones are born from unfertilized eggs that the Mother Grub lays, while trolls are born from fertilized ones. Trolls are, in reality, a parasite. Thousands, maybe millions of years ago, the troll race infected and effectively hijacked the Mother Grub reproductive system, creating a sort of symbiotic relationship with them and dooming the troll race by itself to a less critically endangering Muller’s Ratchet and over the process of thousands, maybe millions of sweeps, integrating the parasitic troll race seamlessly to the life cycle of the Mother Grub and her drones.

The Caverns itself are built like a hive. Drones release a resin like structer when they nest, creating hives in the rocks where they can live and raise their own larvae and the Mother Grub is a stationary birther, with the Drones feeding and cleaning her as she hangs from the cavern ceiling and births eggs. Before the existence of trolls in the Mother Grub’s biology, there was a third class of workers in her species, but trolls had effectively replaced them and seamlessly placed themselves into her life cycle. The trolls now fulfill the original job of this third class and things run as usual.

Amongst the jadebloods in the caverns, there is a myth that the first troll to be hatched to the Mother Grub was, in fact, a jadeblood. This is theorized to be why they are so close to her and why they’re so in tune to her needs. Whether or not this is true is up to the interpreter, since it’s impossible to prove.

Trolls are are a fucking parasite race.


Selected works from physics PhD student and artist Emma Tolley.

I’m probably best known for my hexels/trixel work. I have a lot of fun working with trixels; they provide a constrained geometry similar to pixel art and yet entirely different. Pixel art has been around for a long time and there are a lot of existing conventions about how to make appealing shapes, lines, shapes, etc. It’s fun (and often challenging) to render characters on a non-rectangular grid, where shape and line conventions are not so well defined.

In certain configurations trixels naturally lend themselves to constructing isometric perspectives, which provide a nice structered way to render wide-shot scenes or build grid-based landscapes. In images like these I’m usually concerned with creating interesting scenes rather than specific stylistic or rendering choices.

I also love writing software that generates procedural animations based on simplified physical principles. It’s fun to generate complicated animations by manipulating simple objects, like making rippling water effects by pushing around triangle vertices or animating a waterfall by programming line segments to obey gravity.