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Don't you doubt that Hide's related to Yoshitoki after the recent chapters? If he's actually a Washuu, he could be from the main branch, and the Chika thing could be referencing that. Though I wonder what species would he be then...

Hi, anon!

I always doubted that Hide is a Washuu. :’) But there might be always a possibility of course.

If Hide’s indeed from the main branch, who is his father? I don’t know about you, but Yoshitoki never  interacted with Hide in any non-professional way and I never heard from Yoshitoki’s siblings or Matsuri’s uncles. (Doesn’t mean they might exist)

Also, what I think is very Washuu like is his two faced attitude. I am starting to like Hide, and no, I don’t think Hide is a psychopath or a serial killer or anything, but Hide is definitely shady to me, always has been.

I mean look at this (ch. 133, p. 13)

…which reminded me Furuta’s act in ch. 50, ch. 53 in a rather mocking manner and with Hide it seems to be no different. (and Hide can be mocking, he did it with Marude as well as with his best friend)

And then we have ch. 136, p.16 and I swear to the Noodlelicious One, he looks pretty frightening (and we don’t get to see his eyes).

Also interesting that you mention the branches.

We already see one branch and that is basically next to the main house. But if we take a look closer at the left square, there is a path leading to somewhere, supposedly to the third branch (or maybe they own an attraction park down there, everything’s possible at this point) (ch. 61)

And considering that neither Hide nor Yoshitoki ever interacted with each other (well, at least not on-screen if I remember),it seems to lead that if Hide is Washuu, he is possibly from a lower branch (but that is just my assumption). I just can’t think of Yoshitoki letting Hide roaming around at night as a child no less, and let’s not forget that Yoshitoki wouldn’t allow him to live alone, especially at such a young age. So yeah, I personally think that would be very out of character of him.

But I did notice that Hide is awfully unconcerned when being in Kamii. I mean, he reads newsletters during the lecture. I really don’t want to sound grumpy, but that is strange because Kamii is a university for the upper-class and highly intelligent people and while I have no doubt that Hide is cunning and very intelligent, I will be honest and dare to say that Hide possibly, judging by his attiude, didn’t try his best in school. And even when he was accepted, he still has no interest in university except activities with Kaneki and Kamii, I am sure of it, must be expensive. I could imagine Kaneki going to university due to a scholarship, but Hide? I have the slight suspicion that he only studies what he studies because Kaneki is also there. He didn’t want to be seperated from his friend. How adorable. :’)

But yeah, his knowledge about ghouls in exceptionally accurate. Of course, Hide even has an explanation for that.

Even if we leave Kamii out, let’s take a look at his room.

Countless of manga, a laptop, a mobile (and from the looks of it, it’s an Iphone), a TV, a DVD player, a lamp and a DVD recorder. All things that a middle class person posesses, but damn expensive to obtain if you live alone. So, where does his money come from? (I also figured out that his laptop is from ASOS and his TV from Panasonic. I have absolutely no idea why I tell you that.) And do you notice how many bottles are there? But it doesn’t seem to be water.

And by the way, this is Kaneki’s apartment.

(Yeah, Kaneki scratch that, it’s better you leave that for good)

In regards to the main branch, many heirs like Tsuneyoshi and Yoshitoki have the suffix, yoshi –> meaning good luck, good fortune, auspicioussnes, while the yoshi in Hide’s name means simply “good.”

Very close, even if it’s not the same Kanji. If Hide is a lower branch heir (or member), then this would be intersting as his Kanji I talked about above is a shortened form in contrast to the “yoshis” in main branch.

Oh, and the “chika” used by Yoshitoki as a nickname, can also be read as “yoshi.” So he introduced himself as as a short form of Yoshi(toki.) The “chika” in Nagachika and the “chika” in Yoshitoki’s name have nothing in common from the looks of it, but who knows. But it is interesting that we never got to see the lower branches either. (I hope that’s the right term). 

On the question what he is… well, in chapter 1 we see this. 

While Kaneki is slowly drinking it, Hide has already drunken everything. Hide really must like coffee.

“Do they reall exist? Monsters that eat people?” “They must.”

“You know, Kaneki… let’s talk about something besides ghouls…”

This whole interaction seems to be so odd. Why do they have to exist? As he already knows people who are like that? His family? He doesn’t have any friends besides Kaneki, so is it him? And Hide is prone to change the topic when he is uncomfortable with something, he did the same thing during his conversation with Nishisnake.

But I will also state that he appears to eat and drink regular food.

It doesn’t look like coffee to me, and considering that there are ice cubs in it, I can imagine that this is probably a Cola. But the drink is still full, in contrast to the coffee cup he already drank to the fullest. Did I discover a hint?

And here both of them didn’t drink it. And note, in this scene Kaneki is already a ghoul.

But at least here I get disproven. Possibly. Hide does take a bite and he seems to enjoy it. But strangely I am not convinced. Maybe because Hide is really a good actor. And Nishiki perfectly mastered the art of eating as well. 

And here, anon, he is almost taking a bite. Almost. But we never see him actually doing it. Mostly because Kaneki focuses on Nishiki.

Here we see Hide’s drink untouched. He only takes a sip, that’s it. And Ishida really focused on that, didn’t he? 

 It would be very ironic that Hide pretended to be a human in front of Kaneki since his childhood and even after Kaneki’s ghoulication, but Hide hides many issues from Kaneki either way. The mystery of his parents, his relations to the CCG (I think Kaneki didn’t even know that Hide was a CCG member, even if he appeared in uniform. That is probably because Kaneki was in delirium), the agreement with Kishou and probably that Hide secretly spied on Kaneki. 

But in the end, there are also things I want to clarify (at least what I think is the case). 

–>If Hide has mixed blood, or even full blood of a ghoul, he never used his kagune once, not even in the most dangerous situations, for example his interaction with Cain and Yamori. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have one as well. That would explain why Hide is so good at tracking and fooling people.

–>He mastered the art of appearing human. Kaneki had no idea.

–>He is very unconcerned about his future. He likes Kaneki and is hellbent of discovering secrets over secrets.

—>He knows with what people he has to be careful with and tells mostly half-truths to strangers, if at all.

—>Hide likes western music, interesting things, cute girls and steak. (it could be still a possibility that he can eat, although I wonder if steak has the consistency of human flesh. Well, as a non-cannibal, I can’t really answer that.)

—>Simple but obvious, Hide is an enigma through and through.

(thanks again for @lilyshikiyue-deactivated2016062 for pointing that out)

I had a discussion with her months ago where she showed me this pic and pointed out it could be Furuta. I am not quite sure why I am showing you this, but maybe something will catch your eye. I am really interested if that’s the main branch, the lower branches or maybe all of them together. It is certainly structered like a pyramid, with the highlighted person being on top and alone. Maybe, and that is my own crack theory, maybe those are all people from Sunlit Garden, but each of them from different branches.

That’s it anon, that’s all I have to say for now. Thanks for the question, by the way.