Ten Random Facts About Myself

1. I am a musician, I make my own music and preform it infront of people.

2. My favourite mufti is Mufti Ismail Menk

3. I wanna get rich and be famous, then marry a Emrati man that’s handsome and a billionarie

4. I am in love with one direction…..

5. I can walk with increable high heels shoes 

6. I live with a motto that goes by “My heels are higher than one’s arrogance, but a rank lower than the Lord, the Al Jabbar.”

7. The tumblr blogger strukwithacaseofwanderlust is my only biological sister out the 3 millions sisters that I have in the world.

8. Every muslim or non-muslim is my brother or sister.

9.The Quran is the only book I’ll read again without getting bored.

10. I am a Canadian, and a bad-ass


Omfg you have no idea how many of these ive encountered