Ten Random Facts About Myself

1. I am a musician, I make my own music and preform it infront of people.

2. My favourite mufti is Mufti Ismail Menk

3. I wanna get rich and be famous, then marry a Emrati man that’s handsome and a billionarie

4. I am in love with one direction…..

5. I can walk with increable high heels shoes 

6. I live with a motto that goes by “My heels are higher than one’s arrogance, but a rank lower than the Lord, the Al Jabbar.”

7. The tumblr blogger strukwithacaseofwanderlust is my only biological sister out the 3 millions sisters that I have in the world.

8. Every muslim or non-muslim is my brother or sister.

9.The Quran is the only book I’ll read again without getting bored.

10. I am a Canadian, and a bad-ass

alastrueloveisbutafairytale asked:

Jensen ackles, zac efron and johhny depp~ husband, best friend, brother

oh well shit

okay husband: JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN i am in love with jensen 

best friend: johhny depp okay see this is hard he is so hot oh god but jensen wins out over anyone ever so just/????

brother: zac efron he totally has that protective older brother thing going for him

A.T.W.T episodes 1-4

Ok guys well i was too tired to make a video for this so here i am typing my feels out. First off i want to say that these are short episodes mainly focusing on luke and noah, so don’t go freaking out that im missing so much, because im not. Im just not watching the full episodes, yet. If you want to know what videos im watching message me and i will send them to you. 

Episode 1.

Ok, luke i understand that noah is late but give the guh a break. Besides, he has a nice smile so you can’t be mad. But then again that cqn lead to some rough anal later. Muhahaha. Oh and Maddie or how ever you spell your fucking name, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM NOAH!!!!!! I dont want to repeat myself.

Episode 2

Ok Maddie, you are going to become a big problem for me I just know it. Huu anyways I didnt pay attention to the main point of the episode but did you see the way Luke fucking looked at Noah??? Holy fuck! 1:09! And how he shuffled towards him and his body was like ’ i want go touch him. Wait. No. Dont. Thats creepy. Act cool. Look like a douche. Oh god he smells good. And his hair looks so smooth.’ then when Noah is like ‘do you mind if im the director?’ Luke is like ’ no I dont mind. I like the way you take charge’ muhahaha and i saw that in his eyes, I swear. Oh god. I forgot about blondy. She better not be another cock block like the first bitch. But Noah. DONT FUCKING LOOK AT HER! EVER!

Episode 3

Fuuuuuuuuxhjkwjcdedcbdecd!!! I didnt care about Quein. Fuck, like your taking away from my otp. Cool you can sing now gtfoh. Besides her ghaawww did you people know they make beautiful eye contact at 0:30??? Luke omg break out in song when he leaves. Be like 'BABY PLEASE DONT GOOOOO!!!’ also when Noah leaves Luke gets this sad look on his face which quite literally made me wimper. Like it even showed him again at 0:48 while Quein was talking, and still looking sad. Sooo at the end of this episode I was forced to take notice of Jade, and the way she was looking at Cholie. There is sooooo going to be drama. Shit. Is about to go down. Also again fucking cockblocking bitch finally got Noahs attention sooo like fuck. Like Noah. Stop. Please. Just no. Remember taco= :( and hot dog = :) i need feels, not pain

Episode 4

Hfdhcjdcbdcdjkxndufbjisbjifbujdfbhufdcjdjhsdbis LUKE YOU SLY FUCK UP YOU!!!! Fuuckqxdjjcsbks. I cant breathe. The look. The touch. I saw the sparks you felt. When you touched his hand and he was like 'you ok?’ you just said yeah but on the inside you were dying. Its ok. I felt it too. But you had a dorky look on your face because you just realized that YOU FUCKING LOVE HIM!!!!! And you bastard. Really Noah? Nothing? Nothing at all? Ugh. I know Maddies hot and all, like i’d fuck her but stawp, you belong to Luke. And one day you will see that. But right now. FUCK YOU!!!! And not in the good way. Like now I want to cuddle Luke and tell him everything will be ok. Hes just so sad when you leave to go with Maddie. Whoo should go with that nerd and leave Noah alone. OH! By the way MADDIES FUCKING SINGLE?!?!?!?!? What. The. Fuck? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo biggest bitch ever. Im not even going to share what I’m thinking now. Ummm and also Jade has got my respect for listening to Luke’s problem. BUT HES NOT WRONG FOR YOU LUKE. Hes your man, he just needs time. Well thats the end of this. Thanks for reading. Tata


Omfg you have no idea how many of these ive encountered