struck by lightning tour


I still can’t believe this happened. He is the reason why I extended my NYC trip too. Chris Colfer!! The first stop on his TLOS3 book tour!

I waited in line all day at the Barnes and Nobel Union Square. And it was so worth it. He was amazing. He revealed some fan art contest winners, then did a little reading from The Land Of Stories and then answered some preselected questions. 

And then came the signing. I was not prepared. You’d think after sitting around all day I would come up with something to say but nope. So i just kinda winged it. I only had the new book with me and i regret not bringing the other two, but I didn’t know he would sign previous works. However, I did bring my movie ticket stub from when I saw Struck By Lightning at the TIFF Next Wave Festival, hoping that he would sign it. 

So it was finally my turn and I just kinda blurted lol. I shook his hand and said “Hi! It’s nice to meet you. My name’s Kyla and I’m from Toronto.” He said something but I have no idea what lol Then I showed him my movie ticket and said that I saw the only Canadian screening of SBL and I was really hoping he would be able to sign this too. And he did! :D He just wrote C.C. but thats ok, yay! And then I had to leave cuz it moved fast ha. But I am so happy I got the chance to meet him. And my lovely bestie snapped a couple pics of me meeting him too <3