Snow: “You did it.”

Regina: “Well, it wouldn’t have worked if you hadn’t inspired all these people.”

Snow: *Looks at Emma.*

Emma: *Proudly smiling at Regina. Adoringly, even.*

Regina: “You gave up your family for them-”

Snow: “And got a bigger one in return.”

In 03x11, “Going Home”, Regina, sacrificed the thing she loves the most, that is, her family - Emma & Henry (therefore, her own happy ending) - to save the people of Stroybrooke.

Snow is not the only hero who gave her family up to save the town… - #JustSayin’


Gif’s not mine!

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold x reader
Genres: awkwardness, fluff
Words: 1.394
Summary: When reader shows up in Storybrook, she draws Gold’s attention. Mistaking it as a sign of interest, she makes a bold move and kisses him - requested by @inmateintheasylum

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Feelings - Henry Mills

Warnings: none I guess? 

Word count: 914

Summary: In order to save Emma you tagged along to Camelot. When you arrived there you quickly found out you would attend your first ball that night. You might have been a princess in The Enchanted Forest but you were ripped away from that world before you could have your first ball. As you step down the stairs Henry suddenly realizes that he has deeper feelings for you then friendship.

Pairing: Henry Mills x Reader



Hello dear,can you do a Henry mills imagine where the reader and Henry are best friends,and when they’re at Camelot (the reader is the daughter of a princess) she feels self conscious since she’s never been to a ball before. As she’s walking down the stairs with snow and charming(snow helped her calm down and pick out clothes) Henry’s jaw drops and he realizes he loves his best friend? Thanks love. - anon 

Notes: Y/n = your name


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We Meet Again

Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 919

Request: Hi! Can u do an imagine where you’re 15 year old girl and went to Neverland. Peter Pan cares about you a lot and gets very protective over you. But you’re from Enchanted F. (Regina’s daughter) and when the curse happens you disappear from Neverland and went Stroybrooke. By the years you became cold and too fierce because of dark magic. Now you came back for Henry. With your new behaviours.

I am sorry that this took me forever to write, and that I haven’t posted an imagine in almost three months. Oh my gosh time does go by fast! But anyway, I really liked this request and tried to give it justice best way I could. I’m a bit rusty so forgive any mistakes and what not. Also I was thinking of maybe making a part two to this because there wasn’t mush Peter x Reader and for other reasons, but I’m still not sure. Let me know what you think. Well that’s enough rambling on my part, enjoy! I hope you like it!


You never thought you’d hear that word ever again. The name of the only place to ever hold enough meaning in your life.

“Peter I’m scared” you mumbled, straining to listen to anything in the quiet night.

“It’s going to be alright y/n.. I promise” he assured, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder. His soft touch forced you look up into his eyes, finding all the honesty in the world.

You nodded, but still had your doubts. “I know when my mother is planning something, I always get a weird feeling, and I know it is big this time. What if I am forced to leave Neverland?” You whispered your question, nearing Peter, nuzzling into his chest.

“I wouldn’t let that happen” he promised with a quick kiss on your forehead.

So much for that, you thought to yourself as you set foot on Neverland for the second time in your life. You were accompanied by your mother, best known as the Evil Queen, The Charmings as you liked to call them, Rumpelstiltskin and Hook. You all had one mission, which was the only reason you had agreed to come, to save Henry; your adopted brother, whom you had grown to care for.

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The Way to a Queen's Heart is a Stolen Seat

Back in Storybrooke, Regina attempts to go back to routine, eating breakfast at Granny’s. But of course someone had to come along and ruin that for her. Threats, tricks, and some unfair manipulation ensue, but really, what do you expect from a thief?

Inspired by Regina’s line about “No one sits on my throne”

She had just wanted to come to the diner and have some breakfast. That was all. But of course someone had to ruin her plans.  

“You’re in my seat” she remarked, looking at the offender with cold eyes. He turned to face her, giving her a quick appraisal before meeting her eyes, a large smile spreading on his face. “Apologies milady but Granny’s is a diner for all patrons and I am allowed to sit wherever I desire.” She let out an annoyed huff, “Your majesty” she corrected, hoping the title would encourage him to move. His eyebrows shot up in surprise but he remained firmly planted in her seat.

“Robin” he introduced and she was seriously contemplating lighting his seat on fire when Granny came by with his breakfast. “I’m sure this seat right here is perfectly acceptable” he added when she didn’t sit. She didn’t want to let him win this, didn’t want to just give in and sit somewhere else, but she was hungry and more than likely going to be late if she waited for him to finish. Shooting an annoyed glance to the thief, she took the seat beside him and placed her order.

“So you’re the queen.” It wasn’t a question, more of an observation and she was genuinely surprised that he hadn’t added evil like everyone else seemed to do. She nodded, “I am, and in this realm I’m the mayor. You’d best remember that.” Someone had recast the curse but she was still the one with the power. She was still the one who controlled everything in this town. Well, everything except who sits in her seat at the diner that is.

Robin’s face broke into a smile, showing off dimples that she most certainly did not notice. “I have full confidence you will have no problem reminding everyone of that fact.” She smirked, he was more observant than she gave him credit for.

‘I won’t.” It was then Granny arrived with Regina’s breakfast and refilling Robin’s cup of coffee. “By the way, Ruby says thank you for the assistance.” Regina looked up, her mouth full of eggs and looked at Granny. She wasn’t sure exactly what Robin had done for Ruby but she felt her hands clench at her sides at the idea of the two of them in animated conversation.

“It was no problem at all, and if she ever needs me after a transformation, just let me know and I will be more than happy to assist her.” Granny gave an approving nod before shuffling off to see to other customers, leaving the pair alone once again. She refused to say anything. He was close with Ruby, well enough to know her secret. She didn’t understand why that aggravated her as much as it did, or why she suddenly felt the urge to cast a spell on Ruby to undue her wolfish tendencies. Nonetheless, she said nothing, choosing instead to finish up her eggs.

“Well it was a pleasure to meet your majesty” Robin stood up from his seat, her seat, and laid a few bills on the counter.

“Regina” she called out before she could stop herself. He turned, his eyebrows raised in confusion. “My name is Regina” she continued. Better not quit while she was ahead.

“Very well, it was a pleasure to meet you Regina.” She would be lying if she said she didn’t like the way her name sounded on his lips. He smiled and she returned his smile, “And just so we are clear. If I find you in my seat tomorrow I will light it on fire.” She ignored the look of horror on Granny’s face, instead meeting Robin in the eyes and daring him to challenge her. He didn’t, instead bowing his head in submission before turning to leave.

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'Once Upon a Time' Scoop: 6 Magical Thoughts We Had While Watching the Spring Premiere!

If you’re a TV fan who knows  what the terms CaptainSwan, the Dark One, and Storybrooke mean – then stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention.

After what seemed like an endless hiatus, we at ETonline just witnessed the next two (that’s right, two!) all-new episodes of Once Upon a Time. We’re not telling you this fact to make you jealous – although our Twitter feeds are practically glowing green with envy! Instead, we want to give you a taste of all the magical goodness that is headed your way on Sunday, March. 1.

Before we post our super-mega spoiler-packed Once Upon a Time article on Friday, please enjoy these six tantalizing tid-bits of what’s coming up for your favorite fairytale characters.

1. Forbidden New Flashbacks: Right away fans will be transported back to the “forbidden fortress” to learn exactly how our beloved Queens of Darkness came together. (And if you’re thinking Rumple might have hand a hand in this sinister sisterhood, then your assumptions are completely correct.) Plus, get ready to see just how persuasive Cruella De Vil can really be.

2. So Many CaptainSwan Kisses: Get ready Emma and Hook lovers because you will be beyond pleased with the amount of PDA packed into Sunday’s premiere! Their looks of adoration will give you butterflies, and the opening credits are still rolling when you’re treated to your first CaptainSwan kiss with coffee. It’s clear that the past six weeks have been filled with many romantic moments.

3. Even Heroes Have Wicked Secrets: Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves because the Charmings are holding onto one of the darkest secrets we have ever seen on this series. Of course, we cannot spill exactly what our Charming couple is hiding, but take comfort in the fact that their dark secret means you’ll be getting the more Snowing screen-time in these first two episode than we have in all of season four.

4. Ladies Who Lunch: Sunday’s all-new hour is jam-packed with amazing scenes, hilarious lines, and character twists, but our favorite interactions are definitely between Emma and Regina. (And trust us, there are a lot of them!) In one touching scene, Regina opens up about her relationship with Robin Hood and it’s clear that Emma is hell-bent on getting her friend a happy ending. (And also a new bottle opener.)

5. Love is a Weapon: Those exact four words come to you courtesy of our new favorite Storybrooke friendship: Belle and Hook. Now before you start steering their ‘ship, (We’re calling them Hookelle, by the way,) keep in mind that this relationship is completely platonic. Belle still thinks about Rumple all the time, and often replays what she could’ve done differently in her mind. Perhaps her next relationship won’t leave her wondering any more…

6. Getting to the Heart of the Matter: If you’re an obsessed Once fan, (like us), then you know that a character’s heart is very powerful part of their character. So when a new demon is unleashed whose sole purpose is to hunt down the heart with the darkest potential, let’s just say it might not go after the usual Stroybrooke suspects. Sometimes the purest heart is the most susceptible to darkness.

For more Once Upon a Time secrets, check back to ETonline Friday morning to see if your Twitter questions will make it into our spoiler-rama post! (x)

'Once Upon a Time': Colin O'Donoghue on Captain Swan 'I Love Yous', Hook's Heroic Goals & More!

Speaking of the fact that he’s still a pirate, fans are dying to know when he’s going to get the Jolly Roger back?

CO: Well that’s if he gets the Jolly Roger back. I can’t really let people know if he does or he doesn’t, but it’ll be interesting to see.

In the first episode back, we discovered that Emma has a heart with a great potential for darkness, what do you think Hook’s reaction would be if she were to let herself succumb to the villain side?

CO: At the moment, he’s trying desperately to be there for her with all the stuff she’s going through with Mary Margaret and David, and he’s trying to help guide her. He’s lived with darkness, and he’s trying to use his past experiences to try and help guide her as best he can. To try to be a good person and stay on the right path. So at the moment, I would think that he’s just trying to help her be The Savior and try and be supportive of all of that. If she ever let the darkness in, Hook loves her and I’m sure he’d do his best to keep loving her.

You mentioned that Hook does indeed love Emma, so when are we going to see the couple exchange their ‘I love you’s?

CO: [Laughs] Well Hook has kind of laid his feelings out and you sort of saw that last season at the bridge where they had to tell a secret that nobody knew, and he said that he had feelings for Emma. They’re obviously seeing each other and they’re trying to figure out how that works in Stroybrooke, so I guess the Captain Swan fans will just have to wait and see if they get a big Captain Swan moment.

Well the Captain Swan fans are certainly a passionate fandom, and they use the word “coffee” a lot, do you know what that means?

CO: Well I drink a lot of coffee and there’s lot of pictures with coffee cups, so I’m guessing that that’s what it is, I don’t fully understand what that means. [Laughs.] I want to know, tell me what does it mean?

Apparently coffee is a code word for when Emma and Killian get… intimate.

CO: Oh! Oh, I didn’t know that. [Laughs]

Read the FULL Interview HERE!

 I wrote this ending to a post earlier this week about Excalibur.

Emma and Killian will be the leaders that Arthur and Guinevere could never be in the new Camelot that Arthur wanted to create. Captain Swan is everything an epic true love is meant to be. Strong, protective, magical, symbolic and now we have an ACTUAL physical representation in Excalibur. (X

Arthur built EVERYTHING he has on a lie. Camelot is whole because of magical dust. Guinevere loves him because of magical dust. Nothing Arthur has is real. The trust and devotion of his knights and people is a HUGE LIE

Emma and Killian are a solid foundation of TRUTH. The reason everyone trusts them in Storybrooke is because they have watched them fight side by side to defeat whatever is thrown their way. The love between them is so strong that nothing is ever faked. The make the other better and stronger. They bring out the best in the other so that they can lead not only the people of Stroybrooke but each other. 

Emma is a true born leader and not because she is the savior or a Princess but because she cares about the people. Killian is the support that she needs when times get rough. This dynamic works because they have faith in the other. Killian told Emma to put her faith in him and to trust him. When she does the voice of Rumple goes away and she is herself again, the born leader. Arthur was so involved with being the leader Camelot needed that the support of Guinevere wasn’t enough. He literally had to fake her into loving him to give him the support that he needed. The same support we watch Emma and Killian have. 

There is no doubt in my mind that last scene of Emma and Killian, in a field of pink roses which in Victorian flower means, PERFECT LOVE, and the son behind them is proof that they WILL BE the leaders of a “new” Camelot that Arthur and Guinevere had NO CHANCE of ever being. 

EXCLUSIVE! 'Once Upon a Time' Romance Rundown: Happiness Ahead For Your Favorite Couples!

We asked Kitsis and Horowitz to spill what’s coming up next for each of the couples on the show — Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Captain Swan and Snowing — and the creators graciously teased plenty of positive moments ahead for your favorite pairings.

Rumbelle: After December’s heartbreaking Winter finale, many Rumbelle fans are fearing that the end is near for this beauty and the beast duo — but we’re pleased to announce that’s not the case. Horowtiz revealed, “What I’ll say about this, in all seriousness for the Rumbelle fans, is that definitely Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) are not over.” (And we’re pretty sure the entire Rumbelle fandom is now doing a happy dance.)

Kitsis continued, “It’s a complicated [relationship] and I know that we’re in the middle of the book, and for us we are telling a bigger story. What we loved [in the winter finale] was seeing Belle’s strength. And we set up Rumple’s weakness.”

Although Rumple and Belle will be spending some time apart, Horowitz stressed that fans should focus on the bigger picture. “We exited the show at the mid-season finale on what you might characterize, based on my Twitter feed, as a dark chapter for the Rumbelle fans — but it’s just one chapter,” he said. “We’re telling a larger story and there are more chapters to come.”

Outlaw Queen: Much like the Rumbelle fans, Outlaw Queen lovers were crushed in the winter finale when Regina (Lana Parilla) was forced to give up her happy ending with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire). However, the creators were quick to assure that this was not their final goodbye. “Again I’d say the same [chapter] analogy applies,” Horowitz explained.

“We haven’t seen the end of it,” Kitsis furthered. “The story is just at a middle point and although it seemed final [in the mid-season finale], I would definitely keep watching because there’s much more to come.” (And it was at this point of the interview that our reporter let out a cheerful and involuntary “Woohoo!” into the phone.)

Captain Swan: Despite the fact that Killian (Colin O'Donoghue) had his heart ripped from his chest and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) turned into a magic-crazed recluse for a brief minute, this couple had a surprisingly smooth run in the first half of season four. So what’s next for this twosome? “Oh they’re done,” Horowitz teased before bursting laughter. “Scratch that from the record please.”

All joking aside, it looks like Captain Swan fans are in for a happy string of episodes. Horowitz said, “As far as Captain Swan shippers are concerned I would say that the relationship between Emma and Hook is something we’ve been developing for a while and we’re going to continue to develop it.”

That’s not to say that this couple won’t be facing any tribulations. (This still is Storybrooke, after all…) “You’re going to see more challenges between the two of them as the season progresses,” Horowitz teased. “There’s going to be some very unique, not necessarily obstacles in their relationship, but personal obstacles that will make things interesting for the two of them.”

Snowing: If you felt like you were missing out on scenes from this classic fairytale couple in the first half of season four, then you had better get ready because it is definitely going to be Snowing in 2015. “Oh we’re going to get much more Snowing in the second half and we’re very excited,” Kitsis promised. “We are going to get some really fun flashbacks with them and realize they have a really interesting connection to the Queens of Darkness.”Dun dun duuuuun!

Bonus Scoop! Swan Queen: We love this friendship so very much — and apparently so do the creators: “We’re excited to explore and continue the friendship between Emma and Regina,” Horowitz declared. “I think we’ll continue to see them working together, probably even more then we have in the first half of the season, as they’re dealing with this new threat in Stroybrooke.”


You mentioned that Hook does indeed love Emma, so when are we going to see the couple exchange their ‘I love you’s?

CO: [Laughs] Well Hook has kind of laid his feelings out and you sort of saw that last season at the bridge where they had to tell a secret that nobody knew, and he said that he had feelings for Emma. They’re obviously seeing each other and they’re trying to figure out how that works in Stroybrooke, so I guess the Captain Swan fans will just have to wait and see if they get a big Captain Swan moment.


So in translation, what I gather is:

I think it hit me how Nimue is the answer. She is the first Dark One. Essentially she is THE Darkness. I have the weird speculation that if you kill Nimue you kill the darkness. She is the first one after all and the one meant to be killed by Excalibur. That means the darkness would be gone and so would the Dark One’s including Killian but not Emma. The plus side of being a Savior and truly wanting the darkness gone from you. 

Killian has been trying to kill the Dark One for centuries. His knowledge of them as a pirate was limited but as a Dark One it’s vast. If Killian allows the past Dark One’s to believe he is giving them what they want it is easier to destroy it. They will be off their guard. Killian needs to push Emma enough that she is angry enough to let Killian go and sacrifice himself to destroy the darkness. He needs Emma’s anger. Losing Emma would be painful but there are 2 things Killian knows for certain.

  • Emma LOVES him and is ready for a future with him.
  • She brought him back from the dead once so she will do it again. 

The gave us a clue to the game plan. Killian used the blood of man who died and was reborn in the lake that is a portal to hell. That is not just some throw away scene. It’s a scene that was perfectly set up to tell us not only how the Dark Ones are brought to Stroybrooke but how they will get to Killian after he dies, again. The best part of that scene is it came right after Emma got her memories back and said I KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING. Short of a blinking neon lights this is all important and part of a bigger plan. A plan Emma doesn’t know about but Killian is beautifully executing.

Killian has let the Nimue and the rest of the Dark One’s think they are getting what they want. CHECK

Killian has brought all the Dark Ones in one spot to destroy. CHECK

Killian has gotten Emma angry enough at him to let him go and eventually commit the ultimate sacrifice. CHECK

Now all that is left is the epic showdown where everything that Killian has set in place for Emma to be rid of the darkness for good falls into place. No matter how we look at it, it means sacrifice but it doesn’t mean the end. It means set up for the journey to the Underworld to bring back Killian. 

Captain Swan and Merlin/Nimue

The more I think about it the more I have a feeling that Nimue IS the Dark One we say last night. She is the original Dark One but with some differences. 

@businesscasualprincess wonderfully pointed out, the DO dagger had no name on it. Merlin went to use the dagger to kill the Dark One but he doesn’t. Instead Merlin hesitates, says he misses her, the woman he loved and the Dark One takes the dagger to collect his tear and turn him into a tree. For me this points to Nimue not because of spoilers but because of Arthurian Legend. Merlin taught Nimue his magic before she trapped him. If OUAT uses that story it is possible that Merlin taught Nimue what he knew of the darkness because she was helping him or like anyone, would share his knowledge with her because he loved and trusted her. The Dark One knew to collect the tear in order to trap Merlin. The DO could have easily killed him but they didn’t. In legend Nimue didn’t love Merlin and entrapped him in a tree, some say rock or cave but doesn’t matter. Merlin being trapped in a tree in OUAT once again points to Nimue and to the fact that there was still love for Merlin that the Dark One themselves could not kill Merlin since they loved him. One of the best clues to this possibly being Nimue is Merlin saying he to the Dark One, “You destroyed her. The only woman I ever loved and now I will destroy you.” and “I miss her.”  With pain and sorrow he is talking to the Dark One but more to the darkness. This would explain why he hesitates to kill the Dark One. Merlin knows the Nimue is NOT the Dark One but that the darkness has just taken over her. Just as Killian knows that is not Emma he is dealing with. 

So much of this reminds me of Killian. Merlin knew and said it had to be Emma’s choice to be free from the darkness. Merlin had to have know with his dealings of Nimue the Dark One that she needed to be wanted to be freed from the darkness in order to be saved. Which may explain why Merlin said you DESTROYED her. The darkness took her away so quickly that she couldn’t make the choice so Merlin feeling he had lost her figured it would be easy to kill her. Killian is working as hard as possible to keep the darkness from completely consuming Emma. Killian has told her to stop talking to one the shoulder DO Rumple and even whisked her away for a moment of peace and just the two of them. He has asked her to put his faith in him. Everything Killian has done it to help Emma from being consumed and even though we have’t seen it, I believe Merlin would have tried to do the same. Merlin loved Nimue enough to hesitate before killing the DO version because no matter how much he HATED the DO Nimue his love for her was stronger. LOVE IS SACRIFICE. Nimue sacrificed for Merlin. Merlin sacrificed for Nimue by being trapped in a tree. Emma sacrificed for the town and everyone in it, including Killian. Now we just wait for Killian to sacrifice for Emma because let’s be real IT IS COMING.

The Apprentice stated that the darkness had to be bound to a person and Merlin as well as Nimue must have known this. This leads me to believe that while battling the darkness Nimue did what Emma did. Nimue must have sacrificed herself to not only help the man she loved but to save the realm. Emma took in the darkness to save Stroybrooke and everyone she cared for. Both selfless acts and more than likely had a greater chance of being saved from the darkness if wanted. The only difference is that, Nimue may be of magic but Emma IS light magic, she is the Savior and from what we witness last night as she freed Merlin her light magic is so strong that it is still dwelling inside her. Nimue seems to be a bit out of control with the Dark One magic and it just might be because it mixes with her magic differently or she is toying with Merlin. The zipping back and forth makes me think that this was a way of saying I will not be taken or destroyed. Well at least until you command me. Even when Merlin says “enough” you can tell he is tired of the games the Dark One is playing with him. Very similar to how Killian lets Emma know he is done with her games abroad the Jolly Roger. 

It breaks my heart knowing that poor Merlin lost the woman he loved not only to the darkness but later because someone probably killed her to be the Dark One thus creating the name on the blade tradition but that is speculation of course. The bright side is, Killian is going to do what Merlin couldn’t. Killian will be able to save Emma from the darkness when she is ready to make the choice of being free from it. He will be able to destroy the darkness that created the first Dark One but also the latest Dark One due to a women’s sacrifice. 

Regina: Who’s looking after Henry? The Uncharmings?

Emma: Actually Hook is.

Regina: Well those two have been spending a lot of time together lately. 

Emma: Hook’s good with Henry and Henry likes him. 

Regina: He’s prone to violence, impulsive and has a Hook for a hand. What about him would a twelve-year-old boy not like?

Emma: I trust him. He brought me back to Stroybrooke but he didn’t have to. 

Regina: Of course he brought you back.

Emma: What’s that supposed to mean?

Regina: Seriously? You’re going to pretend everyone doesn’t see the yearning looks and doe-y eyes?

Emma: I don’t yearn. 

Regina: Well maybe. But he does…

I love this scene both because there is a certain vulnerability to Regina when she realizes her son gets to spend more time with Hook than he does with her and because she sees directly through Hook here. 

She knows that Hook’s motive for bringing Emma back was not selflessness. She knows exactly that Hook’s motivation is Emma and Emma alone which makes her rightfully suspicious of him as Henry’s ‘babysitter’. 

It must be irritating at best to know her son to be in his hands rather than her own, to know that he may be bonding with someone she herself doesn’t entirely trust or think worthy. 

Bath Time

So thanks to this script tease and talking to captainhand-andthesaviour this little fic came to mind. Killian Jones loves bubble baths and lush products pass it on.

If Killian Jones had a guilty pleasure it was a nice warm bath. He knew it was the norm of this realm was to shower, but he still preferred to draw a hot bath after a trying day of chasing whatever bad guy was terrorizing Stroybrooke. They reminded him of his days as a notorious pirate captain and whenever he was in port he would go straight to the nearest bathhouse for a long soak and steam. It was a long needed respite from his crew, to be alone with his thoughts whilst lounging in the hot water infused with perfumed oils. He liked to think about where to go to next, what great adventure was just out on the horizon, what priceless treasure could he capture and after he lost his love and his hand he mainly thought about ways to find and bring down the Dark One. The hot water and the steam seemed to help open his mind and bathhouses were great places to eavesdrop and gain information from unsuspecting patrons.  

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