Northern Spiny Tail Gecko

These hypnotic eyes belong to the Northern Spiny Tail Gecko, Strophurus ciliaris aberrans (Gekkonidae), a large gecko (up to 15cm long), endemic to western Australia. 

As suggested by their common and scientific names, these geckos have two rows of large spines down the upper surface of the tail, and a row of small spines above the eye. In fact, Strophurus means ‘turning-tail’, and ciliaris ‘eyelashed’, in reference to the spines above the eyes.

When molested, this gecko exudes a noxious sticky fluid from the glands in its tail.

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Photo credit: ©Jordan Vos | [Top] - [Bottom]

Locality: Gascoyne, Western Australia

Golden-tailed Gecko - Strophurus taenicauda

Also referred to as Golden Spiny-tailed Gecko, Strophurus taenicauda (Gekkonidae) is a rare and beautiful species which is only found in Australia, from the Darling Downs to the coastal regions of central and south-eastern Queensland. This gecko’s eyes are especially amazing.

Currently, the Golden-tailed Gecko is listed as Near Threatened species on the IUCN Red List.

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Photo credit: ©Stephen Zozaya | Locality: Arcadia Valley, Queensland, Australia (2013)

What about a GURPS campaign where all of the players are Strophurus geckos. Their front paws would be able to be used for fine manipulation but most of the time they would be using all paws to not fall off stuff. Combat would be dropping onto enemies to knock them off things or strangle them with their tongues, biting with their strong jaws or bludgeoning with their tongues. Most combat would take place on the sides of trees or in dim caverns. I think they would also be psychic. Inventory would be limited to whatever could be unobtrusively affixed to a sash. 

As far as the campaign I think the standard “last-remnants-of-a-tribe looking for same” would be good as an intro. They would have to cross from their section of dense forest over the leaf strewn floor and avoid the centipedes, pass the rhinoceros beetle guardian at the entrance of  Bat Tunnel and through the water rat’s lair…