RWBY and Fairy Tail

As a massive nerd for both shows, I can’t help but notice the similarities between some of the main characters.

First off

Ruby Rose:

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and Wendy Marvell:

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  • The most precious cinnamon roles ever
  • Younger than the rest of their friends
  • Very powerful for their ages
  • Initially shy
  • Best friends with someone who can be a little bitchy
  • Adorable af
  • Little sister figure

Next up, we have

Weiss Schnee:

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and Gray Fullbuster:

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  • Ice themed powers
  • Forehead scars
  • Can be a little abrasive, but mean well
  • Has sibling with similar abilities
  • Acts cool but is really a dork
  • Doesn’t like to talk about their problems
  • Fabulous af

Moving on, we have

Yang Xiao Long:

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and Natsu Dragneel:

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  • Fire themed powers
  • Love to fight
  • Incredibly strong
  • Older sibling figure to smol cinnamon role (note: Yang and Ruby are actually sisters, while Natsu and Wendy just act like siblings)
  • Really bad temper
  • Loud and excitable
  • Strongest on their team

And finally, we have

Blake Belladonna:

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and Lucy Heartfilia:

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  • Like to read
  • More mature than their friends
  • Has moments of dorkiness
  • Hate injustice/discrimination
  • Uses a whip (note: Blake’s sickle isn’t quite a whip, but it’s close enough)
  • Beautiful af
  • Initially hid their true identity
  • Best friends with extroverted, explody fanservice character