* A Strong Man* - this man is one of those who carries around 500 kg of produce working together with others. I have seen him dive underneath as eight or more men  lift the huge baskets in order to use his head and strength to lift it high enough for four to carry into the market. The turbans are used to protect their heads. Hopefully more on this story in future visits. #Kolkata

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Magnus Samuelsson

Not only a symbol for bodybuilders and strongmen all over the world but also a symbol for Sweden when it comes to our pride. Samuelsson is and has always been one of my inspirations over the years, both before I started working out. He’s been the Worlds Strongest at least once and continues to prove himself a worthy opponent to younger strongmens.

Although he’s getting old he’s still the only one worthy the title of Viking in Sweden. 

So yeah, Magnus Samuelsson. What a badass.

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Digestive issues are becoming more and more common in todays world.

A combination of poor diet and external stresses such as work, bills, keeping up with an ever changing social landscape.

For a lot of people one of the first things that is affected is digestive health, be it IBS, constipation, reactions to certain foods etc.

There are simple yoga poses that can (and will) benefit the digestion system to help get things moving.
The amazing @arianlevanael has written todays article on the benefits of yoga and digestion and has included some simple postures to help get things ‘moving’ the way they should.

These poses can also be done on your cool down in the gym if you don’t feel like a whole practice. Relax into them, breathe and Namaste ***link in bio***
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